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May 2023

High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 17 Highlights – Ben Lamb Sends Daniel Negreanu Packing [Lars Liedtke, 31.05.23]
Watch The Million Dollar Game ft. Tom Dwan and Doug Polk Live Here! [Lars Liedtke, 31.05.23]
Threats of Violence as Feud emerges at Million Dollar Game between Huss and Wesley [Petr Černý, 30.05.23]
More than $180,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions June! [Kirill, 30.05.23]
MTT Report – Marius Gierse Wins Third SCOOP Title! [Lars Liedtke, 29.05.23]
$10,000 Exclusive VIP-Grinders Poker Freerolls from May 29 – June 4 [Lars Liedtke, 29.05.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Sam Grafton Runs One Of The Sickest Bluffs In EPT History [Lars Liedtke, 28.05.23]
Mystery Bounty Tournament Poker Strategy Guide [John Bradley, 27.05.23]
The $1,000,000 Buy-In Million Dollar Cash Game At Hustler Casino Live Kicks Off Tonight! [Graham, 26.05.23]
Jason Koon calls Dan Smith “Obnoxious” for berating players for speaking at the poker table [Petr Černý, 25.05.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 16 Highlights – Daniel Negreanu Runs Hot [Lars Liedtke, 24.05.23]
Phil Nagy offers $100,000 Reward for Proof of Ali Imsirovic Cheating Ring [Petr Černý, 23.05.23]
MTT Report – Daniel Smiljkovic Wins GGPoker World Festival Event 136-S for $117,834 [Lars Liedtke, 22.05.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Sickest Cooler 2023 Leads To Massive $611,300 Pot For Mariano [Lars Liedtke, 21.05.23]
How to use Poker Solvers to Improve Your Game? [John Bradley, 20.05.23]
Crazy Angle Shoot on The Lodge Championship Series Final Table [Petr Černý, 19.05.23]
$2,000,000 Guaranteed at the partypoker MILLIONS Online KO 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 18.05.23]
Where is Hustler Casino Live reg Ryusuke Daifuku and the missing $15,000,000? [Petr Černý, 17.05.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 15 Highlights – Daniel Negreanu And Eric Persson Clash In Huge Pots [Lars Liedtke, 17.05.23]
Did Garrett Adelstein Get Nik Airball Fired from HIs Investment Banker Job? [Graham, 16.05.23]
MTT Report – Lex Veldhuis Finishes 3rd In SCOOP 33-H For $45,822 [Lars Liedtke, 16.05.23]
R.I.P. Doyle Brunson – The Godfather Of Poker Dies At Age 89 [Graham, 15.05.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Doug Polk Faces A $150,000 Check-Raise On The River [Lars Liedtke, 14.05.23]
Equity Denial in Poker Explained [John Bradley, 13.05.23]
Partypoker Bonus Code [Lars Liedtke, 12.05.23]
Nik Airball Apologises for Calling Matt Berkey a Scammer [Petr Černý, 11.05.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 14 Highlights – Jeremy Stein Crushes The Table [Lars Liedtke, 10.05.23]
Garrett Adelstein challenges Nik Airball to a $500/$1000 Heads-Up Match [Petr Černý, 10.05.23]
Daniel Negreanu Wins High Stakes Duel 4 for $100,000 – Eric Persson Quits After Round 1 [Lars Liedtke, 09.05.23]
MTT Report – Sergei Denisov Wins GGPoker World Festival 41-H For A Whopping $140,395.54 [Lars Liedtke, 09.05.23]
Matt Berkey Wins Heads-Up Grudge Match vs. Nik Airball – Makes $1,029,700 Profit! [Graham, 08.05.23]
High Stakes Duel Returns with a Bang and Daniel Negreanu vs. Eric Persson [Lars Liedtke, 07.05.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Eric Persson’s Massive Bluff vs. JRB In A $435,400 Pot [Lars Liedtke, 07.05.23]
Watch The EPT Monte Carlo Main Event Final Table Live Here [Lars Liedtke, 06.05.23]
What is Overbetting & When to Overbet in Poker? [John Bradley, 06.05.23]
SCOOP 2023 kicks off this Sunday with $75,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools [Lars Liedtke, 05.05.23]
New WPT Global Welcome Package [Lars Liedtke, 04.05.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 13 Highlights – Alan Keating Gets Slaughtered On His High Stakes Poker Premiere [Lars Liedtke, 03.05.23]
Matt Berkey Crushes Nik Airball in Heads-Up Grudge Match [Petr Černý, 03.05.23]
Best 888poker Bonus Code 2023 [Kirill, 02.05.23]
MTT Report – Jonas Lauck Wins GGPoker World Festival Event #6 for $110,826.84 [Lars Liedtke, 02.05.23]
Doug Polk Threatens JNandez With Lawyers Despite $150K Lawsuit Loss [Petr Černý, 02.05.23]
Phil Hellmuth Gets Stacked Twice and Runs Out of the Poker Room at Hustler Casino Live [Graham, 01.05.23]

April 2023

Poker Hand of the Week – Matt Berkey Wins A $470,600 Pot In Heads-Up Grudge Match Against Nik Airball [Lars Liedtke, 30.04.23]
Best Poker Strategy in Progressive Knockout Tournaments [John Bradley, 29.04.23]
More than $180,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions May! [Kirill, 28.04.23]
JNandez Reveals Incredible Details Regarding Upswing Poker Court Case [Graham, 28.04.23]
Natural8 Bonus Code [Lars Liedtke, 27.04.23]
Spicy Line-up For Tonight’s High Stakes Poker Live Stream ft. rivals Nik Airball, Matt Berkey and Doug Polk [Lars Liedtke, 27.04.23]
GGPoker Announces Biggest Online Poker Tournament Series Of All Time – $200M Guaranteed GGPoker World Festival [Lars Liedtke, 26.04.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 12 Highlights – Eric Persson Gives JRB The Middle Finger In $435,400 Pot [Lars Liedtke, 26.04.23]
Shaun Deeb Reveals Details of Insane $1,000,000 Fat Loss Prop Bet [Graham, 25.04.23]
Ian O’Hara steals $1,000,000 in shocking poker scandal [Petr Černý, 25.04.23]
MTT Report – Talal Shakerchi Wins The PokerStars Titans Event For $112,585.71 [Lars Liedtke, 24.04.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen Makes A Huge Hero Call [Lars Liedtke, 23.04.23]
GTO vs. Exploitative Play: Which one is the better Poker Strategy? [John Bradley, 22.04.23]
Chance Kornuth recalls the sickest cash game of his life lasting 69 hours [Petr Černý, 21.04.23]
PokerGO to live stream 47 Consecutive Days of the 2023 World Series of Poker [Lars Liedtke, 21.04.23]
Best Natural8 India Bonus Code 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 20.04.23]
Doug Polk and Charlie Carrel Get into Twitter Fight Over JNandez Case [Graham, 20.04.23]
The Baltic Poker League has kicked off [Lars Liedtke, 19.04.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 11 Highlights – JRB Runs Hot [Lars Liedtke, 19.04.23]
Nik Airball Wins Huge And Takes Lead in Heated Heads-Up Grudge Match [Graham, 18.04.23]
Poker pro Louise Francoeur slapped twice during Irish Poker Open [Petr Černý, 18.04.23]
MTT Report – More than 72,000 Players at the PokerStars Sunday Storm 12th Anniversary! [Lars Liedtke, 17.04.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – The Biggest Pot of the Heads-Up Grudge Match Nik Airball vs. Matt Berkey [Lars Liedtke, 16.04.23]
Spin & Go Poker Strategy Guide [John Bradley, 15.04.23]
San Antonio Poker Palace Refuses to Pay Out $100,000 Bad Beat Jackpot [Graham, 14.04.23]
High stakes poker player Ryusuke Disappears Owing $15,000,000 [Petr Černý, 13.04.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 10 Highlights – JRB Gives A Masterclass In How To Not Play Pocket Aces [Lars Liedtke, 12.04.23]
Will Kassouf Runs from Cash Game Table with His Chips After Getting Stacked [Graham, 12.04.23]
$50,000,000 Guaranteed Bounty Hunters Series Returns To GGPoker [Lars Liedtke, 11.04.23]
Eric Persson challenges Matt Berkey to a $1,000,000 buy-in Heads-Up [Petr Černý, 11.04.23]
MTT Report – Niklas Astedt Wins The PokerStars Titans Event For The Third Time [Lars Liedtke, 10.04.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – The Worst Fold Of All Time By Nick Vertucci [Lars Liedtke, 09.04.23]
Poker Ranges Explained [John Bradley, 08.04.23]
Neymar Loses €1,000,000 in One Hour Playing Online Poker [Petr Černý, 07.04.23]
Brawl at Bellagio between Nik Airball and Matt Berkey [Petr Černý, 06.04.23]
Matt Berkey Leads After Insane First Week in Heads-Up Grudge Match vs. Nik Airball [Graham, 05.04.23]
Super MILLION$ Week is back at GGNetwork with $20,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools [Lars Liedtke, 04.04.23]
Doug Polk, Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen Accused of Organized Criminal Activity at the Lodge [Petr Černý, 04.04.23]
MTT Report – Ricardo “RFN1986” Nagamoto Wins Sunday Million 17th Anniversary for $1,000,000 [Lars Liedtke, 03.04.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Rampage’s Sick Fold With A Flush At Hustler Casino Live [Lars Liedtke, 02.04.23]
The Ultimate $1/$2 No-Limit Hold’em Cash Games Poker Strategy Guide [John Bradley, 01.04.23]

March 2023

PokerStars and Unibet to increase rakeback rewards [Lars Liedtke, 31.03.23]
Andrew Robl won a $9,000,000 Pot from Tom Dwan – Watch the biggest poker pots of all time [Lars Liedtke, 31.03.23]
Matt Berkey Says Nik Airball Made His Money from Scumming People in Private Poker App Games [Graham, 30.03.23]
More than $180,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions April! [Kirill, 29.03.23]
Garrett Adelstein Calls Robbi Jade Lew “a con artist”, says there won’t be a refund [Petr Černý, 28.03.23]
Nik Airball Accepts Matt Berkey’s $200/$400 Heads-Up Grudge Match Challenge [Graham, 28.03.23]
MTT Report – Yuri “theNERDguy” Dzivielevski wins two events in one night at the WSOPC [Lars Liedtke, 27.03.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Rampage’s Destroys Nik Airball With Epic Hero Call In A $312,900 Pot [Lars Liedtke, 26.03.23]
Building a Poker Bankroll Effectively [John Bradley, 25.03.23]
Phil Hellmuth Claims He Is Better at Texas Hold’em than Phil Ivey [Graham, 24.03.23]
$7,200,000 in WSOP Main Event Packages Up For Grabs Via GGPoker’s Road To Vegas 2023! [Lars Liedtke, 23.03.23]
WPT Global launches major software update and new poker promotions [Lars Liedtke, 23.03.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 9 Highlights – Daniel Negreanu and Eric Persson enter the arena [Lars Liedtke, 22.03.23]
Garrett Adelstein Fires Shots at Nik Airball calls him “a bad poker player and a much worse human being” [Graham, 22.03.23]
Garrett Adelstein Won’t Be Invited To Hustler Casino Live Any Longer [Petr Černý, 21.03.23]
MTT Report – NeverFold wins the WSOPC MONSTER STACK, Stephen Chidwick the $25k High Roller [Lars Liedtke, 20.03.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Andrew Robl & Patrik Antonius Clash in One of the Biggest Cash Game Pots of All-Time! [Lars Liedtke, 19.03.23]
Phil Hellmuth is selling his Las Vegas Country Club Mansion [Graham, 18.03.23]
Venividi1993 Has GGPoker Account Locked for Losing Money too Quickly in his $1,000,000 Bankroll Challenge [Graham, 17.03.23]
Allen Kessler Claims that Hustler Casino Live Games Were Rigged [Petr Černý, 16.03.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 8 Highlights – Antonio Esfandiari Wins A $606,400 Pot From Bill Perkins [Lars Liedtke, 15.03.23]
MTT Report – LLinusLLove turns $320 into $56,510 in WSOP Spring Circuit Event #5 [Lars Liedtke, 13.03.23]
Daniel Negreanu Claims Ali Imsirovic Still Cheating and Bragging About Robbing Former Friends [Petr Černý, 13.03.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Patrik Antonius Wins One Of The Biggest Pots Of All Time Worth $1,978,000 [Lars Liedtke, 12.03.23]
Bencb789 names Stephen Chidwick as the greatest poker tournament player of all time [Graham, 11.03.23]
Watch the $100,0000 Triton Poker Vietnam Main Event Final Table Live Here [Lars Liedtke, 10.03.23]
888poker Pays Back $287,292 to Players Affected by Poker Bots and Collusion [Lars Liedtke, 10.03.23]
Poker Pros call out GTO solver for cashing in on those wanting to use RTA [Lars Liedtke, 09.03.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 7 Highlights – Antonio Esfandiari Stacks Jennifer Tilly [Lars Liedtke, 08.03.23]
Allen Kessler ridicules himself again by calling Graftekkel’s tournament results “Years of Nothingness” [Lars Liedtke, 07.03.23]
MTT Report – Milennial takes down Bounty Builder Series Event #8 for $129,143.70 [Lars Liedtke, 06.03.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Bill Perkins Turns His Hand Into A Bluff Against Bobby Baldwin [Lars Liedtke, 05.03.23]
Steven L. Wins More Than $1,000,000 with a Royal Flush! [Lars Liedtke, 04.03.23]
Shawn Sheikhan expected to be sentenced to at least five years in prison for running illegal cannabis distributorship [Lars Liedtke, 03.03.23]
YoH Viral accussed of ruining the game by having the clock called on him three times in a single hand! [Lars Liedtke, 02.03.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 6 Highlights [Lars Liedtke, 01.03.23]
Dan Bilzerian Paid Chance Kornuth $10k for poker coaching and won $10,800,000! [Lars Liedtke, 01.03.23]

February 2023

More than $100,000,000 Up For Grabs In 2023 WSOP Spring Circuit At GGPoker [Lars Liedtke, 28.02.23]
MTT Report – Lena900 shows who is the boss by winning two Sunday Majors in one night [Lars Liedtke, 28.02.23]
More than $180,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions March! [Kirill, 27.02.23]
Best TigerGaming Poker Bonus Code 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 25.02.23]
Phil Hellmuth Takes Back Offer to Buy-in for $300,000 on Live Streams After Getting Crushed [Lars Liedtke, 24.02.23]
PokerStars Pro Jennifer Shahade in Sexual Assault Claims Against Chess Grandmaster Alejandro Ramirez [Lars Liedtke, 23.02.23]
The Return of GGMasters Overlay Edition 2023 and its $10,000,000 GTD [Lars Liedtke, 23.02.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 5 Highlights – Antonio Esfandiari and Bill Perkins bring the action [Lars Liedtke, 22.02.23]
Doug Polk Misses $200,000 Body Fat Prop Bet Reward by Just 1.3%! [Lars Liedtke, 21.02.23]
MTT Report – Artur Martirosian wins the Titans Event, WATnlos the Sunday Warm-Up [Lars Liedtke, 21.02.23]
Watch the $1,000,0000 Cash Game and the $1,978,000 Pot in full-length here! [Lars Liedtke, 20.02.23]
Jungleman to Introduce a Poker Pro Rankings System Similar to Live Chess Ratings [Lars Liedtke, 19.02.23]
Phil Hellmuth sets new Personal Loss Record on Hustler Casino Live then Rage Quits Live at the Bike [Lars Liedtke, 18.02.23]
Watch The $1,000,000 Buy-in Cash Game Live On YouTube Tonight! [Lars Liedtke, 17.02.23]
Watch Untold Secrets Behind the Biggest Scandal in Poker History Between Robbi and Garrett Adelstein Here [Lars Liedtke, 16.02.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 4 Highlights And Biggest Pots [Lars Liedtke, 15.02.23]
Former HCL Staff Bryan Sagbigsal Launches Documentary about the Untold Secrets of the Biggest Scandal in Poker History [Lars Liedtke, 14.02.23]
MTT Report – Thomas Mühlöcker wins the Titans Event and makes Super MILLION$ Final Table [Lars Liedtke, 13.02.23]
At Least $1,000,000 In Overlay Guaranteed For Upcoming GGMasters Overlay Edition [Lars Liedtke, 12.02.23]
2023 World Series of Poker Schedule Released [Lars Liedtke, 11.02.23]
Hustler Casino Live to launch biggest event in live-streamed poker history – A $1 million minimum buy-in cash game [Lars Liedtke, 10.02.23]
Phil Galfond Down $77,000 against Dan “Jungleman” Cates in Galfond Challenge [Lars Liedtke, 09.02.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 3 Highlights And Biggest Pots [Lars Liedtke, 09.02.23]
William Pinkerton surrenders Heads-Up and just takes second place! [Lars Liedtke, 08.02.23]
MTT Report – C.Darwin2 With A Win And Runner-Up Finish IN Sunday Major Events [Lars Liedtke, 07.02.23]
Lauren Roberts Asked to provide Video after Cheating Suspicions [Lars Liedtke, 07.02.23]
Join Our $4,500 GGMasters Overlay Edition Giveaway And Win 1 Of 30 Tickets! [Lars Liedtke, 06.02.23]
Phil Hellmuth Kicks Off Extreme Diet Plan for 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 05.02.23]
Steve O’Dwyer Trashes Lufthansa Live on Stream and Socials for Not Giving Back His Luggage [Lars Liedtke, 04.02.23]
Watch the 2023 PSPC Final Table Live Here [Lars Liedtke, 03.02.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 2 Highlights And Biggest Pots [Lars Liedtke, 01.02.23]

January 2023

PokerNews Lambasted for Coverage of Poker Bunny Exit [Lars Liedtke, 31.01.23]
MTT Report – BrazillaFireFox wins Bounty Hunters HR Main Event, MrLuckyMan88 The Titans Event [Lars Liedtke, 30.01.23]
More than $180,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions February! [Kirill, 30.01.23]
Watch The 2023 PCA Main Event Final Table Live Here [Lars Liedtke, 29.01.23]
New Super MILLION$ Leaderboard To Crown World’s Best Poker Player [Lars Liedtke, 29.01.23]
Phil Galfond Reveals the Keys to Success of his Poker Career [Lars Liedtke, 28.01.23]
Czech poker players to join global GGPoker playing pool [Lars Liedtke, 27.01.23]
Pierre Kauert wrongly eliminated from WSOP Circuit Main Event in a Split Pot! [Lars Liedtke, 26.01.23]
High Stakes Poker Season 10 Episode 1 Highlights And Biggest Pots [Lars Liedtke, 25.01.23]
Kevin Martin Says a New Poker Boom Is Coming [Lars Liedtke, 25.01.23]
Brad Owen reveals that Poker Vlogging is no longer allowed at any MGM properties [Lars Liedtke, 24.01.23]
MTT Report – Bencb789 Crushes The Sunday Grind On PokerStars! [Lars Liedtke, 23.01.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Poker Bros Ben Wins a $273,200 Pot With The Worst Hand In Texas Hold’em [Lars Liedtke, 22.01.23]
Every WSOP Main Event Winner and their total live earnings [Lars Liedtke, 21.01.23]
Poker Legends Jungleman and Trueteller Set to Square Off in the Ring [Lars Liedtke, 20.01.23]
More Than $10,000,000 To Be Won At GGNetwork’s mini MILLION$ [Lars Liedtke, 19.01.23]
Coke Can Greg Complains To Mellissa Schubert’s Employer After She Didn’t Like His Dick Pic [Lars Liedtke, 18.01.23]
Floor allows alleged poker cheater Mike Postle to play the Million Dollar Heater using an alias [Lars Liedtke, 17.01.23]
MTT Report – Marius Gierse Takes Down Super MILLION$ Week Event #33: Saturday Super Stack [Lars Liedtke, 16.01.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – The Biggest Punt 2022 by Eric Persson [Lars Liedtke, 15.01.23]
Former Ultimate Bet Poker Lawyer Daniel Friedberg Saves His Skin by Flipping on FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried [Lars Liedtke, 14.01.23]
Poker Pro Thomas Evans Zanot Hits Massive $6,400,000 Pai Gow Jackpot [Lars Liedtke, 13.01.23]
High Stakes Bracelet Winner Jared Strauss Banned From WSOP claims Jeremy Ausmus [Lars Liedtke, 12.01.23]
Jason Koon Wins High Stakes Duel 3 For $1,600,000 [Lars Liedtke, 12.01.23]
Bill Perkins accepts crazy kneeling fighter Boxing Prop Bet against MJ Gonzales [Lars Liedtke, 11.01.23]
$25,000,000 Guaranteed at the 2023 Super MILLION$ Week on GGNetwork [Lars Liedtke, 10.01.23]
GGPoker Partners With Dublin Poker Festival 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 10.01.23]
MTT Report – Lex Veldhuis wins New Year Series Event #85 Live On Twitch! [Lars Liedtke, 09.01.23]
Best GGPoker Bonus 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 09.01.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Eric Persson’s Huge Punt In A $682,000 Pot vs. YoH Viral [Lars Liedtke, 08.01.23]
Scott Robert Harmier Accused of Poker Room Stabbing Remains in Custody [Lars Liedtke, 07.01.23]
Dan “Jungleman” Cates and Charlie Carrel to Compete in a Stand-up Comedy Prop Bet [Lars Liedtke, 06.01.23]
San Diego fraud ring targeted dozens of poker players in bank theft [Lars Liedtke, 05.01.23]
GGPoker With Very Impressive Results 2022 [Lars Liedtke, 04.01.23]
Daniel Negreanu Says Dan Bilzerian Most Certainly Made $100 Million from Poker! [Lars Liedtke, 03.01.23]
MTT Report – Pete Chen Wins The GGMasters High Rollers for $99,492.23 [Lars Liedtke, 02.01.23]
Best WPT Global Poker Bonus Code 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 01.01.23]
Can You Still Make Money With Online Poker in 2023? [Graham, 01.01.23]
Poker Hand of the Week – Alan Keating Wins Biggest Pot in US Poker TV History Worth $1,200,000 [Lars Liedtke, 01.01.23]
Best Mobile Poker Sites 2023 [Zan, 01.01.23]
Best iOS, iPad and iPhone Poker Sites and Apps 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 01.01.23]
Best Android Poker Apps 2023 and Android Poker Sites 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 01.01.23]
Best Indian Poker Sites 2023 [Zan, 01.01.23]
Best Australian Poker Sites 2023 and best Rakeback Deals for Australian Poker Players [Lars Liedtke, 01.01.23]
Best Poker App 2023 and Best Android Mobile Poker Sites 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 01.01.23]
Best WSOP Ontario Bonus 2023 [Lars Liedtke, 01.01.23]

December 2022

Biggest poker scandals 2022 [Lars Liedtke, 31.12.22]
Best Poker Prop Bets 2022 [Lars Liedtke, 30.12.22]
Daniel Negreanu Posts 2022 Results – Profit $1,625,545 [Lars Liedtke, 29.12.22]
Woman Wins Progressive Poker Table Jackpot Worth $1,681,458 with a $5 Investment! [Lars Liedtke, 28.12.22]
More than $150,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions January! [Kirill, 28.12.22]
MTT Report – Aleksejs Ponakovs wins $25K WSOPC Super High Roller for $225,917.74 [Lars Liedtke, 27.12.22]
Win your share of more than $10,000 in the Optibet New Year Tournaments [Lars Liedtke, 27.12.22]
The Biggest Cash Game Pots 2022 [Lars Liedtke, 26.12.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Ben Chung Folds A Set Of Jacks against Alan Keating [Lars Liedtke, 25.12.22]
Over $40,000,000 Guaranteed at the PokerStars New Year Series [Lars Liedtke, 24.12.22]
Over €5,000,000 Guaranteed at the largest ever tournament series on iPoker [Lars Liedtke, 23.12.22]
Fedor Holz Is Taking a Lie Detector Test on YouTube – Here are the questions [Lars Liedtke, 22.12.22]
Watch the WPT World Championship Final Table Live Here! [Lars Liedtke, 21.12.22]
MTT Report – Justus Held wins WSOPC Event #9 for $106,873.95 [Lars Liedtke, 20.12.22]
Record for biggest pot in U.S. poker broadcast history improved twice within a week! [Lars Liedtke, 20.12.22]
Watch The Live Stream From The EPT Prague Main Event With Final Table Here [Lars Liedtke, 18.12.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – YoH ViraL Makes the Fold of the Year [Lars Liedtke, 18.12.22]
The best Christmas Poker Promotions 2022 [Lars Liedtke, 17.12.22]
Ethan “Rampage” Yau Refunds Stakers after Stunning WPT High Roller Victory [Lars Liedtke, 16.12.22]
Win Amazing Christmas Gifts With Natural8’s Lucky’s Christmas Week [Lars Liedtke, 15.12.22]
Phil Galfond Has 90 Days to Lose 20 Pounds and Gain 40,000 Followers in $10K Prop Bet [Lars Liedtke, 15.12.22]
Daniel Negreanu Calls Rampage Nuts – $500/$1,000 Cash Game with Phil Ivey and Jungleman [Lars Liedtke, 14.12.22]
Win your share of more than $10,000 at Christmas with BetKings [Lars Liedtke, 13.12.22]
MTT Report – Yuri “theNERDguy“ Dzivielevski Wins PokerStars Titans Event [Lars Liedtke, 12.12.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Is this the sickest read of all time by Mikki vs. Alan Keating? [Lars Liedtke, 11.12.22]
Molly’s Game Players Meet on $150,000,000 Yacht [Lars Liedtke, 10.12.22]
Shaun Deeb Calls Ryan Laplante a Scammer for Charging Unreasonably High Markup [Lars Liedtke, 09.12.22]
Jason Koon Defeats Phil Hellmuth for $1,600,000 in Largest High Stakes Duel Ever [Lars Liedtke, 08.12.22]
YouTuber akaNemsko rigs $12,000 WPT Championship Ticket to her boyfriend! [Lars Liedtke, 08.12.22]
Historic High Stakes Poker Season 10 to launch in January 2023! [Lars Liedtke, 07.12.22]
Jason Koon To Battle Phil Hellmuth Tonight for $1,600,000 in Largest High Stakes Duel Ever [Lars Liedtke, 07.12.22]
Sashimi’s Fake Breasts on Hustler Casino Live Spark Twitter Storm [Lars Liedtke, 06.12.22]
GGPoker Receives German Online Gaming License [Lars Liedtke, 06.12.22]
MTT Report – Joni Jouhkimainen wins Omaha Week Main Event, gavz101, Lena900 and fish2013 chop Titans Event [Lars Liedtke, 05.12.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Adrian Attenborough’s Hero Call With $10,000,000 At Risk [Lars Liedtke, 04.12.22]
Poker Pro Luong Bui jailed for running $2,250,000 cannabis growing operation [Lars Liedtke, 03.12.22]
$250,000 Jackpot Winner Mandi Minx Got Paid After Social Media Shaming [Lars Liedtke, 03.12.22]
Daniel Negreanu Says His Biggest Regret in Life is to Have Called His Mother a Fat Pig [Lars Liedtke, 02.12.22]
Celebrate big sports events with Bet & Go at Natural8 [Lars Liedtke, 01.12.22]

November 2022

More than $150,000,000 Up For Grabs at the WSOP Winter Circuit at GGNetwork [Lars Liedtke, 30.11.22]
More than $165,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions December! [Kirill, 30.11.22]
Jungleman and ElkY agree to epic $150,000 Weight Loss Prop Bet [Lars Liedtke, 29.11.22]
MTT Report – Lex Velduis with 2 Wins and a Second Place in the Sunday Grind! [Lars Liedtke, 28.11.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Alan Keating Hit By Disgusting River In A $400,000 Pot [Lars Liedtke, 27.11.22]
PokerGO is now available for all YouTube and Primetime Channel subscribers [Lars Liedtke, 26.11.22]
Phil Hellmuth promoted cryptocurrency Bitcoin Latinum sued for $15,000,000 Fraud [Lars Liedtke, 25.11.22]
New Poker Movie “Poker Face” With Russell Crowe Hits the Cinemas [Lars Liedtke, 24.11.22]
Chance Kornuth and Kathy Liebert Among Pros Hit Hard By Payment Processor Security Leak [Lars Liedtke, 23.11.22]
MTT Report – Bencb789 with Super MILLIONS Final Table and two Sunday Majors Runner-Up Finishes [Lars Liedtke, 22.11.22]
Melissa Burr Challenges Allen Kessler to Crazy Eat Nuggets vs. Bench Press Prop Bet [Lars Liedtke, 21.11.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Nik Airball Wins The Biggest Pot In Hustler Casino Live History vs. buttonclickr [Lars Liedtke, 20.11.22]
GGPoker PVI Rake Explained [Lars Liedtke, 19.11.22]
GGPoker launches new game Bet & Go just in time for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar [Lars Liedtke, 19.11.22]
Players claim that Some US Poker Sites Have Taken Money Out of Their Bank Accounts [Lars Liedtke, 18.11.22]
Tom Dwan Hid corruption at collapsed FTX crypto exchange to Protect Friends [Lars Liedtke, 17.11.22]
Watch the 2022 WSOP Europe Main Event Final Table Live Here [Lars Liedtke, 16.11.22]
Tony G wins more than €1,000,000 in a single cash game session at the WSOP Europe [Lars Liedtke, 16.11.22]
MTT Report – Rodrigo Seiji ships PokerStars Titans Event, zufrieden the GGMasters [Lars Liedtke, 15.11.22]
More than $5,000,000 GTD at the Omaholic Series at GGNetwork [Lars Liedtke, 15.11.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Insane River Bluff by Bill Klein on Hustler Casino Live [Lars Liedtke, 13.11.22]
Allen Kessler embarrasses himself by questioning tournament results of online crusher Graftekkel [Lars Liedtke, 12.11.22]
Shaun Deeb Chases Massive $1.9 Billion Powerball Jackpot by Creating a Huge Player Pool [Lars Liedtke, 12.11.22]
Phil Ivey Is the New World Poker Tour and WPT Global Ambassador! [Lars Liedtke, 11.11.22]
More than $100,000 up for grabs every week in the PokerStars Spin & Go Races! [Lars Liedtke, 10.11.22]
Watch the 2022 WCOOP Main Event Final Table Live Here [Lars Liedtke, 09.11.22]
Daniel Negreanu launches WSOPE Vlog – Fires 6 Bullets in the €5K PLO! [Lars Liedtke, 09.11.22]
Billionaire Jenny Just Says Make Your Children Learn How to Play Poker [Lars Liedtke, 08.11.22]
MTT Report – Thorsten Legit Leads 2022 WCOOP Main Event, probirs, Graftekkel and veeea in the Top 10 [Lars Liedtke, 07.11.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Rampage wins the biggest pot of his life at Hustler Casino Live [Lars Liedtke, 06.11.22]
More Than $2,000,000 Guaranteed at the Knockout Games Mystery Bounty Edition at 888poker [Lars Liedtke, 05.11.22]
Amer Siddique stole £20,000 from his best friend and Poker Pro Luke Brereton [Lars Liedtke, 05.11.22]
Turn $11 Into A Share Of $1,000,000 With Flip & Go Millionaire At GGPoker [Lars Liedtke, 04.11.22]
Texas Card House loses Court Ruling in Blow for Poker in Texas [Lars Liedtke, 03.11.22]
Savannah Hale Backs Robbi Jade Lew Even After Infidelity Allegations [Lars Liedtke, 02.11.22]
Jeremy Ausmus accused of using PPP funds for High Roller buy-in [Lars Liedtke, 01.11.22]

October 2022

MTT Report – sosickPL leads Sunday Million, Juan Pardo Dominguez wins the Titans Event [Lars Liedtke, 31.10.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Brutal Cooler for Landon Tice in the EPT London Main Event [Lars Liedtke, 30.10.22]
$28,000,000 Guaranteed at the WCOOP Take 2 at PokerStars [Lars Liedtke, 29.10.22]
Daniel Negreanu Reveals His Favourite Las Vegas Poker Rooms [Lars Liedtke, 29.10.22]
Watch The Live Stream From The EPT London Main Event Final Table With Hole Cards Here [Lars Liedtke, 28.10.22]
More than $165,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions November! [Kirill, 28.10.22]
Poker Machines in New South Wales Used to Launder Billions of Dirty Cash [Lars Liedtke, 27.10.22]
MTT Report – Talal Shakerchi Crushes the PokerStars High Roller Club [Lars Liedtke, 26.10.22]
Daniel Negreanu Rips Into Garrett Adelstein over HCL Cheating Allegations [Lars Liedtke, 25.10.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Businessman Michael Brinkenhoff Stone Cold Bluffs Alex Foxen [Lars Liedtke, 23.10.22]
WSOP Online 2022 Adds Three New Bracelet Events To In Ontario [Lars Liedtke, 22.10.22]
Mike Matusow Makes Fun of Allen Kessler for Complaining About the Price of French Fries [Lars Liedtke, 22.10.22]
Jennifer Tilly Says She Is Psychic And Her Ability Helps to Win at Poker [Lars Liedtke, 21.10.22]
Nick Vertucci Threatens Matt Berkey with Blackmail over Hustler Casino Live Situation [Lars Liedtke, 20.10.22]
More than $50,000,000 Guaranteed at the GGPoker Bounty Hunters Series [Lars Liedtke, 19.10.22]
Mike Postle Goes on Epic rant about Hustler and Stones Live Cheating Scandals [Lars Liedtke, 18.10.22]
No Cheating Detected – Robbi Jade Lew Passes Lie Detector Test [Lars Liedtke, 18.10.22]
MTT Report – Eelis Parsinnen wins the PokerStars Titans Event, Graftekkel ships the Sunday Warm-Up [Lars Liedtke, 17.10.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Daniel Negreanu Hits 1-Outer Against Bryn Kenney in $300,000 Buy-In Tournament [Lars Liedtke, 16.10.22]
Exclusive 2022 WSOP Europe Satellites Running Now At GGPoker [Lars Liedtke, 15.10.22]
iPoker Network adds high stakes cash game tables and €200 Spin & Gos [Lars Liedtke, 14.10.22]
Jungleman and Matt Berkey clash over Hustler Casino Live alleged fraudster [Lars Liedtke, 13.10.22]
Watauga Social Lounge Poker Club Raided and Staff Arrested [Lars Liedtke, 12.10.22]
Sign up at GGPoker or Natural8 to get a Free $10.50 Ticket for the $1,000,000 Mini MILLION$ Main Event [Lars Liedtke, 11.10.22]
Jeffrey Bernard Morris Found Guilty of Murdering Susie Zhao [Lars Liedtke, 11.10.22]
MTT Report – Thomas Mühlöcker Wins Titans Event, Carlos Villamarin the GGMasters High Roller [Lars Liedtke, 10.10.22]
Garrett Adelstein Drops Bombshell Report on Robbi Jade Lew “Cheating Ring” at Hustler Casino Live [Lars Liedtke, 10.10.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Tom Marchese Bluffs Phil Hellmuth With 3-High! [Lars Liedtke, 09.10.22]
Garrett Adelstein Donates the 135K to Charity – Robbi Says: “I DID NOT CHEAT” [Lars Liedtke, 08.10.22]
Court hears shocking evidence in Susie Zhao Murder Trial [Lars Liedtke, 07.10.22]
Kane Kalas Calls Out Ian O’Hara as Scammer [Lars Liedtke, 06.10.22]
The Arguments For and Against that Robbi Jade Lew Was Cheating [Lars Liedtke, 05.10.22]
Jason Koon Wins 2022 Poker Masters Main Event for $666K, Sean Winter Wins Purple Jacket [Lars Liedtke, 04.10.22]
Everything we know so far about the Potential Robbi Cheating Scandal at Hustler Casino Live [Lars Liedtke, 04.10.22]
WSOP.CA Powered by GGPoker Launches in Ontario With WSOP Online Circuit Series [Lars Liedtke, 03.10.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Phil Ivey’s Hero Call Against Christoph Vogelsang at Triton Cyprus [Lars Liedtke, 02.10.22]
Over $5,000,000 GTD at the Mini MILLIONS – The biggest low buy-in tournament series ever [Lars Liedtke, 01.10.22]

September 2022

Robbery at Doug Polk’s Poker Room the Lodge [Lars Liedtke, 30.09.22]
More than $160,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions October! [Kirill, 29.09.22]
C.Darwin2 wins the 2022 WSOP Online Main Event for an incredible $2,793,574 [Lars Liedtke, 28.09.22]
Federal Judge Rules that Wire Act Only Applies to Sports Betting not to Online Poker! [Lars Liedtke, 28.09.22]
MTT Report – $21,061,500 up for grabs at the 2022 WSOP Online Main Event, Claas “SsicK_OnE” Segebrecht Wins 2nd Bracelet [Lars Liedtke, 26.09.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Viktor Kudinov Owns Fedor Holz With Insane Hero Call! [Lars Liedtke, 25.09.22]
PokerStars Threatens to Sue PokerPaint over Image Copyright Infringements [Lars Liedtke, 24.09.22]
Don’t miss the 2022 WSOP Online Main Event at GGNetwork with an incredible $20,000,000 prize pool! [Lars Liedtke, 23.09.22]
Daniel Negreanu Reveals on His Twitter that Jake Schindler and Ali Imsirovic Have Been Banned from the Poker Masters [Lars Liedtke, 23.09.22]
Twitch Poker Safe After Scammer Gets Gambling Banned on the Platform [Lars Liedtke, 22.09.22]
Play WSOP Online on Natural8 And Win Exclusive Prizes! [Lars Liedtke, 21.09.22]
Huge cash prizes up for grabs at the BetKings Team Battle [Lars Liedtke, 21.09.22]
MTT Report – Graftekkel wins 2022 WSOP Online Event #26 for $129,745.26 [Lars Liedtke, 20.09.22]
The Venetian cancels $1,100,000 in tournament guarantees at the Stairway to Heaven Millions series! [Lars Liedtke, 20.09.22]
Triton Co-Founder Ivan Leow Dies Sudden Death at 41 [Lars Liedtke, 19.09.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Is this the greatest Hero Call in the history of High Stakes Poker by Patrik Antonius? [Lars Liedtke, 18.09.22]
Win up to 248 times your bets in the new WPT Global game Poker Flips! [Lars Liedtke, 17.09.22]
Daniel Negreanu says “No evidence yet” Bryn Kenney was cheating mastermind [Lars Liedtke, 16.09.22]
Poker Player and UFC Fighter Elias Theodorou Dies Shocking Death at 34 [Lars Liedtke, 15.09.22]
Andrew Walsh Flees Casino After Losing All-in with Chips in Hand [Lars Liedtke, 14.09.22]
Sam Grafton Wins $200,000 Triton Poker Coin Rivet Invitational for an incredible $5,500,000 [Lars Liedtke, 13.09.22]
Watch the $200,000 Triton Poker Coin Rivet Invitational Final Live Here! [Lars Liedtke, 12.09.22]
MTT Report – Benny Glaser Wins 2nd WCOOP Title In 3 Days, His 6th In Total! [Lars Liedtke, 12.09.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Alan Keating Wins The Biggest Pot In Hustler Casino Live History [Lars Liedtke, 11.09.22]
Three Poker Players Arrested for Cheating on the Wonder of the Seas Cruise Ship [Lars Liedtke, 10.09.22]
Patrik Antonius and Viktor Kudinov Make Two of the Best Hero Calls Ever at Triton Cyprus [Lars Liedtke, 09.09.22]
Martin Zamani and Lauren Roberts calling Bryn Kenney out for not telling the truth on the Poker Life Podcast [Lars Liedtke, 08.09.22]
Espen Jorstad Adds Tortilla Slap Challenge Title to WSOP Gold [Lars Liedtke, 07.09.22]
The 2022 WCOOP has kicked off with an incredible $85,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools! [Lars Liedtke, 06.09.22]
MTT Report – Oliver Weis and Juan Pardo Dominguez Land Massive Scores [Lars Liedtke, 06.09.22]
Dan Bilzerian’s Cannabis Company Ignite Investigated for Accounting Fraud [Lars Liedtke, 05.09.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – The Sickest Cash Game Hand of All Time [Lars Liedtke, 04.09.22]
Phil Hellmuth Blames Doug Polk for All His Ills [Lars Liedtke, 03.09.22]
More than $6,000,000 Guaranteed at the partypoker MILLIONS Online 2022 [Lars Liedtke, 03.09.22]
Record-Breaking $1,226,000 Bad Beat Jackpot Hit in Pittsburgh [Lars Liedtke, 02.09.22]
Resurrected iNinja Poker Tour run into Allen Chainsaw Kessler Problems [Lars Liedtke, 01.09.22]

August 2022

WSOP Main Event Winner Espen Jorstad Reveals Threats in Swap Controversy with Alex Theologis [Lars Liedtke, 31.08.22]
Eric Persson Offers Phil Hellmuth $1 Million to Play After He Shortstacks at Live at the Bike [Lars Liedtke, 30.08.22]
More than $160,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions September! [Kirill, 29.08.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Fabian Kovalski’s Hero Call Of The Year At The EPT Barcelona Final Table [Lars Liedtke, 28.08.22]
Alleged Cheater Bryn Kenney to Appear on Joe Ingram’s Poker Life Podcast [Lars Liedtke, 27.08.22]
Patrick Leonard Says He Would Ban the Word GTO [Lars Liedtke, 25.08.22]
Poker Scamming Sex Offender Eric Conti Freed from Prison [Lars Liedtke, 24.08.22]
Daniel Negreanu ranks Martin Kabrhel and Jake Schindler as worst company at the poker table [Lars Liedtke, 23.08.22]
MTT Report – Bencb789 Takes Down The Titans Event For $72,233.05 [Lars Liedtke, 22.08.22]
Watch the live stream from the 2022 EPT Barcelona Main Event Final Table Here! [Lars Liedtke, 21.08.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Matt Hanks gets Revenge on Eric Persson in a $630,000 Pot [Lars Liedtke, 21.08.22]
Incredible Hustler Casino Live Super High Stakes Week Lineup featuring Mikki, Eric Persson and Garrett Adelstein [Lars Liedtke, 20.08.22]
Qualify from only $5 for the $15,000,000 Guaranteed WPT World Championship at WPT Global [Lars Liedtke, 19.08.22]
Poker Dealer Risks His WSOP Wages against PLO Legend Phil Galfond and Wins! [Lars Liedtke, 18.08.22]
Jason Koon Steps Up to Face Phil Hellmuth in $1,600,000 High Stakes Duel [Lars Liedtke, 17.08.22]
MTT Report – Eduardo Silva and G@ndalftheWhite Win WSOP Online Events [Lars Liedtke, 16.08.22]
Scott Seiver Backs Out of $1,600,000 High Stakes Duel – Jungleman Ready to Replace Him [Lars Liedtke, 15.08.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Eric Persson Calls Insane Bluff to Win a $830,000 Pot [Lars Liedtke, 14.08.22]
Poker Pros Pogos Simityan and Vahan Sudzhyan Arrested for Marking Cards [Lars Liedtke, 13.08.22]
2022 WSOP ONLINE RETURNS AUGUST 14 – OCTOBER 18 [Lars Liedtke, 13.08.22]
Security Guard Critically Shot in Ambush at Hustler Casino [Lars Liedtke, 12.08.22]
Twitch streamer Ludwig says he got scammed for $100,000 by Disney star Grayson Hunter Goss [Lars Liedtke, 11.08.22]
Doug Polk Says They Lost $625K in Guarantees at the Lodge – Fires Shots at Hustler Casino [Lars Liedtke, 10.08.22]
MTT Report – Jakob “Succeeed“ Miegel wins the Sunday High Roller, Baca4b the Titans Event [Lars Liedtke, 09.08.22]
Dan Shak Charged With Spoofing The Gold Market [Lars Liedtke, 08.08.22]
Monsoon Rain Floods Las Vegas Casinos In Apocalyptic Scene [Lars Liedtke, 07.08.22]
El Cortez The Oldest Casino in Las Vegas Evacuated Amid Arson Spree [Lars Liedtke, 06.08.22]
Landon Tice willing to accept prop bet to live at Bally’s for a full year! [Lars Liedtke, 05.08.22]
Exclusive $10,000 Natural8 Leaderboard [Kirill, 04.08.22]
Daniel Negreanu Blasts Justin Bonomo in Political Tweets [Lars Liedtke, 03.08.22]
More than $3,500,000 Guaranteed at the WPT Global Summer Festival [Lars Liedtke, 02.08.22]
High Stakes Gambler Mikki Claims that He Can Beat Baccarat Long-Term [Lars Liedtke, 02.08.22]
MTT Report – Alister333 wins the Battle of Malta Online Main Event, matthews085 the MicroMillions [Lars Liedtke, 01.08.22]

July 2022

Poker Hand of the Week – Matt Stout Correctly Folds a Straight Flush! [Lars Liedtke, 31.07.22]
MGM Grand Refuses to Pay Out Guaranteed Prize Pool in Poker Tournament [Lars Liedtke, 30.07.22]
More than $160,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions August! [Kirill, 29.07.22]
Shaun Deeb Asks Kitty Kuo on Twitter if She Is Looking for a Fat Lazy American [Lars Liedtke, 28.07.22]
More than $500,000 in prizes up for grabs in the Royal Quest at 888poker [Lars Liedtke, 27.07.22]
Doug Polk says supporting poker is not an abortion take [Lars Liedtke, 27.07.22]
Daniel Negreanu lost $1,100,000 at the 2022 WSOP! [Lars Liedtke, 26.07.22]
MTT Report – Probirs Ships Titans Event, Hogyun Kang Wins Global Millions European Cup [Lars Liedtke, 25.07.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – The Craziest Hand Of The 2022 WSOP Main Event [Lars Liedtke, 24.07.22]
Woman leaves children locked in her car overnight while playing poker [Lars Liedtke, 23.07.22]
Bradley Thompson Accused of Having Caused Shooting Mass Panic by Throwing Rocks at Glass [Lars Liedtke, 22.07.22]
Elon Musk Entrusted $5.7 Billion to Igor Kurganov! [Lars Liedtke, 21.07.22]
WSOP Main Event Winner Espen Jørstad lost $1,000,000 in Luna Crypto Crash [Lars Liedtke, 20.07.22]
MTT Report – Niklas Astedt Keeps Crushing Online Poker – Takes Down Titans Event [Lars Liedtke, 19.07.22]
False WSOP Shooting Alarm Triggers Mass Panic [Lars Liedtke, 18.07.22]
Norway’s Espen Jorstad Scoops WSOP Main Event title and $10,0000,000 First Prize [Lars Liedtke, 17.07.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Papo MC Pulls The Bluff Of The Year In The WSOP Main Event [Lars Liedtke, 17.07.22]
Espen Jorstad Massive Chip Leader With Only 3 Left At The 2022 WSOP Main Event [Lars Liedtke, 16.07.22]
Norman Chad Calls for Minimum 10 Years WSOP Ban for Poker Cheaters [Lars Liedtke, 15.07.22]
WSOP Main Event Final Table Stands – Espen Uhlen Jørstad and Matthew Su Are the Chip Leaders [Lars Liedtke, 14.07.22]
Doug Polk and Phil Hellmuth Get into Twitter Fight After CoinFlex Debacle [Lars Liedtke, 14.07.22]
Jeffrey Farnes Leads With 35 Left, Koray Aldemir and Papo MC Busto [Lars Liedtke, 13.07.22]
Matt Berkey Calls Out For Promoting Known Cheaters [Lars Liedtke, 13.07.22]
James Hobbs leads 2022 WSOP Main Event after Day 5, Papo MC in the Top 5! [Lars Liedtke, 12.07.22]
GGNetwork Launches €25,000,000 Guaranteed Battle Of Malta Online 2022 [Lars Liedtke, 12.07.22]
Tibor Nyuli Wins VIP-Grinders $10,000 WSOP Main Event 2022 Last Longer Challenge, Taylor von Kriegenbergh Leads With 380 Left [Lars Liedtke, 11.07.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – ROYAL FLUSH vs FULL HOUSE | Sickest Runout in Poker History! [Lars Liedtke, 10.07.22]
Allen Kessler Gets a Penalty for Chewing a Bite of Pizza in the Playing Hall! [Lars Liedtke, 09.07.22]
Marc Goone Busts Player in WSOP Main Event After Only 15 Minutes of Play! [Lars Liedtke, 08.07.22]
GGPoker Unveils Poker Integrity Council [Lars Liedtke, 07.07.22]
Phil Hellmuth Announces WSOP Main Event Costume Entrance Together with Jungleman [Lars Liedtke, 06.07.22]
MTT Report – Two-Way Deal In The Sunday Million, DingeBrinker ships Titans Event [Lars Liedtke, 05.07.22]
WSOP threatens to disqualify players after the 3 of spades appears twice on the flop! [Lars Liedtke, 04.07.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – The Spot That Lead to Daniel Negreanu’s Biggest Blowup Ever [Lars Liedtke, 03.07.22]
Phil Hellmuth Calls Adam Friedman a “Motherfucker” in $50K Poker Players Championship Blowup [Lars Liedtke, 02.07.22]
Kitty Kuo Criticizes Assistance for K.L. Cleeton Who Suffers from Spinal Muscular Atrophy [Lars Liedtke, 01.07.22]

June 2022

Daniel Negreanu Fires Shots Back at Justin Bonomo Calling Him a Cheater [Lars Liedtke, 30.06.22]
Paul Hizer Wins WSOP Colossus for $414,490, Topping 13,565 Entries [Lars Liedtke, 29.06.22]
More than $170,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions July! [Kirill, 29.06.22]
Daniel Negreanu’s Massive Blowup at the 2022 WSOP $250,000 Super High Roller [Lars Liedtke, 28.06.22]
MTT Report – Neymar Crushes The High Roller Club, Graftekkel wins the Titans Event [Lars Liedtke, 27.06.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Phil Hellmuth’s Most Random Bluff Ever Against Scott Seiver At High Stakes Duel [Lars Liedtke, 26.06.22]
Disney star Grayson Hunter Goss ruins reputation over $1,000 debt [Lars Liedtke, 25.06.22]
Eric Persson Says He Wants Phil Hellmuth to Feel the Pain for Fucking with Him [Lars Liedtke, 24.06.22]
Farzad Bonyadi Accidentally Takes Phil Hellmuth’s Chips in the $10K 2-7 Single Draw Championship [Lars Liedtke, 23.06.22]
Neymar Gets Kicked Out by Security at the WSOP [Lars Liedtke, 22.06.22]
Phil Ivey Just Misses 11th Bracelet in 2022 WSOP $100K High Roller, Aleksejs “APonakov” Ponakovs Wins [Lars Liedtke, 21.06.22]
Chris Moneymaker-inspired PayPal lawsuit Loses First Round [Lars Liedtke, 20.06.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Phil Ivey Soul Reads Tony G in an Insane Hand! [Lars Liedtke, 19.06.22]
Football Star Neymar Is Having a Blast at the 2022 WSOP [Lars Liedtke, 18.06.22]
Scott Seiver Challenges Phil Hellmuth to $1,600,000 High Stakes Duel Rematch [Lars Liedtke, 16.06.22]
Mike Jukich Jumps On Table After Winning WSOP Monster Stack for $966,577 [Lars Liedtke, 15.06.22]
WSOP Players Testing Positive for COVID Evicted from Hotel, Forced to Travel Risking Health of Others [Lars Liedtke, 15.06.22]
MTT Report – Kahle Burns wins $25K Sunday Super High Roller for $270,478 [Lars Liedtke, 14.06.22]
Dan Bilzerian Insults Poker Players, Calls Them “Fucking Nerds”! [Lars Liedtke, 13.06.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – DoorDash founder Stanley Tang wins a $407,000 Pot from Tom Dwan [Lars Liedtke, 12.06.22]
Daniel Negreanu Says He Is Getting Blackmailed! – Releases Audio in Latest WSOP Vlog [Lars Liedtke, 11.06.22]
Alleged online poker cheater Jake Schindler Wins First WSOP Bracelet in Event #12: $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em High Roller for $1,328,068 [Lars Liedtke, 10.06.22]
Phil Hellmuth Tests Positive for COVID at the 2022 WSOP [Lars Liedtke, 09.06.22]
Daniel Negreanu considering a bodyguard after a crazy woman spoke to him at the WSOP [Lars Liedtke, 08.06.22]
Shaun Deeb and Alex Foxen Take Turns Goading Cheats at WSOP [Lars Liedtke, 07.06.22]
MTT Report – Ole Schemion wins PokerStars Flagship Titans Event for over $100K [Lars Liedtke, 06.06.22]
Mike Matusow Offers Ridiculous $50,000 WSOP Profit Prop Bet [Lars Liedtke, 06.06.22]
Best $10,000 Exclusive VIP-Grinders Poker Freerolls in June [Lars Liedtke, 06.06.22]
The infamous Daniel Negreanu 2022 WSOP Poker Vlog has started – Watch it here! [Lars Liedtke, 04.06.22]
Join our $10,000 WSOP Main Event Last Longer Bet For Free [Lars Liedtke, 03.06.22]
Best 2022 WSOP Online Satellites [Lars Liedtke, 03.06.22]
Phil Ivey Is Back at the WSOP, Chance Kornuth Leads $100,000 Super High Roller Final Table [Lars Liedtke, 02.06.22]
WSOP fails to bar alleged cheaters Bryn Kenney, Jake Schindler and Ali Imsirovic [Lars Liedtke, 02.06.22]
Partypoker to Operate an Online Poker Cheating Blacklist from the MILLIONS Europe on [Lars Liedtke, 01.06.22]
Massive €62,500 Unibet Poker Points Race in June [Lars Liedtke, 01.06.22]

May 2022

Shaun Deeb Makes Fun of Poker Bunny for Charging up to 1.8 Markup [Lars Liedtke, 31.05.22]
MTT Report – Tobias Schwecht wins GG Online Championship Main Event for $727,640.08 [Lars Liedtke, 31.05.22]
Joe Ingram Investigates Cheating Allegations at Prime Social Club [Lars Liedtke, 30.05.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Tom Dwan’s Great Call vs. Stanley Tang on High Stakes Poker [Lars Liedtke, 29.05.22]
Mike Matusow Charges 1.3 Markup for the $10,000 WSOP Events! [Lars Liedtke, 28.05.22]
More than $200,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions June! [Kirill, 27.05.22]
Bill Perkins Pays $15,300,000 for Ernie Barnes Painting [Lars Liedtke, 26.05.22]
WSOP bracelet winner Corey Zeidman indicted in $25,000,000 Fraud Scheme [Lars Liedtke, 26.05.22]
Online Poker Legend Todd Terry Dies at 48 [Lars Liedtke, 25.05.22]
Nadya Magnus lashes Out at Male Poker players over Bryn Kenney WSOP offer [Lars Liedtke, 25.05.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 14 – Tom Dwan and Stanley Tang Collide In Massive Pots At The Season Finale [Lars Liedtke, 24.05.22]
Robin Poker outs Alexander Harry Jones aka ‘ExzhibitA Poker’ & ‘Askari Poker’ as scammer [Lars Liedtke, 24.05.22]
MTT Report – Astedt, Mateos and JNandez Land Massive Scores at the GGOC [Lars Liedtke, 23.05.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Patrik Antonius Makes Daniel Negreanu Fold A Higher Full House on High Stakes Poker [Lars Liedtke, 22.05.22]
Dan Bekavac Blames Charity as Midway Poker Tour Silver Scandal Resolved [Lars Liedtke, 21.05.22]
Another Day, Another Shooting at Legends Poker Room [Lars Liedtke, 19.05.22]
Where Joe Ingram Has Been in the Last 10 months and What He Has Been Up to [Lars Liedtke, 19.05.22]
Phil Hellmuth Beats Scott Seiver To Win High Stakes Duel III Round 4 for $800,000 [Lars Liedtke, 18.05.22]
Doug Polk triggers Veronica Brill by making fun of the Sports Illustrated cover [Lars Liedtke, 18.05.22]
Win a $13,000 WSOP Main Event Package from only 1 Cent in the Road to Las Vegas 2022 at 888poker! [Lars Liedtke, 17.05.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 13 – Crazy 3-Way Cooler Hand makes Phil Ivey fold Trips and DNegs a Full House! [Lars Liedtke, 17.05.22]
MTT Report – Rodrigo Seji Sirichuk crushing the GG Online Championship [Lars Liedtke, 16.05.22]
Daniel Negreanu Sells His 2022 WSOP Action at No Markup [Lars Liedtke, 16.05.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Krish Wins One of the Biggest Pots Of All Time On High Stakes Poker [Lars Liedtke, 15.05.22]
Natalie Hof Ramos: “I got almost raped working at EPT Monaco” [Lars Liedtke, 14.05.22]
New WPT Global Rakeback Deal: Get $100 For Free, $1,200 Bonus & up to 45% Rakeback [Lars Liedtke, 12.05.22]
GingePoker Announces $1,000,000 in 90 Days Live Poker Challenge [Lars Liedtke, 12.05.22]
Doug Polk Trolls Bryn Kenney, Promises to Out Most Poker Cheaters [Lars Liedtke, 11.05.22]
Win 1 of 3 x €1,500 Packages for the Festival Tallinn at Guts Poker [Lars Liedtke, 11.05.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 12 – Krish Wins One Of the Biggest Pots Ever Worth $934,500 [Lars Liedtke, 10.05.22]
Randy Garcia calls out poker pro Maurice Hawkins again for failing to live up to a backing agreement [Petr Černý, 10.05.22]
MTT Report – “Limitless” runs hot at GGPoker, wins 2nd Super High Roller within 2 weeks for $648K [Lars Liedtke, 09.05.22]
Treasure Trove of Text Messages Refute Bryn Kenney’s Cheating Denials [Lars Liedtke, 09.05.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Garrett Adelstein’s Great Fold With the Nut Straight against Bryn Kenney [Lars Liedtke, 08.05.22]
Watch the Final Table of the 2022 EPT Monte Carlo Main Event Live Here! [Lars Liedtke, 07.05.22]
WSOP Circuit Ring Winner Moe Moeini Murdered in Mississippi Killing Spree [Lars Liedtke, 07.05.22]
Doug Polk to Play Jungleman at $200/$400 Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em on May 28th [Lars Liedtke, 06.05.22]
More Than An Incredible $150,000,000 Guaranteed at the GG Online Championship! [Lars Liedtke, 05.05.22]
Martin Zamani posts screenshots as proof of Bryn Kenney cheating allegations [Petr Černý, 05.05.22]
Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan Battle Heads-Up for $800,000 in High Stakes Duel III Round 4 [Lars Liedtke, 04.05.22]
Chris Brewer Admits to GGPoker Ban but says RTA Not Involved [Lars Liedtke, 04.05.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 11 – Eric Persson Owns The Pros [Lars Liedtke, 03.05.22]
German Tennis Legend and Poker Ambassador Boris Becker Sent To Prison for 2.5 Years [Lars Liedtke, 03.05.22]
MTT Report – Samuel “€urop€an” Vousden Wins Two Super MILLION$ Events In One Night for $565K [Lars Liedtke, 02.05.22]
Did Phil Hellmuth Angle Shoot on the Hustler Casino Live Stream? [Lars Liedtke, 02.05.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Eric Persson’s Sick 7-2 Bluff on High Stakes Poker [Lars Liedtke, 01.05.22]

April 2022

2022 SCOOP schedule has been released with $75,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools! [Lars Liedtke, 30.04.22]
Phil Hellmuth Blocks Daniel Negreanu on Twitter for Berating Him [Lars Liedtke, 28.04.22]
More than $210,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions May! [Kirill, 28.04.22]
Doug Polk Announces $100/$200 Heads-Up Live Challenge at The Lodge – Jungleman Accepts! [Lars Liedtke, 27.04.22]
Sergi “srxakgirona” Reixach alleges death threats from Bryn Kenney accuser Martin Zamani [Lars Liedtke, 27.04.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 10 – Krish and Stanley Tang Clash in a $600,000 Pot [Lars Liedtke, 26.04.22]
Bryn Kenney Threatens to Sue Doug Polk over Cheating Claims [Petr Černý, 26.04.22]
MTT Report – Limitless and Mikita Badziakouski chop Super MILLION$ Week SHR for $330,295 [Lars Liedtke, 25.04.22]
Bryn Kenney Accused of Cheating and Abuse by Martin Zamani [Graham, 25.04.22]
Best $9,000 Exclusive VIP-Grinders Poker Freerolls from April 25 – 28 [Lars Liedtke, 25.04.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – The River Check That Secured Jennifer Tilly A Massive $519,500 Pot [Lars Liedtke, 24.04.22]
Chance Kornuth Calls on Online Poker Sites to Publish a List with all Cheaters [Lars Liedtke, 23.04.22]
Play for only $11 for a huge $1,000,000 prize pool at the Sunday Storm 11th Anniversary! [Lars Liedtke, 22.04.22]
Kahle Burns Suggests Nicknames Ali LIVESIMrovic and Jake SCHWINDLER for alleged RTA cheats Ali Imsirovic and Jake Schindler [Lars Liedtke, 21.04.22]
Become a WPT Global Affiliate and earn massive rewards for this brand-new online poker site [Lars Liedtke, 21.04.22]
Poker Player Wade Woelfel Charged with Murder Due to Fatal Drug Overdose [Lars Liedtke, 20.04.22]
Justin Bonomo says Ali Imsirovic is only the second biggest RTA offender after “Ja” [Petr Černý, 20.04.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 9 – Daniel Negreanu Owns Garrett Adelstein Again In A Huge Pot [Lars Liedtke, 19.04.22]
MTT Report – pisgapoker_1 wins the WSOPC Main Event for $634,855.85 [Lars Liedtke, 19.04.22]
Alex Foxen Accuses Ali Imsirovic of Being a Cheater, Says He Is Banned on GG for RTA and Multi-Accounting! [Graham, 18.04.22]
Best $9,000 Exclusive VIP-Grinders Poker Freerolls from April 18 – 21 [Lars Liedtke, 18.04.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Daniel Negreanu’s $440,500 Double Check Back Trap vs. Garrett Adelstein [Lars Liedtke, 17.04.22]
Doug Polk Introduces Long List of New Poker Games in Latest Poker Video [Lars Liedtke, 16.04.22]
Watch the 2022 Super High Roller Bowl Europe Final Table FT. Michael Addamo and Ali Imsirovic Live Here! [Lars Liedtke, 15.04.22]
Patrik Antonius Introduces New Advanced Shot Clock for Poker Tournaments [Lars Liedtke, 14.04.22]
Poker players take cover under tables as gunman opens fire at Legends Poker Room [Lars Liedtke, 14.04.22]
World Poker Tour Has Just Launched Its New Global Online Poker Site WPT Global [Lars Liedtke, 13.04.22]
PokerStars announces dates for PSPC, EPT Barcelona 2022 and PCA Bahamas [Lars Liedtke, 13.04.22]
Jennifer Shahade angry with Matt Glantz for identifying as a woman [Lars Liedtke, 13.04.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 8 – Huge Action, DNegs traps Garrett Adelstein in $440,500 Pot [Lars Liedtke, 12.04.22]
Five-Time World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Finishes 25th in Norwegian Poker Championship [Lars Liedtke, 12.04.22]
MTT Report – Ole Schemion and Dominik Nitsche sunrunning the Sunday Grind [Lars Liedtke, 11.04.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – The overbet that won Garrett Adelstein the biggest pot of High Stakes Poker Season 9 [Lars Liedtke, 10.04.22]
GGNetwork Launches Exclusive WSOP 2022 Main Event Satelllites [Lars Liedtke, 08.04.22]
Phil Ivey back on top – Crushing high stakes tournaments [Lars Liedtke, 07.04.22]
David Bakes calls Phil Gallfond out for adding “cheating scumbag” Brian Hastings as Run It Once coach [Lars Liedtke, 07.04.22]
Kristen Bicknell And Alex Foxen Say Yes At Dream Wedding [Lars Liedtke, 06.04.22]
GGPoker & Triton Poker Announce Major Partnership [Lars Liedtke, 06.04.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 7 – Garrett Adelstein wins a massive $335,500 Pot [Lars Liedtke, 05.04.22]
Doug Polk Under Fire for 17% Rake Poker Tournament at the Lodge [Lars Liedtke, 05.04.22]
MTT Report – Thomas Mühlöcker crushing, WSOPC Titles for Brazil and Ukraine [Lars Liedtke, 04.04.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Xuan Liu’s Brilliant Bluff vs. Doyle Brunson on High Stakes Poker [Lars Liedtke, 03.04.22]
Phil Ivey and Patrick Antonius Play Golf for $300,000 per Hole! [Lars Liedtke, 02.04.22]

March 2022

Poker pro Filippos Liakounakos stole $500,000 in Bitcoin [Lars Liedtke, 31.03.22]
GGPoker and WSOP to Launch Online Poker in Ontario [Lars Liedtke, 31.03.22]
Fedor Holz Reveals that He Lost $1,500,000 in 2021 in Latest Poker Video [Lars Liedtke, 30.03.22]
Phil Hellmuth Calls Chino Rheem The Worst Fucking Player Ever [Lars Liedtke, 30.03.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 6 – Krish Runs Hot [Lars Liedtke, 29.03.22]
More than $200,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions April! [Kirill, 29.03.22]
Doug Polk Labels Phil Hellmuth the Luckiest Poker Player of All Time [Lars Liedtke, 29.03.22]
MTT Report – “Godofbaccarat” wins WSOP Spring Online Circuit Event #1 for $325,684, Danilo Velasevic Runner-Up [Lars Liedtke, 28.03.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – How to get maximum value from Jennifer Tilly by Garrett Adelstein [Lars Liedtke, 27.03.22]
Chris Moorman Tells the Wildest Bankroll Management Story Ever on the Martin Jacobson Podcast [Lars Liedtke, 26.03.22]
Ethan “Rampage” Yau is still down despite crushing tournaments due to $150k Hustler Casino Live Punt [Lars Liedtke, 25.03.22]
Dan “Jungleman” Cates Launches His Winning the Game of Life Podcast [Lars Liedtke, 24.03.22]
Midway Poker Tour scammer Dan Bekavac wins MSPT Main Event for $193,391 [Lars Liedtke, 24.03.22]
Join the $888,000 Retro Week series at 888poker and play your faves from the past [Lars Liedtke, 23.03.22]
Watch the Final Day of the $10,000,000 GTD Sunday Million 16th Anniversary ft. Lena900 live here! [Lars Liedtke, 23.03.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 5 – Kim Hultman wins a $367,200 Pot from ultra-aggressive Jennifer Tilly [Lars Liedtke, 22.03.22]
Doug Polk Willing to Put Up $1,000,000 for a Tom Dwan Heads-up Challenge [Lars Liedtke, 22.03.22]
$100,000,000 GTD 2022 WSOP Spring Online Circuit Launching At GGNetwork On March 24 [Lars Liedtke, 21.03.22]
MTT Report – Overlays at the Sunday Million 16th Anniversary and GGMasters Overlay Edition [Lars Liedtke, 21.03.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Jennifer Tilly Delivers A Brutal Bad Beat for Xuan Liu on High Stakes Poker [Lars Liedtke, 20.03.22]
Make a deposit using crypto to get a massive $2,188 Bonus at Natural8 Poker [Lars Liedtke, 19.03.22]
Poker Player Vincent Maiolica Stabs Two Women and Commits Suicide [Graham, 18.03.22]
Doug Polk Reveals Top 20 Poker Players Ever Poll in Latest Poker Video [Graham, 17.03.22]
Top Shelf Poker Room Raided While Police Kept Everyone’s Money [Lars Liedtke, 17.03.22]
Watch the live stream from the 2022 EPT Prague Main Event Final Table here! [Lars Liedtke, 16.03.22]
Chris Brewer warns of high stakes players fall victim to $100k bag snatches in Las Vegas [Lars Liedtke, 16.03.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 4 – Garrett Adelstein wins the biggest pot at his HSP Debut [Lars Liedtke, 15.03.22]
Leon Tsoukernik offers 400 Ukrainian refugees asylum for a whole year [Lars Liedtke, 15.03.22]
We are giving away $13,000 in Exclusive BetKings Promotions this March! [Lars Liedtke, 14.03.22]
MTT Report – Christoph Vogelsang ships the Titans Event at PokerStars for $94,468 [Lars Liedtke, 14.03.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Daniel Negreanu Busts Tom Dwan For A Second Time On High Stakes Poker [Lars Liedtke, 13.03.22]
PokerStars Suspends All Operations in Russia [Lars Liedtke, 12.03.22]
Poker pro Gal Yifrach faces 25 years in jail for running illegal gambling and money laundering [Lars Liedtke, 11.03.22]
PokerGo Tour Champion To Earn $500,000 Prize at the end of the season [Lars Liedtke, 10.03.22]
Maximize your value on BetKings with our new Exclusive $10,000 Race [Lars Liedtke, 10.03.22]
GGPoker Fires Dan Bilzerian as Ambassador [Graham, 09.03.22]
Curtis Davis-Barnes Gets Life Sentence for Shooting His Friend in a Poker Game [Lars Liedtke, 09.03.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 3 – Daniel Negreanu Downs Tom Dwan Again! [Lars Liedtke, 08.03.22]
Jason Koon calls for blacklist of online poker’s worst cheaters [Lars Liedtke, 08.03.22]
MTT Report – Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph and Marius Gierse Unstoppable [Lars Liedtke, 07.03.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Phil Ivey Extracts Maximum Value From Daniel Negreanu on High Stakes Poker [Lars Liedtke, 06.03.22]
Join The HUGE €62,500 Unibet Poker Points Race! [Lars Liedtke, 05.03.22]
Tony G Calls for Lithuania to Accept Refugees from Ukraine [Graham, 03.03.22]
Daniel Negreanu to invest a staggering $1,687,895 in buy-ins at the WSOP 2022 [Lars Liedtke, 03.03.22]
$25,000,000 GTD Bounty Builder Series 2022 has kicked off at PokerStars [Lars Liedtke, 02.03.22]
MTT Report – Jason Koon Lands Huge $327K Sunday Million Super HR Score [Lars Liedtke, 02.03.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 2 – Daniel Negreanu Downs Tom Dwan! [Lars Liedtke, 01.03.22]
Poker Pro Eugene Katchalov Flees From Russian Invasion into Ukraine [Lars Liedtke, 01.03.22]

February 2022

2022 WSOP Schedule Released! [Lars Liedtke, 28.02.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Daniel Negreanu’s Sick Overbet Bluff on High Stakes Poker [Lars Liedtke, 27.02.22]
GGNetwork Celebrates GGMasters 2nd Anniversary With $5,000,0000 Guaranteed GGMasters Overlay Edition [Lars Liedtke, 27.02.22]
More than $180,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions March! [Kirill, 26.02.22]
Borgata Criticized Harshly for Catastrophic Tournament Preparation [Graham, 26.02.22]
LetsPoker App taking the live poker world by storm [Graham, 24.02.22]
MTT Report – Aleks Ponakovs and bencb789 With Massive $400K Scores [Lars Liedtke, 23.02.22]
Rob Yong Says Private High Stakes Games in Las Vegas Are Booming [Lars Liedtke, 23.02.22]
Doug Polk Announces Podcast Series to Rank the Best Poker Players of All Time [Lars Liedtke, 22.02.22]
The Best Hands of High Stakes Poker Season 9 Episode 1 – False Start For Tom Dwan [Lars Liedtke, 22.02.22]
High Stakes Poker Season 9 ft. Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan and Daniel Negreanu premieres on Monday [Lars Liedtke, 22.02.22]
Phil Hellmuth Gets Trolled Hard by DNegs for Asking on Twitter Who to Play Him in the Movie about His Life [Graham, 22.02.22]
Garrett Adelstein Accepts Slowroll after Mike Tyson-style Comment Backfires [Lars Liedtke, 21.02.22]
$3,500 in added prize pools at VIP-Grinders tournaments from February 22 -27 [Lars Liedtke, 20.02.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Tony G’s Record-Breaking $7.8 Million Pot [Lars Liedtke, 20.02.22]
Elon Musk Enlists Igor Kurganov and Makes Massive $5.74 Billion Charity Gift [Lars Liedtke, 19.02.22]
No COVID Passes needed for restriction-free EPT Prague 2022 and King’s Casino [Petr Černý, 19.02.22]
When will Dan Bilzerian take on billionaire Alec Gores in $100 million heads-up? [Eddy, 18.02.22]
“bilaterale1” wins THIRD Bad Beat Jackpot at GGNetwork within only 4 months! [Lars Liedtke, 18.02.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Wiktor “limitless” Malinowski Wins $1,500,000 Pot! [Lars Liedtke, 16.02.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Wiktor “limitless” Malinowski Wins $1,500,000 Pot! [Lars Liedtke, 13.02.22]
Doug Polk in $200,000 Bodyfat Loss Prop Bet with Bill Perkins [Lars Liedtke, 11.02.22]
Huge $2,000/$4,000 High Stakes Action at GGNetwork with Several Seven-Figure Pots! [Lars Liedtke, 11.02.22]
$10,000,000 Guaranteed at the PokerStars Sunday Million 16th Anniversary [Lars Liedtke, 10.02.22]
Patrick Leonard Suggests Bomb Pots for Online Poker to Make Solvers Less Effective [Lars Liedtke, 09.02.22]
Jared Bleznick Puts Insane $1,000,000 Bounty on LeBron James Basketball Card [Graham, 09.02.22]
MTT Report – Mikita Badziakouski wins Sunday Million SHR for $436K as sunrun continues [Lars Liedtke, 08.02.22]
Bitcoin Latinum promoted by Phil Hellmuth sued after allegations of securities fraud [Petr Černý, 08.02.22]
Join the 2 x $250 Perfect Match Poker Freerolls at BetKings [Lars Liedtke, 07.02.22]
Best $9,000 Exclusive VIP-Grinders Poker Freerolls from February 7 – February 10 [Lars Liedtke, 07.02.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – The Best Phil Hellmuth Fold Ever [Lars Liedtke, 06.02.22]
Japanese player goes on Monkey Tilt, flips over poker table [Petr Černý, 05.02.22]
“Skillsrocks” banned from Hustler Casino Live for looking at his opponents cards [Graham, 04.02.22]
$9,000 Exclusive VIP-Grinders Poker Freerolls from February 4th – 6th [Kirill, 04.02.22]
Celebrate Chinese New Year at Natural8 with $38,888 in Prosperity Packets [Lars Liedtke, 03.02.22]
The Biggest Blow-Ups in Poker History [Lars Liedtke, 03.02.22]
Mike Matusow Buys Poker House Dallas [Graham, 02.02.22]
Justice delayed in Suzie Zhao murder trial [Petr Černý, 02.02.22]
Get your hands reviewed for free by renowned poker coach John Bradley [Lars Liedtke, 01.02.22]
The Battle of Malta is coming back soon from April 20-26! [Lars Liedtke, 01.02.22]

January 2022

MTT Report – Niklas Astedt and Ravid Garbi chop Super MILLION$ Week SHR for $540,000 each [Lars Liedtke, 31.01.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Garrett Adelstein Escapes the Ultimate Aces vs. Kings Cooler [Lars Liedtke, 30.01.22]
More than $180,000 in VIP-Grinders Promotions February! [Kirill, 29.01.22]
Deragoratory Tweets cost Winamax €1,300,000 Sponsorhip Deal with FC Girondins de Bordeaux [Petr Černý, 28.01.22]
Phil Hellmuth Takes Revenge on Tom Dwan in $400,000 High Stakes Duel III [Lars Liedtke, 27.01.22]
$6,000,000 Guaranteed at the partypoker KO Series from January 21 – February 7 [Lars Liedtke, 26.01.22]
Texas Card House loses permit after government crackdown [Petr Černý, 26.01.22]
MTT Report – Daniel Dvoress, Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph and Niklas Astedt with huge scores [Lars Liedtke, 25.01.22]
Super MILLION$ Week Returns With Biggest Prize Pool Ever! [Lars Liedtke, 25.01.22]
Tony G and Leon Tsoukernik Play Biggest Online Pot of All Time Worth $1,800,000! [Graham, 24.01.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Tom Dwan Rivers Quads Against Garrett Adelstein [Lars Liedtke, 23.01.22]
Dominik Nitsche Calls Pokercode’s Odin the Worst SIM He Has Ever Seen [Graham, 22.01.22]
WTF! Player flips over one of his opponent’s cards in a $4,400 pot [Petr Černý, 21.01.22]
Rob Yong Initiates Return of Legendary Late Night Poker TV Show [Graham, 20.01.22]
Legends Poker Room Security Guard Prevents Armed Robbery [Petr Černý, 20.01.22]
Biggest Bad Beat Jackpot Ever Worth $593,177 Awarded At GGPoker [Graham, 19.01.22]
Get $5 Free and join our exclusive $250 HighStakes Poker Freerolls! [Lars Liedtke, 19.01.22]
888poker gives away $1,000,000 in freerolls via its Ace the Slopes promotion! [Lars Liedtke, 18.01.22]
Players behind online poker RTA ads described as “scum” by Jaime Staples [Petr Černý, 18.01.22]
MTT Report – “Snakey” wins WSOPC Main Event for $665K, David Miscikowski Runner-Up [Lars Liedtke, 17.01.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Matt Berkey’s Sick All-In Bluff in a $288K Pot With Just Jack-High! [Lars Liedtke, 16.01.22]
WPT Signs Superstar DJ Steve Aoki as Latest Ambassador! [Graham, 15.01.22]
The 888poker XL Winter Series 2022 kicks off on Sunday [Lars Liedtke, 14.01.22]
Eric Molina and the biggest douchebags in poker [Petr Černý, 13.01.22]
Best Live Poker Tournaments 2022 [Lars Liedtke, 13.01.22]
Hustler Casino Live evacuated due to power outage [Petr Černý, 12.01.22]
Phil Hellmuth Takes on Tom Dwan in $400,000 High Stakes Duel Rematch [Lars Liedtke, 12.01.22]
Binance and CZ’s Crypto Fortune Began with a Poker Game! [Graham, 11.01.22]
MTT Report – Lev Gottlieb Banks Massive $416,751 Score, “probirs” Runner-Up [Lars Liedtke, 11.01.22]
Jungleman courts controversy with sexist lip filler comments [Petr Černý, 10.01.22]
Poker Hand of the Week – Tony G Bluffs Paul Phua of Trips with just Bottom Pair! [Lars Liedtke, 09.01.22]
Amanda Humiliates Daniel Negreanu by Asking for More Sex on Twitter [Lars Liedtke, 08.01.22]
PokerGo launches revolutionary Stairway to Millions tournament series [Lars Liedtke, 06.01.22]
Play for $500,000 at the partypoker KO Series Main Event from January 1 – 17 [Lars Liedtke, 06.01.22]
Charlie Carrel Loses Maskless Flight Prop Bet, Still Stuck at the Airport! [Graham, 05.01.22]
Brazilian online regs Seijistar1 and Selouan1991 cleared of collusion after 888poker investigation [Petr Černý, 05.01.22]
MTT Report – Niklas Astedt continues where he left off in 2021 [Lars Liedtke, 04.01.22]
Football Star Neymar Wins High Roller Event Ahead of Party in $3,400,000 Mansion [Graham, 04.01.22]
BREAKING NEWS: Doug Polk, Andrew Neeme & Brad Owen Team Up to Purchase Lodge Poker Room [Lars Liedtke, 04.01.22]
Daniel Negreanu offers Tim Reilly $10,000 to prove he is vaccinated against COVID-19 [Petr Černý, 03.01.22]