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6 Mistakes to Avoid in Spin and Go Tournaments

Spin & Go tournaments offer a thrilling poker experience. However, beginners often stumble into common pitfalls that can easily be avoided. In this poker strategy article, we’ll explore the top 6 mistakes and how to sidestep them for a more profitable game.

6 Mistakes to Avoid in Spin & Go Tournaments

1. Playing Correctly Preflop

A common mistake is misunderstanding preflop dynamics. Beginners often limp the button instead of raising, and fold too much from the small blind in heads-up play. Ideally, aim for a VPIP of 95-100% when playing from the HUSB, adjusting only for opponents with certain characterisitics such as those who are isolating aggressively and those who are donk betting post flop.

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Spin and Go Preflop Ranges

2. Over-Folding to Small C-Bets

New players often fold too readily to small continuation bets. In reality, you should be defending a wide range of hands, including pairs, gutshots, and good backdoor draws. Folding too much in these situations can quickly diminish your stack and give your opponent an easy win. Let´s give you a quick example:

What would you do?

Thought about folding? You’re not alone. I often see this mistake in 1-on-1 coaching—players fold too easily, especially against small-sized c-bets. Don’t fold hands like T❤️5❤️, J🔷2🔷, J❤️T🔷, or Q❤️9🔷 just yet. If you have backdoor potential or some showdown value, think twice before giving up.

3. Playing GTO Strategies vs Recreational Players

While GTO (Game Theory Optimal) strategies provide a solid foundation, they shouldn’t be applied rigidly, especially against recreational players. The key is to adapt your strategy to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses. Knowing how to adjust your play against different types of recreational players is crucial and will benefit you even at higher stakes.

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4. Making Huge Bluffs and Hero Calls vs Recreational Players

Beginners often try to make elaborate bluffs or hero calls against recreational players, which is a mistake. Instead, focus on high-frequency, small-pot bluffs. Fight for the pots that your opponent doesn’t seem interested in. Use cheap bluffing lines like Bet-Check-Bet (BXB) or Check-Bet-Bet (XBB) rather than trying to force a fold on a big hand.

5. Trying to Study Spin and Gos on Your Own

The journey to becoming a poker pro is seldom a solo endeavor. Take YouTuber Mr. Beast as an example. He and fellow aspiring YouTubers committed to daily strategy sessions for 1,000 days. They analyzed metrics and learned from each other’s mistakes. The result? Each gained over 1 million subscribers. The lesson? Surround yourself with like-minded individuals to accelerate your growth.

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6. Neglecting Rakeback Deals

One often-overlooked factor in Spin & Go profitability is your rakeback deal. Given the high rakes in 15BB formats like Flashes or Spin & Gold, securing a solid rakeback deal is crucial for maximizing your earnings. VIP Grinders stands out with industry-leading deals and excellent customer service. Team Bas Poker proudly partners with them, ensuring our community gets the best rakeback solutions to boost their profitability.

Spin & Go Mistakes Conclusion

Avoiding these common mistakes can significantly improve your Spin and Go performance. The key to long-term success is continuous learning and adaptation. And you don’t have to do it alone. At Team Bas Poker, we offer a variety of resources to accelerate your growth in the game.

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