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Exclusive $50,000 GG Leaderboard
Last Updated: 09:39 CET, 2nd Dec 2023
28 days left
Exclusive $50,000 GG Leaderboard
Exclusive $35,000 Leaderboard
Last Updated: 10:30 CET, 2nd Dec 2023
28 days left
Exclusive $35,000 Leaderboard
Exclusive $8,000 888poker Race
Last Updated: 09:23 CET, 2nd Dec 2023
28 days left
Exclusive $8,000 888poker Race
Exclusive RedStar Chase
Last Updated: 09:41 CET, 2nd Dec 2023
28 days left
Exclusive RedStar Chase
€20,000 Betfair Races December
Last Updated: 23:33 CET, 30th Nov 2023
28 days left
€20,000 Betfair Races December
€50,000 Twister Races December
Last Updated: 10:33 CET, 29th Sep 2023
28 days left
€50,000 Twister Races December
1Planiscig25140020x €50 Twister Ticket
20blepiha19557515x €50 Twister Ticket
3masl1na14900910x €50 Twister Ticket
4spinJediReturns1351998x €50 Twister Ticket
5Robthemblinds1227006x €50 Twister Ticket

The best Online Poker Rake Races 2023

What is a Rake Race?

Rake Races are online poker competitions between several players with the aim to rake the largest amount of money within a certain period of time.

Rake Races

Most of the time this period is a month. However there are also weekly or bi-weekly rake races.

Sometimes you find races, where you have to generate a certain amount of rake as quickly as possible e,g. the first player to rake $1,000 is the winner of the race.

Those races usually run at a specific online poker site, but there are also bigger rakes, which combine multiple online poker rooms.

They usually pay a preset number of places, mostly between 100 and 200 and the top 10 all take home a big chunk of money!

Exclusive VIP-Grinders Rake Races

VIP-Grinders.com offers the best rake races 2023. Every month we give away tens of thousands of Dollars in our private races!

Rake Races

Please Note: Access to our high-value rake races is exclusive to our players, so if you want to join make sure to SIGN UP HERE!

That means you are only competing against other VIP-Grinders players giving our rake races enormous value.

In order to say thank you and give back even more to our community, the prize pools will be increased as more players join the race.

So make sure to refer your friends and benefit from 3% lifetime commission.

In addition to that, VIP-Grinders.com offers the best rakeback deals on the internet and further high-value poker promotions such as rake chases and poker freerolls.

Please take a look at all our exclusive poker rake races above and choose the right one for your taste!

The Best Poker Rake Races

Many online poker sites offer races for their players. However, the best rake races can be found at poker affiliates such as VIP-Grinders.com as they offer bigger prize pools and more value.

Rake Races

There are different forms of this poker promotion ranging from weekly to monthly races to leaderboards divided by the stakes or tournament buy-ins you play.

The flagship poker promotion at VIP-Grinders.com is the Exclusive $30,000 Race, where a whopping $2,500 in cash are up for grabs every single month.

And the best thing is that the prizes of our private rake races are paid on top of your rakeback rewards, which means you can earn a lot of extra money by taking part.

How do I claim my Prize?

The prizes are usually credited directly to your poker account.

However, there are a few cases, where the money is sent to the payment method selected in your VIP-Grinders account such as your preferred e-wallet, Bitcoin, Tether (USDT) or bank wire.

If this is the case, it will be stated in the Terms & Conditions of the rake race.