Another Day, Another Shooting at Legends Poker Room
Lars Liedtke | 19.05.22 | Poker Gossip
Another shooting has taken place in the vicinity of the Legends Poker Room in Houston, Texas. This is only one of several similar incidents there in recent months.
Where Joe Ingram Has Been in the Last 10 months and What He Has Been Up to
Lars Liedtke | 19.05.22 | Poker Gossip
Joe Ingram has resurfaced in the poker world and appeared on the Doug Polk Podcast to give his opinion on how the poker world is changing, including the recent scandals.
Daniel Negreanu Sells His 2022 WSOP Action at No Markup
Lars Liedtke | 16.05.22 | Poker Gossip
Daniel Negreanu plans to spend an incredible $1,900,000 in buy-ins at the 2022 WSOP and sells a slice of his action to his fans at zero markup!
Natalie Hof Ramos: "I got almost raped working at EPT Monaco"
Lars Liedtke | 14.05.22 | Poker Gossip
Natalie Hof Ramos has reported that she was almost raped while working at the EPT Monte Carlo. Only one of several sexual harassment stories of women, who play poker that came out this week.
Doug Polk Trolls Bryn Kenney, Promises to Out Most Poker Cheaters Within the Next Year
Lars Liedtke | 11.05.22 | Poker Gossip
Doug Polk has trolled Bryn Kenney on Twitter with a Mother’s Day parody tweet offering to out all poker cheaters within the next year.
Randy Garcia calls out poker pro Maurice Hawkins again for failing to live up to a backing agreement
Petr Černý | 10.05.22 | Poker Gossip
Serial bad debtor Maurice Hawkins has been called out yet again for not repaying what he owes to Randy Garcia due to a backing agreement.
Treasure Trove of Text Messages Refute Bryn Kenney’s Cheating Denials
Lars Liedtke | 09.05.22 | Poker Gossip
Bryn Kenney’s denial of cheating accusations levelled at him were blown out of the water this week as multiple Telegram messages were revealed.
WSOP Circuit Ring Winner Moe Moeini Murdered in Mississippi Killing Spree
Lars Liedtke | 07.05.22 | Poker Gossip
WSOP Circuit Champion Moe has been murdered in a crazy kiling spree in the US state of Mississippi, where five people lost their lives.
Doug Polk to Play Jungleman at $200/$400 Heads-Up No Limit Hold
Lars Liedtke | 06.05.22 | Poker Gossip
Doug Polk and Dan “Jungleman” Cates have agreed to face off live at $200/$400 Heads-Up No-Limit at the Lodge on May 28th!
Chris Brewer Admits to GGPoker Ban but says RTA Not Involved
Lars Liedtke | 04.05.22 | Poker Gossip
High stakes reg Chris Brewer has publicly admitted to being banned by GGPoker, but insists he only used pre-flop charts instead of RTA.

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