Exclusive December Promotions

Nov 2018 Jan 2019
Exclusive RedKings Chase

Join our Exclusive RedKings Chase in December and win up to €2,000 extra cash, by playing your favorite RedKings games.

Exclusive Party & Bwin Chase
Pos Username Points Prize
1 valleydoll 15287.50 1500.00
2 krokozor 5029.97 400.00
3 as22theone 4158.13 400.00
4 Urban 3701.50 250.00
5 smartgojc 2823.61 250.00
Last Updated: 15:20 CET, 13th Dec 2018
Exclusive Betsson Chase
Rank Nickname Points
1 Kim Robin L 63859.78
2 Sami Kristopher D 53673.24
3 Anton S 49143.36
4 Ketlin V 42392.27
5 Agata K 40221.03
Last Updated:01:00 CET, 1st Jan 1970
Exclusive William Hill Chase

Join our Exclusive William Hill Chase today and win up to €2,500 in cash every month! The more points you earn, the bigger your cash prize will be. This chase has a set of milestones that, when reached, reward you with cash prizes. On average approximately 400 players reach the Milestones. The great thing about the William Hill chase is, that you can decide yourself how much you want to play!

How do Rake Chases work?

Rake Chases are poker promotions provided by poker affiliates to reward their members.
A rake chase is similar to a rake race with the major difference that the participating players do not compete against each other, but instead chase their own individual targets.
Rake Chases allow you to win money on top of your rakeback.
Rake chases are often beneficial for the players as they offer multiple targets that players can aim for.


To be precise there are several rake target levels and when you reach one of the targets within the set time frame you get the fixed amount of cash you were aiming for.
Within rake chase poker promotions you can see the amount of points you have at the moment and how many more you need to reach the next level at anytime.
Please note: While the Registration for the PartyBwin and Planetwin365 chase is automatic, you have to opt-in every month for the William Hill chase, if you want to participate!

Exclusive VIP-Grinders Rake Chases

Rake chases are not as common as rake races, but VIP-Grinders.com is offering not less than four private rake chases at PartypokerBwinPlanetwin365 and William Hill.
The latter is the biggest Bwin Rake Chase on the internet and offers massive extra value up to a staggering 15% rakeback on top of our already huge rewards!

More Poker Rake Chases

RedKings offers some of the most value-packed Rake Races on the internet.
All players, who sign up through us at RedKings can participate in our exclusive Microgaming Points Chase, where you can earn up to €2,000 on top of the already massive rewards!

How do I claim my Prize?

If you win a prize in and of the available Rake Chases, the money will be either payed out directly to your poker account or to one of your ewallets – Skrill or Neteller.