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Guts Poker Chase October
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Guts Poker Chase October
Party & Bwin Chase October
Last Updated: 10:24 CET, 3rd Oct 2023
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Party & Bwin Chase October
Betsson,Betsafe,Nordicbet Chase
Last Updated: 18:33 CET, 3rd Oct 2023
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Betsson,Betsafe,Nordicbet Chase

What is a Rake Chase?

Rake chases are poker promotions which are incentives for players to rake more and reward them generously for that.

Rake Chases

In contrary to a rake race, you don’t compete against other players , but instead chase your own individual targets.

In order to hit the points targets you need to play a certain amount of poker hands or tournaments for real money.

As soon as you hit the points requirement, you have secured yourself the amount of money, which was preset for the respective level.

You can see the exact requirements and payouts in the table of the chase. They are varying from site to site, but on average equal 10%-15% rakeback, which is paid on top of your rewards.

That means, Rake Chases allow you to win extra money on top of your rakeback! They are often beneficial for the players as they offer multiple targets you can aim for.

Within the rake chase promotion itself, you can see the number of points you have at the moment and how many more you need to reach the next level at any time.

Why should I enter a Rake Chase?

First of all rake chases are completely FOR FREE. Secondly, they have the power to significantly increase your rakeback percentage as the prizes are paid out in cash on top of the rakeback deal rewards.

Rake chases can make the difference and be the decisive factor, when it comes to the overall profit you are making from an online poker site.

That being said, they have the potential to turn a break-even player into a winning player.

Exclusive VIP-Grinders Poker Rake Chases

VIP-Grinders.com offers the best rake chases 2023. We run chases for several of the leading online poker sites.

Rake Chases

That means, if you sign up through us at the respective room, you create yourself the opportunity to earn massive extra cash on top of your rakeback!

While other poker affiliates offer rake chases with a maximum return of 10%, VIP-Grinders.com gives you the chance to earn up to a whopping 18% rakeback gross extra

If you win a prize in and of the our chases, the money will be either paid out directly to your poker account or to via the payment method that you have selected in your VIP-Grinders account.