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WSOP Ontario Review

WSOP Ontario, also known as WSOP.ca, has launched exclusively in Ontario, Canada in October 2022.

It is the first ever joint venture between the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and the infamous GGNetwork, which is the biggest online poker site in the world.

Both the WSOP and GG are renowned for their fantastic poker tournament schedule giving Ontarians the chance to play for massive prize pools and the prestigious WSOP Bracelets at the same time.

That means WSOP.ca combines the best of both worlds or in this case the best of those two amazing poker brands offering a wide choice of tournaments and cash games.

On top of that, WSOP Ontario offers great poker promotions including very generous and limited time Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $777.

And as if this would not be enough, you can get a staggering up to 70% WSOP Ontario rakeback through their Fish Buffet!

WSOP Ontario is powered by GGPoker, which means it uses its award-winning software including Smart HUD, All-In Insurance and Smart Betting.

The GGPoker software is very safe and highly optimized for mobile poker making the WSOP Ontario app one of the best ones in the game. It makes playing online poker from everywhere a pleasure anytime, anywhere.

These are just some of the reasons, why we have ranked WSOP.ca as the Number 1 online poker site in Ontario.

All the other ones you can find in the most comprehensive WSOP Ontario Review 2023 below written by online poker experts.


The GGNetwork was initially launched in Asia in 2014 and was focused on Chinese and Southeast Asian operators. In the following year, more and more European and Canadian-facing skins joined their network. This process caused many new European and Canadian players to join the action.

The GGNetwork itself is trying to attract as many players as possible to their sites. They are continually adding new promotions and competitions for their players. Their skins such as GGPoker benefit from that and can provide their player pool with new exciting promotions regularly.

Since GGPoker is trying to attract new and recreational players, you can have a good time at the tables. Playing at GGPoker is not only worth it because of the sheer amount of promotions, but you will also play against rather weak players.

In addition to that, GGPoker removed the option to save hand histories rendering tracking software such as PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager useless. Even though keeping track of your results is more complicated, playing against Asian fish will make up for it.

The GGNetwork also provides players with several innovative features you won’t find anywhere else. The PokerCraft tool lets you improve your game and compensates for the lack of third-party programs.

Moreover, you can also join their fast-paced All-In or Fold and Rush & Cash Fast-Fold poker games. There are lots of tables and tournaments running throughout the day. The GGNetwork has a growing player pool, and their ongoing promotions make their cash games and tournaments even more appealing.

By joining our fanastic GGPoker Rakeback deal, you choose from two exclusive welcome bonus offers and earn up to 60% rakeback on top of that.

Please read our in-depth GGPoker Review below and check out our fantastic GGPoker Rakeback Deal.


Our team of professional online poker players and poker experts has been spending a lot of time testing WSOP.ca in order to be able to come up with the most honest WSOP Ontario Review 2022.

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has been running online poker sites in the US, more precisely in Nevada, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania for a while.

Goal of the WSOP is to grow their online poker business well beyond the boarders of the United States and WSOP Ontario is a great first step in doing so.

Since Ontario is a regulated poker market, players residing in Ontario will be separated from the global player pool, while the rest of Canada remains part of it.

This is the reason, why WSOP Ontario is having very soft games and a significantly softer player pool with much less professional poker players.

In addition to that, players in Ontario are from now on enjoying the beauty of playing in a fully-licensed, legal and much safer online poker environment as the poker site will be closely monitored by the gaming authorities.

The Texas Hold’em section features a fantastic selection of limits and formats, so there is something for every taste and bankroll. Same goes for the Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) area.

WSOP Ontario offers 6-Max, and full ring tables with games running exclusively in Canadian Dollars.


Opening an account at WSOP.ca takes only a few minutes. We have created a step-by-step WSOP Ontario Sign Up guide that will make it even easier and help you get your $700 Bonus OR $100 Tickets in just a couple of moments.


Please delete cookies (important) and then CLICK HERE to start the WSOP Ontario registration process.

Once you have been redirected to the WSOP.ca website, please click on the red “Sign Up” button in the top right corner and the below window will pop up:

WSOP Ontario Sign Up

There you enter your email address, password and our bonus code VIPGRINDERSCA in order to be able to benefit from the very generous Welcome Bonus of 100% up to $700 and up to 70% WSOP Ontario Rakeback.


Please make sure to use our WSOP Ontario bonus code VIPGRINDERSCA when signing up, in order to make sure that the huge $777 Welcome Bonus plus the $10.50 Free Mini MILLION$ Ticket is credited to your account and that you will receive a massive 70% rakeback.


The minimum deposit at WSOP Ontario is $10. If you want to make a deposit, please click on “Cashier” in the lobby and then on deposit. The below pop up will open:

GGPoker Review

Now you have to choose your preferred poker payment method from a wide variety of options such as VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard and Astropay.

We highly recommend Luxon Pay as it gives you worldwide free deposits and withdrawals and awesome VIP benefits.

Once you’ve entered poker bonus code VIPGRINDERSCA and made your deposit the WSOP Ontario First Deposit Bonus of 100% up to $700 will be automatically credited to your poker account.


Please make sure to submit your WSOP.ca nickname & registered email in order to participate in our VIP-Grinders promotions.

To ensure that you get access to our exclusive WSOP Ontario rakeback deal and promotions, you have to submit your username below. Further detailed instructions can be seen in the below screenshot.


WSOP Ontario Review

Ontario Players who have a GGPoker Account

Since GGPoker has received an Ontario license and partnered up with WSOP to create WSOP Ontario, GGPoker is leaving the province.

That means that all poker players residing in Ontario, who have a GGPoker account will automatically be transitioned to the WSOP Ontario platform.

This is an automated process. All you have to do is to log into your existing account and follow the steps in order to have your account moved to the new platform.


Please wait until your tracking is confirmed to ensure that you receive WSOP Ontario rakeback and the huge $700 Welcome Bonus straight away, when starting to play online poker for real money at WSOP Ontario.

When it comes to the WSOP Ontario Login simply double click on the WSOP.ca icon on your desktop and the poker client will open.

GGPoker Login

You will be then asked to put in either your Username or your email address and your password. Once done, click on the red “Login” button to open the poker lobby opens and select your favourite games from there.


WSOP Ontario offers fantastic promotions including a massive 100% up to $777 welcome bonus and an incredible 60% WSOP Ontario rakeback.

Last but not least, you participate in 16 different promotions that feature many prizes.


GGPoker has recently added two different welcome bonus offers for their new players.

Upon signing up with WSOP ONTARIO you can choose between a 100% up to $777 first deposit bonus or $100 in rewards. With an additional refer a friend bonus coming soon!

WSOP Ontario Review

Simply create an account, deposit $10 or more, and choose between these two amazing welcome bonus offers.

  • A 100% first deposit bonus up to $777
  • Up to $100 in cash + free tickets


WSOP.ca offers new players a 100% match bonus on their first deposit. The maximum bonus amount you can claim by making use of this bonus is a whopping $777.

WSOP Ontario Review

WSOP Ontario will match your deposit dollar-for-dollar up to a maximum of $777.

$1 in cash will be released for every $5 paid in either rake or tournament fees. And the best thing is, with 90 days you will have more than enough time to clear the full bonus amount.


Alternatively, you can receive $100 in free rewards after signing up at WSOP Ontario.

WSOP.ca will give you $50 in free tickets over the first six days, no strings attached!

WSOP Ontario Review

To get an additional $50 in rewards, all you have to do is to play Spin & Gold for real money on each of the six days.

If you hit the daily targets, you will get $35 in T$ (Tournament Dollars). Hit all six daily targets and you get the remaining T$15!

Get a $10.50 Mini MILLION$ Ticket FOR FREE!

We are running a special and fanatstic promotion for the Mini Million$! Sign up through us now and make your first deposit until midnight on the 16th of October and you will get a $10.50 ticket for the $1,000,000 GTD Mystery Bounty FOR FREE!

Over $5,000,000 GTD at the Mini MILLIONS – The biggest low buy-in tournament series ever

The tickets will be credited automatically to your poker account within 72 hours after signing up and depositing.


All players signing up through us at WSOP Ontario will automatically enter the Fish Buffet and get the chance to earn up to a staggering 70% rakeback!

WSOP Ontario Review

All you have to do is to play any real money poker game to collect Fish Buffet Points (FP) and then climb up the ranks to unlock bigger rewards and more rakeback!

Below you can find an overview of the WSOP Ontario Fish Buffet Rewards:

WSOP Ontario Review

After you have hit the required amount of FP within the time limit, you will ascend to the next level. Then you will get a chance to spin the wheel, where you will get rewarded with cash bonuses. The higher your rank, the more money you get.

However, if you fail earn the required points, you will get the equivalent of 10% FB return for the points you have collected. You will also descend to your previous rank.

Below you can find the probabilities of the reward wheels:

GG Network is changing its Fish Buffet Rakeback Program on September 9th


In the graphic below you can see how many FPs you need to maintain your Platinum Rank as well as to ascend to a higher one:

GGPoker Review Fish Buffet Platinum Rank

Note: If you fail to earn the required points within a year, you will descend to the lower platinum rank.


At WSOP Ontario, you can always switch to a lower Platinum Rank that will provide you with weekly cashback.

Platinum Ranks at WSOP.ca receive a fixed cashback every week without any spins and time limits.

These Platinum ranks are maintained for a year and require certain points for renewal.

WSOP Ontario allows you switch to a Platinum Rank of a lower level:

  • All Octopus, Crab, Shrimps can switch to Platinum Fish

  • All Whales can switch to Platinum Octopus

  • All Sharks can switch to Platinum Whale

If you want to become a Platinum Shark, you need to clear Diamond Shark first to receive this status.

You will keep your Platinum status for one year once you have switched to a Platinum Rank. On top of that, your points will be carried over automatically and you will receive random rewards for any remaining wheels straight away.

If you want to switch back to the regular Fish Buffet, you can do this by simply switching at any time.


Texas Hold’em Rake

The below table provides a detailed overview of the WSOP Ontario rake structure for No-Limit Texas Hold’em. It is divided into four different stakes: low, middle, high stakes and VIP games.

GGCare GGPoker Review

Pot-Limit Omaha Rake

The smallest Pot-Limit Omaha tables are PLO $0.01/$0.02 and they go all the way up to PLO $10/$20.

Pot-Limit Omaha is becoming increasingly popular online, which means you will always find action 24/7.

Regarding PLO rake, the following rules apply: If there is a flop, then you have to pay rake. Preflop 3-bet pots are raked as well. The only exception, where you don’t have to pay rake are single-raised pots, where everybody folds.

StakesBlindsBuy-insRake (%)Rake Cap
High$10 / $20$200 ~ $20005%1.5 BB
$5 / $10$100 ~ $10005%1.5 BB
$2 / $5$50 ~ $5005%1.5 BB
Middle$1 / $2$20 ~ $2005%2 BB
$0.5 / $1$10 ~ $1005%2 BB
$0.25 / $0.5$5 ~ $505%2 BB
Low$0.1 / $0.25$2.5 ~ $255%3 BB
$0.05 / $0.1$1 ~ $105%3 BB
$0.02 / $0.05$0.5 ~ $55%3 BB
$0.01 / $0.02$0.2 ~ $25%3 BB


Table NameBlinds (Ante)Buy-insRake (%)Rake Cap
VO Ante$500 / $1,000 ($200)$100,000 ~ $200,0005%1 BB
VO Straddle$200 / $400 ($200)$80,000 ~ $200,0005%1 BB
VO Deep$200 / $400$20,000 ~ $80,0005%1 BB
VO Ante$200 / $400 ($100)$16,000 ~ $80,0005%1 BB
VO Standard$200 / $400$8,000 ~ $40,0005%1 BB
VO Deep$100 / $200$10,000 ~ $40,0005%1 BB
VO Ante$100 / $200 ($50)$8,000 ~ $40,0005%1 BB
VO Standard$100 / $200$4,000 ~ $20,0005%1 BB
VO Deep$50 / $100$5,000 ~ $20,0005%1 BB
VO Ante$50 / $100 ($25)$4,000 ~ $20,0005%1 BB
VO Standard$50 / $100$2,000 ~ $10,0005%1 BB
VO Deep$25 / $50$2,500 ~ $10,0005%1 BB
VO Ante$25 / $50 ($10)$2,000 ~ $10,0005%1 BB
VO Standard$25 / $50$1,000 ~ $5,0005%1 BB

Short Deck Rake

Short Deck Poker, also calles Six Plus Hold’em is becoming more and more popular.

At high stakes cash games, it is already the cash game of choice as it is an absolute action game.

At the WSOP Ontario Short Deck tables you have to pay rake, when the pot amount is more than “(2 BTB) + (ante) x (Dealt Players count).

StakesAnte / Button BlindBuy-insRake %Rake Cap
VIP$500$25,000 – $50,0005%0.3 BB
$300$15,000 – $30,0000.33 BB
$200$10,000 – $20,0000.4 BB
$100$5,000 – $10,0000.6 BB
$50$2,500 – $5,0001 BB
High$10$500 – $1,0005%1.5 BB
$5$250 – $500
$2$100 – $250
Middle$1$50 – $1005%2 BB
$0.50$25 – $50
$0.25$12.50 – $25
Low$0.10$5 – $105%3 BB
$0.05$2.50 – $5
$0.02$1 – $2


Maple Rewards

Every single month WSOP.ca gives away huge amounts of money exclusively to Ontario players via their Maple Rewards promotions.

WSOP Ontario Review

Join the action now to secure your share of the cake and for the chance to win huge extra cash!

$8,888,888 Bad Beat Jackpot

WSOP Ontario has recently increased the number of hands that qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot. That means, you have a bigger chance than ever before of hitting the massive Jackpot!

WSOP Ontario Review

Bad Beat Jackpot Trigger:

To qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot, the following conditions apply:

  1. The poker hand must go to showdown.
  2. Both winner and loser must use both hole cards (two hole cards for PLO) to make the best 5 card hand.
  3. Pocket pairs are required for four of a kind.

Alternative GGNetwork Deals & Poker Rooms

WSOP Ontario is a great choice to play online poker. However, since it is only available for players residing in Ontario,here are the alternative GGNetwork rakeback deals for players outside of Ontario:;

$1000 Bonus
$100 Tickets
60% RB | Freerolls
New Customers Only | 18+ | T&C Apply
Upon making your first deposit on Natural8, you can choose between a 200% up to $1000 first deposit bonus OR $100 in instant bonuses. You will also get up to 60% rakeback via the Fish Buffet, our private freerolls, races and various other Natural8 promotions.
$1000 Bonus
$100 Tickets
$1000 Bonus | 60% RB | $85k Races
New Customers Only | 18+ | T&C Apply
Upon making your first deposit on BetKings, you can choose between a 200% up to $1000 first deposit bonus OR $100 in instant bonuses. You will also get up to 60% rakeback via the Fish Buffet, our private freerolls, races and various other BetKings promotions.
$2000 Bonus
$300 Rewards
$2000 Bonus | 60% RB | $85k Races
New Customers Only | 18+ | T&C Apply
Upon making your first deposit on Olybet Poker, you will get a $2000 deposit bonus and up to 60% rakeback via the Fish Buffet, our private races and various other Olybet promotions.

Company Information

Company Name:NSUS Interactive
License:Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (“AGCO”)
Skrill Loyalty:Yes
P2P Option:No

eligible Countries

  • Canada

WSOP Support Details

Live Chat:Yes

Software Compatibility

WSOP Games & limits

Average Total Players:n/a
Average Cash Players:n/a
HEM/PT Compatibility:Yes
Rake Structure:5%

Featured Rakeback Deals

WSOP Ontario Review Traffic & Games 

The GGNetwork originally started to focus on the Asian poker market. This changed pretty quickly, when people from around the world discovered the great action, soft games and amazing software.

The aim of WSOP Ontario is to create a fun online poker experience for everyone. They are doing this by offering great WSOP Ontario rakeback, high-value poker promotions and a great poker tournament schedule.

On top of that, there is a great variety of poker games, formats and poker tournaments to choose from.

WSOP Ontario is constantly adding new inovative and exciting poker games such as Spin & Gold or Rush & Cash.

In the below WSOP Ontario Review 2022 we will take an in-depth and honest look at their software, games and explain how to benefit from the best WSOP Ontario rakeback deal and poker bonus.

WSOP Ontario Review is part of the infamous GGNetwork

The GGNetwork is the fastest-growing online poker site in the world. Players from all around the world are playing online poker at this revolutionary poker network.

Consequently, the traffic of the GGNetwork is constantly on the rise and they are the first ones in the last 15 years to overtake PokerStars as the biggest online poker site in the world.

However, Ontario is a regulated market, so only poker players born or residing in Ontario are able to play at WSOP.ca resulting in lower traffic and tournament prize pools.

WSOP Ontario Review Table Currency

Games and poker accounts at WSOP Ontario exclusively run in Canadian Dollars.

WSOP Ontario Review Cash Games

WSOP Ontario offers a wide variety of cash games and poker formats.

Limits are starting at $0.01/$0.02 and go up until $5.00/$10.00.

No-Limit Texas Holdem at WSOP Ontario 

They are calling  Texas Hold’em the Cadillac of Poker for a good reason as it is by far the most popular poker game in the world.

And this is no diffrent at WSOP Ontario with a big chunk of the traffic can be found at the No-Limit Hold’em tables.

Pot-Limit Omaha at WSOP Ontario

WSOP Ontario is a great choice if you enjoy playing Omaha. WSOP.ca features all limits from micro stakes all the way up to the Nosebleeds.

Most of the traffic is at the smaller limits though from PLO10 and PLO100, but you can always find some high stakes tables as well.

WSOP Ontario Rush & Cash 

WSOP Ontario has its own Fast-Fold poker client- It offers fast and furious cash game action and the opportunity to play much more hands than on normal tables as you get a new hand once you click the “Quick Fold” button.

Below is an in-depth overview of all WSOP Ontario Rush & Cash tables and their rake:

StakeTable NameSBBBAnteGame(s)Min Buy-InMax Buy-InMax PlayersRake %Rake Cap
Middle$1$2NLH / PLO$100$20065%$6
$0.5$1NLH / PLO$50$10065%$3
$0.25$0.50NLH / PLO$25$5065%$1.50
$0.10$0.25NLH / PLO$12$2565%$0.75
Low$0.05$0.10NLH / PLO$5$1065%$0.30
$0.02$0.05NLH / PLO$2$565%$0.15
$0.01$0.02NLH / PLO$1$265%$0.06

WSOP Ontario All-In or Fold

The All-in or Fold poker format is a poker format, where players only have two options: Either you fold or go all-in.

The buy-in cap is eight big blinds for Texas Hold’em and six big blinds for Pot-Limit Omaha.

WSOP Ontario Tournament Schedule

WSOP Ontario is part of the infamous GGNetwork, which is the biggest online poker site in the world . That’s why WSOP.ca offers huge guaranteed prize pools and due to being a regulated market some of the softest player fields online.

Daily Poker Tournaments

WSOP Ontario’s daily poker tournaments boast massive guarantees. The Bounty Hunter PKO tournaments are among the most popular as you can earn massive bounties on top of the normal prize pool for knocking out your opponents.

WSOP Ontario Review

Sunday High Rollers Poker Tournaments 

WSOP Ontario is raising the stakes by running a special High Roller tournament series.

Those high stakes events feature the biggest guarantees in the beautiful Canadian state of Ontario.

WSOP Ontario Tournaments

WSOP Ontario is one of the best online poker sites for Ontarians. Poker tournaments are running around the clock with most of them having attractive, guaranteed prize pools.

On top of that, WSOP Ontario is home to the WSOP Online Circuit Series, which features a massive $2,500,000 prize pool!

WSOP.CA Powered by GGPoker Launches in Ontario With WSOP Online Circuit Series

Here is the list of all permanent WSOP Ontario tournaments:

  • Bounty Hunters
  • Daily Guarantees
  • High Rollers
  • Omaholic
  • T$ Builder

WSOP Ontario Staking Feature

Another very interesting feature for all tournament players is the staking section. It not only gives you the option to sell your own action, but also to buy pieces of GGPoker ambassadores and world-class players such as Daniel Negreanu and Fedor Holz.

GGPoker Review GGPoker Staking

At the same time it is offering the option to sell your own action and to reduce the high variance in online tournaments. By charging a markup, you can also get staked, which means you can play much higher stakes than the bankroll management would allow.

All you have to do is to select how many percent of your action you want to sell at what markup. The staking feature is available in every tournament lobby on the left hand side under the Staking tab.

WSOP Ontario Freerolls

There are no private VIP-Grinders poker freerolls for WSOP Ontario yet, but please make sure to watch this space and check back here regularly as we will add the poker freeroll schedule here once available.

WSOP Ontario Review Software

We already briefly mentioned that WSOP Ontario is using one of the best and mosz modern poker software clients in the game, which countless unique feautures and customization options.

WSOP Ontario Review Poker Client

The WSOP Ontario poker client is very clean and easy to navigate. You can set up your own and customized betting shortcuts and auto rebuys. In addition to that, you can also easily and quickly change the design of the tables.

WSOP Ontario Review

The WSOP.ca software also has a staking feature that allows you to buy or sell action in any available tournament.

WSOP Ontario Review Poker Lobby

In addition to the game tabs dividing Tournaments, Rush & Cash, All-In or Fold, Hold’em, and Omaha games, you can choose between a table and group view. You can also sort tournaments according to their format.

WSOP Ontario Review

Smart HUD

Smart HUD is WSOP Ontario’s answer to Heads-Up Displays (HUDs.) Keep track of your opponents, analyze the history of your encounters and check their playing style.

WSOP Ontario Review

Smart HUD is completely free of charge for all WSOP.ca users. This feature adds to the great game of poker, while helping to level the field.

Further WSOP Ontaris Software Features

The WSOP.ca software is the most complex poker software un the world. It has numerous fantastic and unique features no other poker client in the world has to offer, such as:

  • PokerCraft Tracker
  • Smart HUD Heads-Up Display
  • SnapCam
  • Integrated staking

WSOP Ontario Review Cash Games Multi Table Capacity

The WSOP Ontario software does not limit the number of Cash Game tables you can open. Make sure not to open more tables than your device can manage.

WSOP Ontario Review MTT & SNG Multi Table Capacity

Just like with Cash Games, there is no limit to how many MTT tables you can play on at any given moment.

WSOP Ontario Review Poker Tracking Software and HUD 

WSOP Ontario offers its hand history and poker analysis tool called PokerCraft. It provides you with in-depth information about the hands and sessions you have played.

Even though poker tracking software and HUDs like Hold’em Manager or Poker Tracker are not allowed, you will be able to analyze your game.

WSOP Ontario Review Rake Structure 

WSOP Ontario has the best rake structure in the online poker industry. See an in-depth rake overview below.

Texas Hold’Em Rake at WSOP Ontario:

BlindsBuy-inRake Per PotRake Cap
$0.05 / $0.10$1 ~ $10$0.01 for each $0.20 in pot$1
$0.10 / $0.25$3 ~ $25$0.01 for each $0.20 in pot$2
$0.25 / $0.50$10 ~ $50$0.05 for each $1 in pot$4
$0.50 / $1$20 ~ $100$0.10 for each $2 in pot$5
$1 / $2$40 ~ $200$0.20 for each $4 in pot$6
$2 / $4$100 ~ $400$0.40 for each $8 in pot$8
$5 / $10$300 ~ No Max$2 for each $40 in pot$10
$25 / $50$1000 ~ No Max5%$10

Omaha Rake at WSOP Ontario:

BlindsBuy-inRake Per Pot (%)
$0.05 / $0.10$1 ~ $103%
$0.10 / $0.25$2.50 ~ $253%
$0.25 / $0.50$5 ~ $503%
$0.50 / $1$10 ~ $1003%
$1 / $2$20 ~ $2003%
$2 / $4$40 ~ $4003%
$3 / $6$100 ~ $1,0003%
$5 / $10$200 ~ $2,0003%
$25 / $50$1,000 ~ No Max3%

Note: Any pot amounts below 2.5 BB are not subject to Rake charges

WSOP Ontario Tournament Fees

All poker tournaments at WSOP Ontario have a 5% tournament fee.

WSOP Ontario Review Conclusion

WSOP Ontario is an excellent choice for both recreational and professional poker players. The GGNetwork offers players a great environment, rewards, and lots of games to choose from. The software and games are aimed at new players who want to have fun at the poker tables.

However, grinders will also get their fair share of the action as GGNetwork is the biggest online poker site in the world and boasts huge traffic in both cash games and tournaments.

WSOP Ontario offers the best tournament schedule in the poker industry, full of huge daily and weekly guarantees.

When you sign up for our  Rakeback Deal, you will also benefit from massive private promotions such as a $50,000 rake race and four private freerolls per month, which rewards come on top of the normal WSOP Ontario rakeback.