Exclusive Betsson Chase
Rank Username Points
1 Erik v 72474.44
2 Eric N 63270.85
3 Ketlin V 60443.48
4 Martin S 57046.40
5 Dwayne S 43212.88
Exclusive $10,000 Titan Poker Race
Join our Exclusive $10,000 Titan Poker Race and reward yourself with up to $1,700 per month!
6 days left
Exclusive PCF Chase
Pos Username Points Prize
1 spacegravy 3470.44 200.00
2 tothcs 3100.00 200.00
3 castor11 2215.50 125.00
4 Napoleon 1286.66 60.00
5 tamasballai 991.60 25.00
Last Updated:12:24 CET, 21st Jun 2019
Exclusive Guts Poker Chase
Pos Username Points Prize
1 3594157 5503.06 300.00
2 CrPl313 2057.44 125.00
3 xraywod 1831.00 60.00
4 Waii5665 1707.90 60.00
5 as22theone 1494.98 60.00
Last Updated:13:36 CET, 24th Jun 2019
VIP-Grinders Online Poker Challenge Season 1
Pos Username Points Prize
1 art213 186.00 12000.00
2 luckybroo1 166.00 1500.00
3 Wotofo16 156.00 1500.00
4 Szapintosz 142.00 100.00
5 PapAAiLeBaUM 140.00 100.00
Last Updated:16:32 CET, 18th Jun 2019
Exclusive €2,500 Unibet Race
Pos Username Points Prize
1 mipeti 892.98 650.00
2 DiamondMaker 888.42 450.00
3 gpeti11 868.94 350.00
4 stu_thekid 811.38 250.00
5 andi220166 713.76 200.00
Last Updated:13:46 CET, 24th Jun 2019
Exclusive Intertops & JuicyStakes Chase
Pos Username Points Prize
1 Fidi 10606.92 200.00
2 darklol88 6826.14 120.00
3 Mamit74 5956.46 80.00
4 SuryaYogi 5426.42 80.00
5 krumplibogar 5141.68 80.00
Last Updated:13:20 CET, 24th Jun 2019
Exclusive €20,000 Betfair Rake Race
Join our Exclusive €20,000 Betfair Rake Race and reward yourself with up to €2,000 for the top performing player, so fasten your seats and get ready for the grind!
$17,500 Exclusive Race
Pos Username Points Prize
1 justonetime123 61273.44 2250.00
2 vergitsis3 31511.36 1500.00
3 miha123 25308.42 1200.00
4 bonjourrrr 21813.66 1000.00
5 459VIP 14373.00 800.00
Last Updated:14:11 CET, 24th Jun 2019
Exclusive Party & Bwin Chase
Pos Username Points Prize
1 smartgojc 9792.66 400.00
2 enote1200 7586.96 250.00
3 shinny19 6018.44 250.00
4 Gabruchi 5624.62 250.00
5 Petro 5616.00 250.00
Last Updated:15:18 CET, 24th Jun 2019
€50,000 Twister Races
There is plenty of value to be won for our Twister players in our €50,000 Twister Races! Sign-up with Betfair or William Hill and secure yourself the best deal for iPoker.
€10,000 Exclusive Betfair Micro Cash Races
This is a great opportunity for our micro cash game players to cash-in big time! Our €10,000 Micro Cash Races are split into 2x €5,000 bi-monthly Races and run 1st - 15h and 16th - until end of the month. Only stakes up to NL/PLO20 are included giving our smaller players are great chance to build their bankroll!
€5,000 Exclusive Betfair Micro Twister Races
Join our €5,000 Micro Twister Races on Betfair and earn up to €800 per month. Only Twister games up to €10 buy-ins are included in our bi-monthly 2x €2,500 Micro Twister Races giving our smaller players plenty of value!
5 days left
$100,000 GG MTT Race
$100,000 is given out every month to top 100 tournament players on Betkings, Bestpoker and Natural8! Accumulate Leaderboard points to collect your share of the prize.
€250 Exclusive Betfair Loyalty Freerolls
We are running weekly €250 Exclusive Loyalty Freerolls on Betfair every Sunday at 06.00 PM CET. All qualified players receive a token to enter our freerolls. New players signing-up and existing players who raked €10 in previous months are eligible. Make sure to to take advantage of this offer and grab your free monies!
6 months 9 days 1 hour left
$4,000 Intertops & Juicystakes Weekly Races
Both Intertops and JuicyStakes are US friendly and offering soft cash games and MTT/SNGs. Our $4,000 weekly races are running from 1st to 7th, 8th to 14th, 15th to 21st and 22nd to 28th of every month. Top 100 places are paid with $430 going to the top performing player each week!
Private Freerolls June
We are giving away more than $5,000 in private and exclusive freerolls every month to reward both new players joining as well as existing players. This is a great offer for beginners and we encourage you to make use of it to build your bankroll! Make sure to take advantage of those free monies and check out the schedule for updates.
6 months 9 days 1 hour left
VIP-Grinders Live Sponsorship
You are an ambitious poker player and looking for a sponsorship deal? You came to the right place! We have been sponsoring hundreds of players during last couple of years and we are happy to hook you up with a good deal. Please make sure to apply at least 4 weeks before the event starts!

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We are running fantastic poker promotions and 26 poker freerolls on 10 different networks with a staggering prize pool of $6,000 every month!

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Main goal of the Online Poker Sites is to attract new players and that can be done best by offering great poker promotions such as bonuses and special offers.

That means you not only have a lot of online poker rooms, but also loads of poker bonuses to choose from.

What is a Poker Bonus?

When you make a deposit at an online poker site, it gives you a certain percentage of your deposit usually 100% up to a fixed amount as a poker bonus on top. This poker bonus is called First Deposit Bonus and is basically free poker money to play with.

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