Betsson, Betsafe and Nordicbet Chase
Rank Username Points
1 José Juan M 36158.50
2 Mart G 27678.57
3 Erik v 25832.91
4 Dwayne S 24319.42
5 angel r 15545.09
Exclusive $10,000 Titan & Winner Race
Rank Username Points
1 tictacc 6013.99
3 Seoopk 3005.15
4 T0paZzz 2930.30
5 LIMPOROST 2907.01
Exclusive $50,000 Party & Bwin Race
Pos Username Points Prize
1 Vodka8Bears 68840.00 4000.00
2 EnterGodMode 36020.00 3000.00
3 DonFizzer 35130.00 2250.00
4 Mogyi64 27319.14 1750.00
5 bud_rell 26672.08 1500.00
Last Updated:14:02 CET, 20th Oct 2020
11 days 1 hour left
Exclusive GG Chase October
Pos Username Points Prize
1 bonjourrrr 36794.00 4500.00
2 Merikaleksi 24960.00 2000.00
3 soulsnotfaces 8017.00 1125.00
4 Nabbo77 7048.00 975.00
5 as22theone 5397.00 625.00
Last Updated:14:05 CET, 20th Oct 2020
11 days 1 hour left
$30,000 Exclusive Race October
Pos Username Points Prize
1 Cryptoboy 89478.90 3000.00
2 bonjourrrr 84291.63 2250.00
3 Kraken_cbs 83684.16 1750.00
4 580075469752 73570.29 1500.00
5 AntBee 48268.74 1250.00
Last Updated:14:13 CET, 20th Oct 2020
Exclusive €30,000 Betfair Races October
Sign up with us and get to join our exclusive high-value €30,000 Betfair Races that will let you earn €10,000 in cash prizes and €5,000 in Twister Tickets! You will win prizes from these races on top of the enormous rakeback and poker bonuses.
11 days 1 hour left
Exclusive Guts Poker Chase
Pos Username Points Prize
1 Grem 10794.00 500.00
2 Nagibator441 5283.00 250.00
3 djinglee 2781.00 125.00
4 3652704 2709.00 125.00
5 3betosaurus 2575.00 125.00
Last Updated:14:25 CET, 19th Oct 2020
Exclusive Party & Bwin Chase October
Pos Username Points Prize
1 Ryang93 10241.00 550.00
2 razmarmax007 6966.00 325.00
3 enote1200 3474.00 180.00
4 Gabruchi 2362.00 75.00
5 dragunov1972 2079.00 75.00
Last Updated:14:02 CET, 20th Oct 2020
Intertops & JuicyStakes Chase October
Pos Username Points Prize
1 darklol88 9547.00 160.00
2 Fidi 8839.00 160.00
3 sillyfoxy 7777.00 120.00
4 stvs30 5023.00 80.00
5 HungryATM 4884.00 80.00
Last Updated:13:41 CET, 20th Oct 2020
€250 Exclusive Betfair Loyalty Freerolls
Our weekly €250 Exclusive Loyalty Freerolls on Betfair run every Sunday at 6 PM CET! All qualified players receive a token to enter our freerolls. Both, new players and existing players who raked €10 in previous months are eligible to join. Benefit from this exclusive offer and grab your free monies!
11 days 1 hour left
€50,000 Twister Races October
There are €50,000 waiting for you in our Twister Races! Sign-up with Betfair, William Hill, Guts Poker, BestPoker, Betsson, Betsafe, NordicBet and Red Star Poker and benefit from the best iPoker deal!
2 months 12 days 1 hour left
$4,000 Intertops & Juicystakes Weekly Races
Both Intertops and JuicyStakes are US friendly and offering soft cash games and MTT/SNGs. Our $4,000 weekly races are running from 1st to 7th, 8th to 14th, 15th to 21st and 22nd to 28th of every month. Top 100 places are paid with $430 going to the top performing player each week!
Exclusive $4.000+ Private Freerolls
We are giving away more money than ever before! More than $4,000 in private and exclusive poker freerolls every month are waiting for both new and existing players.   Our poker freerolls are perfect for beginners, and we encourage you to make use of it to build your bankroll! Make sure to take advantage of those free monies, and please check our poker freeroll schedule for updates.
2 months 12 days 1 hour left
VIP-Grinders Live Sponsorship
You are an ambitious poker player and looking for a sponsorship deal? You came to the right place! We have been sponsoring hundreds of players during last couple of years and we are happy to hook you up with a good deal. Please make sure to apply at least 4 weeks before the event starts!

Our mission is to offer the best Poker Promotions

Our mission is to make online poker most profitable for our valued members. Take advantage of the biggest poker promotions & rake races to maximize your profit!

We are giving away more than $150,000 in Private Promotions every month, so join now and start earning massive extra cash.

Have a look at our promotions page and its corresponding sub pages: Rewards Featured Promotions, Rake Races, Race Chases, Poker Freerolls and Poker Sponsorships.

Our Poker Promotions include 26 Poker Freerolls with a prize pool of $6,000

We are running fantastic poker promotions and 26 poker freerolls on 10 different networks with a staggering prize pool of $6,000 every month!

On top of that, we offer several poker leaderboards, the biggest rake races, massive chases, poker freerolls and even sponsorships for live tournaments of your own choice!

Apart from the chance to win huge amounts of cash, we are also regularly offering poker leaderboards or rake races and chases, where you can win all-inclusive packages for big live poker tournaments around the world.

As you can see, we are working hard to offer a wide variety of poker promotions that fit every taste. In addition to that, we are trying to continuously increase the prize pools of our poker promotions and poker freerolls to give something back to our loyal members!

Check out the best Private Poker Promotions!

Above you can find a selection of our very best private promotions exclusive for our members including the biggest rake race in the world and our popular poker freerolls.

Besides our massive private promotions and freerolls, we are also offering promotions together with our online poker room partners including massive rake races and chases, exclusive poker freerolls, VIP leaderboards and sponsorships for live tournaments.

Why do Online Poker Sites offer Poker Promotions?

Main goal of the Online Poker Sites is to attract new players and that can be done best by offering great poker promotions such as bonuses and special offers.

That means you not only have a lot of online poker rooms, but also loads of poker bonuses to choose from.

What is a Poker Bonus?

When you make a deposit at an online poker site, it gives you a certain percentage of your deposit usually 100% up to a fixed amount as a poker bonus on top. This poker bonus is called First Deposit Bonus and is basically free poker money to play with.

Speaking of free poker cash, there are even online poker sites, who give you a free poker bankroll just for signing up, no deposit is needed! Check out our Free Poker Bankrolls site to find the best offers currently available.

How to find the best Poker Bonuses in 3 simple steps?

• Go to our Poker Bonuses Page and choose from the available options.
• Click on the orange “Claim Now” button and the Sign Up Instructions will open.
• Follow the instruction, register with the site, make a deposit and start playing!

Rewards Featured Promotions

We have our own VIP program called Rewards. That means, if you sign up though us at one of our Rewards Featured Deals, then you get access to fantastic private poker promotions of top of the usual bonuses.

Rake Races

In this section you can find an overview of all our rake races we are offering at the moment.

Rake Chases

See for which online poker rooms we are offering juicy rake chases, where you can earn massive extra money on top here.

Poker Freerolls

The chance to win some free cash without having to risk your own money is always nice. Here is an overview of our private poker freerolls.

Live Poker Sponsorship

Looking for a sponsorship deal for live poker tournaments? Have a look at this section and find out, how to get sponsored for a live tournament of your own choice!