14 days 1 hour left
Exclusive RedKings Chase
Rank Username Points
1 sturu**** 81720.89
2 henk**** 68116.14
3 Eri Ke**** 55318.69
4 Regen**** 48304.38
5 raki**** 43031.33
Betsson, Betsafe & Nordicbet Chase
Rank Username Points
1 Ketlin V 55312.12
2 Kim Robin L 31094.93
3 christian n 18656.68
4 Sami Kristopher D 18302.60
5 Dominic W 18087.29
$1,000 Exclusive Breakout Rake Race
Pos Username Points Prize
1 WildWolf 4934.56 400.00
2 zcx3111 1748.18 250.00
3 MLMpoharam1 1559.28 100.00
4 kxtro 790.34 80.00
5 awd123 767.58 60.00
Last Updated:12:22 CET, 15th Oct 2018
$100,000 GG Network Hold’em Chase

This new promotion, the $100,000 GG Network Hold'em Chase, will help you earn additional value for your grind.

14 days 1 hour left
$1,500 VIP Rookie Leaderboard
Pos Username Points Prize
1 DoUbLe_M99 1107.48 500.00
2 Growroll 646.54 300.00
3 televerket 250.16 200.00
4 koropet 167.76 150.00
5 d3dmanwalkin 144.94 100.00
Last Updated:15:20 CET, 16th Oct 2018
14 days 1 hour left
$30,000 VIP Leaderboard
Pos Username Points Prize
1 valleydoll 41456.36 3500.00
2 Mario 18242.32 2250.00
3 Wadya 12396.84 1500.00
4 ch0ker 8861.5 1000.00
5 apache 8626.54 850.00
Last Updated:15:21 CET, 16th Oct 2018
$30,000 Exclusive Coral & Ladbrokes Race

Are you playing on Coral Poker or Ladbrokes? Join this race and secure your share of this extra money! There are two exclusive races included in this promotion.  They run from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the 31st of October for all players, who sign up through us at Coral or Ladbrokes. Additionally, those players can participate in our $30,000 VIP Leaderboard and Exclusive Coral & Ladbrokes Chase as well!

14 days 1 hour left
$10.000 October Battle
Pos Username Points Prize
1 dannytoft 42476.94 1750.00
2 thebeaniegod 38827.1 1200.00
3 TheNotoriousOne 38762.66 900.00
4 MolonLabe1x1 30020.12 700.00
5 NatBravo2015 28986.86 600.00
Last Updated:15:21 CET, 16th Oct 2018
14 days 1 hour left
$10k MTT & SNG VIP Leaderboard
Pos Username Points Prize
1 valleydoll 41440 2000.00
2 dannytoft 33768.92 1250.00
3 TheNotoriousOne 32135.36 1000.00
4 thebeaniegod 30609.68 800.00
5 MolonLabe1x1 30020.12 700.00
Last Updated:15:22 CET, 16th Oct 2018
14 days 1 hour left
€10,000 Betfair Rake Race

Sign-up with Betfair trough us and enter an additional €10,000 rake race! All our Betfair affiliated players participate automatically. And that on top of other promotions including $30,000 VIP Leaderboard and two €100 Private Freerolls!

14 days 1 hour left
€10,000 Ladbrokes Points Races

Each week, Thursday to Wednesday, Ladbrokes players can compete for their share of €2,500. Top 50 performing players get paid. And that on top of other promotions including $30,000 VIP Leaderboard!

2 months 15 days 1 hour left
$4,000 Intertops Weekly Races

Every week you can secure your share of $4,000 at the Intertops Weekly Races. Top 100 places get paid, which means you have a great chance to earn some extra money here. Simply rake as much as you can! The $4,000 weekly races are running from 1st to 7th, 8th to 14th, 15th to 21st and 22nd to 28th of every month! As this promotion is hosted externally, you have to click on the “Leaderboard” inside of the promo to view it.

2 months 15 days 1 hour left
$45 Free Tickets Giveaway
Looking for some free poker cash to boost your bankroll? You came to the right place! Subscribe to our Youtube channel and like our Facebook page today and get rewarded with up to $45 in free tokens to check out our partner sites.
14 days 1 hour left
Private Freerolls

We give away more than $5,000 in freerolls every month! Our freerolls are private and only accessible for players, who have signed up through us at the poker room. This guarantees small starting fields and great value! We are offering a total of 20 private freerolls at 7 different online poker rooms. They take place on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6pm CET. Join us now, get the password and boost your bankroll or compensate your losses the easy way!

2 months 15 days 1 hour left
VIP-Grinders Live Sponsorship

You are an ambitious poker player and looking for a sponsorship deal? You came to the right place! We can provide live sponsorships for big live tournaments like the WSOP, WPT or EPT for our members. And the best thing is: Those sponsorship packages can be used for tournaments of your own choice!

14 days 1 hour left
Exclusive Party & Bwin Chase
Pos Username Points Prize
1 valleydoll 41456.36 2000.00
2 Urban 8215.64 400.00
3 krokozor 8006.58 400.00
4 Zvst 6087.78 250.00
5 Petro 5222 250.00
Last Updated:15:21 CET, 16th Oct 2018
2 months 15 days 1 hour left
Exclusive William Hill Chase

Join our Exclusive William Hill Chase today and win up to €2,500 in cash every month! The more points you earn, the bigger your cash prize will be. This chase has a set of milestones that, when reached, reward you with cash prizes. On average approximately 400 players reach the Milestones. The great thing about the William Hill chase is, that you can decide yourself how much you want to play!

Our mission is to offer the best Poker Promotions

Our mission is to make online poker most profitable for our valued members. Take advantage of the biggest poker promotions & rake races to maximize your profit!

We are giving away more than $150,000 in Private Promotions every month, so join VIP-Grinders.com now and start earning massive extra cash.

Have a look at our promotions page and its corresponding sub pages: Rewards Featured Promotions, Rake Races, Race Chases, Poker Freerolls and Poker Sponsorships.

Our Poker Promotions include 26 Poker Freerolls with a prize pool of $6,000

We are running fantastic poker promotions and 26 poker freerolls on 10 different networks with a staggering prize pool of $6,000 every month!

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As you can see, we are working hard to offer a wide variety of poker promotions that fit every taste. In addition to that, we are trying to continuously increase the prize pools of our poker promotions and poker freerolls to give something back to our loyal members!

Check out the best Private Poker Promotions!

Above you can find a selection of our very best private promotions exclusive for our members including the biggest rake race in the world and our popular poker freerolls.

Besides our massive private promotions and freerolls, we are also offering promotions together with our online poker room partners including massive rake races and chases, exclusive poker freerolls, VIP leaderboards and sponsorships for live tournaments.

Why do Online Poker Sites offer Poker Promotions?

Main goal of the Online Poker Sites is to attract new players and that can be done best by offering great poker promotions such as bonuses and special offers.

That means you not only have a lot of online poker rooms, but also loads of poker bonuses to choose from.

What is a Poker Bonus?

When you make a deposit at an online poker site, it gives you a certain percentage of your deposit usually 100% up to a fixed amount as a poker bonus on top. This poker bonus is called First Deposit Bonus and is basically free poker money to play with.

Speaking of free poker cash, there are even online poker sites, who give you a free poker bankroll just for signing up, no deposit is needed! Check out our Free Poker Bankrolls site to find the best offers currently available.

How to find the best Poker Bonuses in 3 simple steps?

• Go to our Poker Bonuses Page and choose from the available options.
• Click on the orange “Claim Now” button and the Sign Up Instructions will open.
• Follow the instruction, register with the site, make a deposit and start playing!

Rewards Featured Promotions

We have our own VIP program called Rewards. That means, if you sign up though us at one of our Rewards Featured Deals, then you get access to fantastic private poker promotions of top of the usual bonuses.