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Online Poker in China

Despite the existing censorship China is by far the fastest-growing online poker market in the world!

Due to China’s huge population of 1.4 million people and the huge potential of the Chinese poker market, the biggest online poker sites are focusing on this country already for severeal years.

Online poker is a relatively new game in the Land of Smiles and there is a huge poker boom going on in China.

Although there is a censorship on online poker, the tech affine Chinese poker players and Chinese Poker Sites are very creative in finding ways around it. By using a VPN you can easily play at any existing online poker room in the world , while being Chinese or living in China.

The best Chinese Online Poker Sites

The other option is playing at one of the many Chinese Mobile Poker Apps such as Pokermaster, PPPoker or SuperPoker.

These Chinese Poker Apps offer cash games via so-called exclusive real-money poker rooms, but they can only be accessed through an agent such as

The huge benefit of playing at Chinese Poker Sites is that they offer some of the softest games and greatest action on the internet, so we highly recommend to check them out.

If you want to play at Chinese Poker Rooms, please contact us once you have set up your account and are ready to start playing starting, so that we can help you find and get access to the best clubs.

The Best Chinese Rakeback Deals is offering the best Chinese rakeback deals for all Chinese poker sites and Chinese mobile poker apps!

On top of that, come our exclusive and private promotions, which offer amazing additional value such as fantastic Chinese Poker rakeback, massive rake races and chases and great poker freerolls. The VIP-Grinders Bankroll Builder freerolls are private freerolls only accessible for players, who have signed up through us at the online poker site or mobile poker app.

The best online poker sites for Chinese players are at the moment: SuperPoker, Pokermaster, PPPoker, Bodog88 and Red Star Poker, due to there great rakeback and fantastic promotions.

When it comes to Chinese mobile poker apps, nothing can beat Pokermaster, PPPoker, or SuperPoker as they offer unbeatable bonuses and freerolls.

At Bodog88 players, who sign-up through us, get a staggering $1,000 Welcome Poker Bonus and plus instant VIP status right from the get go via our fantastic Bodog88 Rakeback Deal.


Red Star Poker is offering an industry-leading First Deposit Bonus of up to €2,000 and 30% rakeback fixed, while Bodog88 has a huge First Deposit Bonus of $1,000.


PPPoker is one of the most popular Asian Chinese poker apps that offer real money games and the only one of them, which offers direct rakeback of 30% -40% depending on the club you play in. Please contact us to discuss your custom deal.

Rakeback at the other Chinese Mobile Poker Apps works completely different than on Chinese Poker Sites. The best thing about it is that you only have to pay rake when you win and 0 rake when you lose!

Once your session is finished your agent comes in to calculate how much rake every play on the table has to pay. When you lose you don’t have to pay any rake, while there is a 5% rake on your winning sessions.

Consequently, you will be paying only around 2,5% rake, which is half of the average what you pay at other online poker rooms!

Due to the super soft games and very low rake, there is no direct rakeback at Chinese poker apps such as Pokermaster and SuperPoker.

Why play on Chinese Poker Sites?

There are lots of reasons, but the best one is probably that Chinese Poker Sites are offering extremely soft games full of fish and inexperienced players.

The reason for that is that poker is a new game in China and that there is a censorship on it. This means, that Chinese poker players are lagging behind years of experienced compared to US players or players from Europe.

Consequently, the overall level of play is way lower. In addition to that, Chinese poker players love to gamble and play many hands and big pots, which can easily be exploited by strong online poker players.

On the other hand, Chinese poker sites are relatively new in the market and are huge poker bonuses and massive promotions to be able to establish themselves in a very competitive market.

To sum it up, at Chinese poker rooms you can take advantage of great first deposit and welcome bonuses, fantastic promotions, great rakeback and really juicy games, so what are you waiting for?