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pokerstars vs 888poker comparison
Kirill | 24.10.23 | Poker Industry News
Pokerstars or 888poker? We dive deep and analyze the main differences between these sites and explain their main advantages and flaws.
Lars Liedtke | 04.08.23 | Poker Industry News
The great comeback of the iPoker network is the success story among online poker sites and they keep pushing to the top by launching in Portugal in Q4 2023.
pain Has Started To Tax Poker Players The Same Way As Professional Athletes
Lars Liedtke | 03.08.23 | Poker Industry News
The Spanish Ministry of Finance has announced that the Treasury now considers poker a sport and that they will tax poker players the same way as professional athletes.
PokerStars and Unibet to increase rakeback rewards
Lars Liedtke | 31.03.23 | Poker Industry News
PokerStars and Unibet are both increasing their rakeback rewards making them more profitable from the beginning of April on.
888poker Pays Back $287,292 to Players Affected by Poker Bots and Collusion
Lars Liedtke | 10.03.23 | Poker Industry News
888poker has returned a whopping $287,292 to players affected by unethical play in 2022 with the most prevalent being RTA and poker bots. 
Czech poker players to join global GGPoker playing pool
Lars Liedtke | 27.01.23 | Poker Industry News
Great news for Czech poker players! GGPoker and King’s Casino have just announced that following the recent issuance of a licence will join the global GGPoker player pool.
Best Czech Poker Sites
Lars Liedtke | 01.01.23 | Poker Industry News
Great news for all poker players from the Czech Republic! Partypoker has received an online poker licence. View the best Czech Poker Sites here.
Best Swedish Poker Sites 2023