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Poker Hand of the Week – Poker Bros Ben Wins a $273,200 Pot With The Worst Hand In Texas Hold’em

We analyze one of the craziest poker hands in recent times, where Poker Bros Ben wins a huge $273,200 Pot vs. Eric Persson with the worst hand in Texas Hold’em!

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This insane hand was played in the Super Duber High Stakes cash game at Live at the Bike, which featured Eric Persson, YoH Viral and Matt Berkey.

oker Hand of the Week – Poker Bros Ben Wins a $273,200 Pot With The Worst Hand In Texas Hold'em

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The stakes are a real Nosebleeds with NL$500/$1,000 and Eric Persson has Poker Bros Ben easily covered at the start of the hand with effective stack sizes being 147 big blinds.

Poker Hand of the Week Action


Aussie Al limps with J♠10♣. Eric Persson raises from the Hijack to $6,000 with K♥9♦ and Andy Stacks calls from the cut-off with A♣5♣.

Poker Bros Ben looks at 7♠2♦in the small blind and squeezes to $21,000. Eric quickly calls and everybody else folds Pot Size: $51,000.


Heads-up to a flop of 8♠6♣7♣, which gives Eric an Open-Ended Straight Draw, while Ben flops middle pair. He checks and Eric Persson quickly sets him All-In. Ben thinks for a few seconds and then makes the Call with 72 offsuit! It is a coin flip and they run it once. Pot Size: $273,200


The 2♣ on the turn shifts the odds in Ben’s favour making him a 82% favourite to win the hand. Pot Size: $273,200


Persson needs a Five or a Ten, but the river is the 7♦ and Poker Bros Ben wins a huge $273,200 pot with 72 offsuit!

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

What a sick hand! We will try to explain why Ben decided to call here.

An important background information is that one of the players called Ben a Nit in the previous hand and that they are playing the Stand Up Game.

After Aussie Al limps, Eric Persson makes a loose raise with K9o from the Hijack. Andy Stacks calls with A5s right behind him and Poker Bros Ben looks at the worst hand in Texas Hold’em and there are only two player left standing, so Ben desperately wants to sit down to avoid losing the Stand Up Game.

That’s why he decides to make a squeeze play to $21,000 and to win the hand right here. However, Eric Persson calls and so they go to the flop.

The flop is very interesting as Eric flops and Open-Ender, while the Preflop Raiser has middle pair on a draw-heavy board. Ben checks and Eric quickly puts him All-in.

Poker Bros Ben has to call $111,100 to win a $273,200 pot giving him pretty favourable pot odds of 2.46 to 1. In addition to that, a quick shove on a wet board is often a sign for a draw. Those are probably the reasons, why he ends up making the call.

It is a classic coin flip, but Eric Persson needs to improve and the turn and river are of no help, which results in Ben winning a huge $273,200 pot with 72o.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

To sum things up, there are four reasons, why Poker Bros Ben decides to call with 72 offsuit in this spot.

There are only two players left standing and he doesn’t want to lose the Stand Up Game, he gets great pot odds on a call, Eric’s quick shove on this board is often a draw and one of his opponents called him a Nit in the previous hand, which might have triggered this act of defiance.

Considering all of the above, Ben’s call with 7-2 offsuit doesn’t look all that crazy any longer…

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here:

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