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888poker launched BLAST the ultimate Spin and Go experience!

What are Spin & Gos?

Spin and Gos, also called Lottery SNGs, have revolutionised tournament poker and even triggered a small poker boom as they offer the unique chance to turn a comparatively small buy-in into a fortune!

The reason for this is, that the prize pool is drawn randomly before the start of the game using a multiplier ranging from 2 up to 10,000. That means, you can win up to 10,000 times your buy-in!

888poker launches the ultimate Spin and Go

Spin & Gos took the poker world by storm and are the new big thing. Now they are finally also available at 888poker!

BLAST 888pokerBLAST gives you the chance to win up to 10,000 times your buy-in!

BLAST is the name of the new Spin & Go client and it is not only a “normal” Lottery Sit and Go, but the ultimate Spin & Go experience.

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Why is BLAST the ultimate Spin and Go experience?

In contrast to other sites play is 4-handed and the prize pool of each BLAST Spin & Go remains a mystery until the game begins to add to the excitement!

As soon as the game starts the BLAST timer starts the countdown. The bigger the prize pool multiplier, the longer the timer!

If the BLAST timer runs out, the action takes over and all players are automatically all-in until a winner is determined.

The biggest difference

The biggest difference between BLAST and other Spin & Go types is, that it is not a winner takes it all format, except for the 2x multiplier.


In all other cases the prize pool is distributed much more equal: At the two highest multipliers all four places are paid, 10x and 100x multipliers will pay three places, while the 5x multiplier pays the top two players.

Odds of the different multipliers and payout structure

You probably want to know the odds that a certain prize pool multiplier gets drawn.

We have listed them in a small table:


Last but not least the BLAST payout structure:

Multiplier1. Place2. Place3. Place4. Place

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