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Multi-tabling Guide: More tables, more money!

Learning how to multi-table is crucial to being successful in online poker. It allows you to maximize your volume. For a winning player this means maximizing your profits.

The minimum any serious grinder should play is four tables. This balances focusing on the action and minimizing your downtime.

Multi-tabling basics

When learning to multi table, start with two. Add a new table within a week as you feel comfortable.

With each new table learn to take notes, manage your time banks, observe your hand histories. From here, you can add another table every few weeks. Don’t rush – it makes no sense to play 6 if you can barely handle 4.

Importantly, you should place extra emphasis on only adding the best tables.

This is because each new table taxes your focus. This affects your play at all of your other tables as well. To compensate, ensure you select tables full of weak players.

multitabling guide

Think of multi-tabling as picking apples. Since you can only hold so many before they all fall, you want to pick only the best ones and only as many as you can handle.

Multi tabling features on poker networks

Our partners’ excellent software already include key multi-tabling features. These include:

  • Hotkeys
  • Simplified Layouts
  • Automatic tiling/cascading
  • Automatic buy-in/rebuy
  • Automatically calling table focus

I believe our partners with the top software and best traffic for multi-tablers are:

Multi tabling tools

The most important tool for multi tabling is a HUD. In my previous articles I recommended Hold’Em Manager 2. Poker tracker 4 would work also.

When multi tabling, you won’t have the luxury of watching every hand. A good HUD will help you make reads on opponents.

fast fold poker strategy huds HM2 HUD rakeback

Having a good HUD is essential when multi-tabling.

HEM Apps for Multi-tablers

HEM Apps like Notecaddy and Tableninja can make grinding easier and more profitable.

Notecaddy is a software that automatically generates detailed notes on opponents as you play interesting hands with them. It takes some of the difficulty out of making notes or extrapolating player tendencies from their stats.

multi-tabling guide notecaddy

Notecaddy makes multi-tabling easy by automatically making quality notes on opponents.

Tableninja is a software that works on certain networks. It is a huge timesaver for mass tablers as it allows hot keys, moves tables around for you, manages time banks and much more.

Many 3rd party developers build tools for specific networks. It would be worth searching to determine what is available on your network.


Multi-tabling is a crucial skill for all online poker players. Using the advice from this guide, you should be able to comfortably start multi-tabling and work your way up to at least 4 tables.

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