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Doug Polk Introduces Long List of New Poker Games in Latest Poker Video

Doug Polk has launched new dealer’s choice tables at The Lodge Poker Room, where players are allowed to choose and introduce new and exotic poker games.

In his latest video, he spoke about the new $20/$40 game where players can call any poker game and poker variant they want

Doug Polk Launches Real Dealer’s Choice Tables at The Lodge 

Polk was beaming over how successful he has been since this game kicked off recently. In fact, he claims to have won in all eight of the sessions that he played in and the video above shows many hands from session nine.

New and Exotic Poker Games Played at The Lodge

  • Omaha 8 or Better: Best four card hand wins. Splits with best low if three cards on the board lower than an eight.
  • 5 Card Omaha 8 or Better: As above but played with five holecards.
  • 6 Card Omaha 8 or Better: As above but played with six holecards.
  • Stud Hi Lo No Qualifier: Stud Hi Lo where the low qualifier doesn’t have to be lower than an eight
  • Badeucy: Combination of Badugi and 2-7 triple draw. Low is 2-7 rules.
  • Badacy: Combination of Badugi and 2-7 triple draw. Low is A-5 rules.
  • Oklahoma: Similar to Five-Card Stud but low hand wins.
  • Sassy: Six-Card Stud with a nine qualifier for high and eight for low.
  • Archie: Triple draw high/ low split pot
  • Limit Squid Game: Omaha Hi with three boards. Lowest river cancels that board.
  • 888 Sassy
  • Tic Tac Toe: A community card poker game, in which cards are dealt into a particular configuration.
  • 2nd Best Hold’em: Hold’em where the second-best hand wins.
  • 3rd Best Hold’em: Hold’em where the third-best hand wins
  • Drawmaha: A split pot game that’s a combination of 5-Card Draw and Pot-Limit Omaha.
  • Drawmaha 49: Split pot where the high hand aims to score as close to 49 points as possible. Face cards are 0 and aces 1, other cards keep their numerical value.
  • Drawmaha 0: Lowest points win the low half of the pot. Face cards are 0 and aces 1, other cards keep their numerical value.
  • Drama Jack
  • Fun under the Gun: Under the gun gets to see their hand and choose from one of three games.
  • Ducky Razz: 2-7 Razz, five-card draw after 5th
  • 3D Two-Card Omaha: Two holecards and must use both. Flop, turn and river all have three cards and players must use one of each.

Maybe this list of weird games isn’t going to please the poker purists, but it certainly looks fun for those looking to enjoy an evening over thinking about profit.

That said, we aren’t expecting any major online poker platforms to be adding any of these strange variants to their offerings any time soon.

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