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Daniel Negreanu says “No evidence yet” Bryn Kenney was cheating mastermind

Daniel Negreanu has claimed there is “no evidence yet” that Bryn Kenney was the mastermind behind widespread cheating, following the recent Joey Ingram interview failed to get to the bottom of numerous allegations against Kenney.

DNegs was discussing the latest news on the Kenney allegations with Terrence Chan and Adam Schwartz on the DAT poker podcast, with none of the trio seemingly convinced by the evidence put forward so far.

Earlier this year, Kenney was accused of ghosting, multi-accounting and numerous other dubious practices by his former “horse” Martin Zamani.

A “trainwreck” interview with Sarah Herring followed, which revealed little to nothing, and the hope for many poker fans was that Joey Ingram could somehow squeeze a confession, or at least some admission of wrongdoing, out of Kenney.

“I’m not so sure it worked,” says Negreanu, talking about Kenney’s conversational style as opposed to a more forceful and oppositional approach.

Both Martin Zamani and Lauren Roberts called Bryn Kenney out again following Ingram’s Poker Life Podcast interview, claiming he still isn’t telling the truth.

Co-host, Adam Schwartz, adder that “Bryn is very good at evading questions,” but Negreanu disagreed, claiming Ingram’s questions “were open to interpretation.”

“Did you ever ghost? If so, who did you ghost and tell me how that played out,” or “Did you ever play on Lauren’s (Lauren Roberts) account?” were the direct questions DNegs wanted to hear.

“These questions were not asked!” says Negreanu, adding: ““You can’t go on to questions 4, 5 and 6 until you’ve nailed down ‘what are you admitting to exactly?’ I think Sarah’s (Sarah Herring, PokerNews) interview got a bit more of that out.”

“People saying: he never admitted to anything. That’s not true! He just admitted to helping people…I want to know more about THAT!”

That wasn’t picked up by Ingram, though, and the DAT Podcast discussion moved on to the actual evidence against Kenney, which included screeds of text messages.

No evidence of any cheating mastermind

Zamani claims the texts reveal that Kenney was explicitly involved in getting horses to ghost and multi-account.

Negreanu states: “We have no evidence, whatsoever, of any mastermind…anything on this grand scale. …what there is evidence of, is Bryn saying: “I don’t want any part of that.”

DAT co-host, Terrence Chan agrees, saying: “The text messages at best prove he (Kenney) was willing to bend the rules in some cases…” though adds he has a “gut feel” that Kenney was guilty to some degree.

Daniel thinks that Doug Polk would have been a much better person to have a crack at Kenney, but admits that’s unlikely to happen, after Kenney famously threatened to sue Polk.

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Different levels of cheating

The podcast covers a lot of ground, including what Negreanu believes to be “different degrees” of wrongdoing, with Real-Time Assistance (RTA) at the very top. However, even within each aspect of potential cheating, he says there are varying levels.

“Ghosting at its highest level is me buying your account, taking over completely. At it’s most mild, it’s like… let me give you a read on these players, I know these guys, I’ve played them.”

In the Kenney situation he says: “We have no idea of the scope – we have no evidence, no text messages, NOTHING!”

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