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Poker Industry News

Poker Industry News – The latest iGaming and online poker industry news

Keep up-to-date with the latest poker industry news!

The poker industry is constantly changing and therefore it is important to always be up to date. Therefore we provide you with the latest poker industry news on a regular basis.

Poker Industry News

In our Poker Industry section, we cover all relevant topics from the latest legislative changes to the latest developments in the market.

Get the latest poker industry news from around the world

We publish new and interesting articles every day. We attach great importance to covering the most relevant topics such as software updates, poker traffic reports, mergers as well as poker player and online poker network news.

The poker industry is sometimes very fast-moving and therefore there are often many changes. These include changes in legislation, new helpful programs, changes in our partners and much more.

Most important poker industry news on a daily basis

Among the most important topics of our Industry News are the legal aspects, e.g. in which states poker is legal, important changes in relevant companies that are primarily concerned with poker and news about newly introduced poker tournament series.

Poker Industry News – The latest iGaming and online poker industry news

In the recent past, new tournament series, both online and live, have been introduced and partially ended more and more often. To give you the insight you deserve, we will keep you up to date.

All relevant poker industry news topics in one place

Although we’re providing you with the latest news from the poker industry, that’s not all!

For some time now we have been Europe’s largest poker affiliate. Therefore we have the best rakeback deals and promotions on offer.

In order to deliver the best deals, we work with the best online poker sites. This allows us to provide our players with exclusive promotions such as freerolls and bonus offers.

Here is a list what our industry news section has to offer:

  • The latest poker industry news
  • Online poker sites news
  • Mergers, software updates and news regarding all major online poker networks
  • Online poker traffic reports
  • Recent changes in legislation
  • The best poker promotions and rakeback deals
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