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Twitch streamer Ludwig says he got scammed for $100,000 by Disney star Grayson Hunter Goss

Disney star Grayson Hunter Goss, who tricked Ethan “Rampage poker” Yau out of $1000 has struck again, and this time the figure is closer to $100,000. Popular Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren falling for a sportsbetting scam.


We reported on how Disney actor Grayson Hunter Goss ghosted Yau over the paltry sum of $1000 a couple of months ago, “Rampage” taking to Twitter to out the scammer…

However, the 23-year-old, who provided the voiceover for Prince Hugo in the Disney animated series “Sofia the First”, has upped his game – keeping $50k in stake money and more than $100k in sportsbet winnings he owes Ludwig.

In a YouTube video called “How I got scammed and lost $100k”, Ludwig Ahgren – a multi-talented esports player, commentator, and podcaster  with a love of poker – reveals how Goss groomed him for the big sting.

Ludwig was in Vegas earlier in the year, spewing off a $50k chunk of  his $400k winnings from a Hustler Casino Live celebrity cash game that featured Tom Dwan and Phil Hellmuth.

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The Set-Up

Down to just $5k of his $50k roll, Ludwig says he met Goss at the Pai Gow tables, with Goss claiming to have an “algorithm that can beat the game”.

Ludwig handed Goss $6,000 with an agreement that Goss would get a 30% cut of any profits, followed by another $5k via cryptocurrency, and all seemed to be going well – Ludwig even receiving $17,000 from Goss for his share of “winnings”.

That, however, seems to have been Goss setting up Ludwig for the big hit, which came during the French Open tennis tournament in June.

Goss contacted Ludwig with a “sure-fire bet” claiming “we have to do this right now”, claiming that Greek tennis pro Maria Sakkari had just split with her partner and was “really sad and wants to leave the event” and is planning to “throw” her match against Czech player, Karolina Muchova.

The $50k crypto bet

Ludwig was then persuaded to “send as much as you have” and decided to send Goss $50,000 in Ethereum, reasoning that it was not only losing value, but would make for a great story if the bet came in.

“Maybe not the best choice, but it was my choice,” admits Ludwig in his YouTube rundown of the scam.

That choice looked to have paid off when Sakkari lost in straight sets, his $40,000 bet returning $108,000, plus the other $10k he had sent – or at least that’s what he thought.

The Sting

Goss then claimed the guy he placed the money with couldn’t pay out immediately, and after a couple of weeks of waiting, Ludwig was hit by the news that Ethan Yau had been scammed. And not only that, Goss was unreachable, his phone no longer in use.

“I spend the next couple weeks trying to understand how I had gotten myself into such a dumb position where I’d been scammed out of this insane amount of money,” Ludwig says, asking himself, “How I can overcome the embarrassment of having gone through this?”

Finally getting Goss’ new number through a venetian casino host, Ludwig was met by the same incredible story of being mugged and robbed that Yau had been hit with.

This was followed by a ludicrous story about the robbers accessing Goss’ Instagram, which he says was connected to his sportsbetting contact.

Ludwig even hired a private investigator to get more info on Goss and stated: “This is where we are today. The authorities are getting contacted, I’m talking to other people he’s scammed to get a whole report to make sure this guy never does that shit again.”

“I’m also trying to get him banned from every casino in Vegas so he can’t do it or even walk into the casino,” Ludwig added.

Having spoken to Goss since the video, Ludwig claims Goss finally admitted to the scam and has agreed to self-ban himself from every casino in Las Vegas.

“So what do I do? I either put the guy in jail or I publicly shame him and get him to ban himself from all casinos. I’m going with this route [the latter].

Ludwig ends by saying: “I think a 23-year-old kid who fucked up and is fucking people over deserves to get what’s coming for them but also deserves the other 70 years of their life that they’re going to live.”

“And he’s lucky that he fucked ME over…and I told him this to his face…because the amount of money he scammed me for  – $100k – is the amount of money that people die for.”

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