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Poker Pros Pogos Simityan and Vahan Sudzhyan Arrested for Marking Cards

Pogos Simityan and Vahan Sudzhyan have been busted for cheating in a poker-like card game in Las Vegas casinos by bending cards. The pair were part of a trio that took at least three casinos for tens of thousands of dollars, according to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Pogos Simityan and Vahan Sudzhyan Accused of Bending Cards to Cheat in Las Vegas Casinos


Investigators with the Nevada Gaming Control Board reviewed camera footage that confirmed the suspects won at least $126,000 during the alleged cheating spree.

Pogos Simityan now faces charges of committing fraudulent acts in a gaming establishment, cheating in a gaming establishment and cheating at gaming, following his arrest on Monday, August 10.

His partners in the alleged scam, Vahan Sudzhyan and Gevorg Avagyan, got away with a plea deal on a charge of conspiracy to commit a crime following their own arrest.


The cheating was said to take the form of bending faces cards and aces in order to gain an edge on the pit games named Mississippi Stud and Let It Ride.

The three players would then be able to more easily ascertain the value of the dealer’s hand during play.

Pogos Simityan has a live tournament record of $420,502 and Vahan Sudzhyan has accrued an impressive $851,856.


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2022 WSOP Venue Paris Las Vegas Called the Authorities

It turns out that it was Paris Las Vegas who first called in the authorities over the matter. The venue of the 2022 World Series of Poker was the first to get suspicious of potential cheating going on.

Security at the casino quickly reviewed footage and detained the suspects while a short investigation was carried out.

The Gaming Control Board was told “all face cards and aces on both decks were bent either inward or outward in relation to the non-numbered [front] side of the playing car.”

Then, on July 5, 2022, Wynn Las Vegas contacted the board, reporting exactly the same scam.

Pogos Simityan has now been ordered to refrain from entering any casino while his case moves through the justice system.

Avagyan and Sudzhyan have paid restitution but may still serve time behind bars.