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High Stakes Poker – Rick Salomon Coolers Brandon Steven With Set Over Set In A Huge $500k Pot

Cooler Alert in the latest High Stakes Poker episode! Rick Salomon hits Set over Set in a massive $500K Pot against Brandon Steven.

Line-up in High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 11

They continue with the same line-up as in High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 10, which goes as follows:

They are playing 7-handed $200/$400 No-Limit Hold’em with a mandatory straddle, so essentially NL $400/$800.

Brutal Cooler for Brandon Steven: $490,500 Pot

The basis for this huge pot is layed preflop with a quadruple straddle to $6,400.

Tilly calls on the button with 10♥7♥, as does Brandon Steven with 3♥3♣ from the straddle. Bobo Chann then picks up A♣K♥ in the third straddle and makes it $30,000 to go and Salomon calls with 5♥5♦ as do Jennifer and Brandon. There are already $121,300 in the pot preflop.

4-way to the fireworks flop of 5♣3♦J♠, which gives Rick Salomon Set over Set to Brandon Steven. Rick bets $42,000, Brandon just calls with only $142K behind and the other two get out of the way. Pot Size: $205,900

The 6♥ on the turn doesn’t change much. Brandon check-raises All-in for his remaining $142,000 and gets snap-called. Pot Size: $490,500

Steven only has one out and they run it twice:

  • First Runout: Brings the J♣, which secures Bobo half the pot.
  • Second Runout: Brandon needs to hit a 3, but the 8♠ appears and Rick Salomon scoops a huge $490,500 pot.

Two Pair vs. Pair and Flush Draw: $303,900

Rob Yong open-raises UTG with A♠Q♣ and Steven with 6♦2♦, Chann with 8♣6♠, and Salomon with 7♥5♥ all call.

When the action comes to JRB he squeezes with a marginal 9♠2♠ to $11,000 from the big blind. Both Yong and Salomon call and only Chann folds. Pot Size: $56,100

4-way to an action flop of 2♥9♦K♦, which gives JRB a very disguided Two Pair, while Brandon has a pair and flush draw.

Rick checks, Bellande overbets the pot with $50,000 with two pair. and Brandon is the lone caller with only $158K behind. Pot Size: $145,500

The 3♠ on the turn is a brick and Bellande puts Steven All-In. Brandon tanks for 30 seconds before folding his hand and surrendering the large $303,900 Pot.

High Stakes Poker - Rick Salomon Coolers Brandon Steven With Set Over Set In A $500k Pot

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