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Hottest Female Poker Players

In the male-dominated world of poker, a group of talented and sexy women has emerged, captivating fans worldwide with their amazing looks. Here are the hottest female poker players.


These hottest female poker players have not only demonstrated exceptional poker skills at the tables, but have also shattered stereotypes and become icons of empowerment of the game.

The below female poker players are not only successful professionals, they also look fantastic playing the game we all love.

Join us as we explore the profiles, videos and pictures of the hottest female poker players on the planet.

Meet the Hottest Female Poker Players: Blazing Trails at the Tables

Sarah Chafak – Miss Finland

Sara Chafak is a Finnish model, beauty queen, and poker player of Moroccan origin, who was crowned Miss Finland in 2012.

Hottest Female Poker Players

She rose to fame in the poker world by pulling a huge and legendary bluff at the PokerStars Skark Cage against the professional poker player Ronnie Bardah. Watch this spectacular hand here:

While Sara Chafak isn’t a professional poker player, her appearance in poker tournaments and her ability to make strategic moves at the table have made her a recognizable figure in the poker world.

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Maria Ho – Poker’s Greatest Ambassador

Maria Ho is a Taiwanese-American professional poker player and commentator. Maria is not only one of the best female poker players in the world, she is also a shining personality making her poker’s greatest ambassador.

Hottest Female Poker Players

Due to her great poker strategy knowledge and engaging personality, she is highly respected in the poker community and has reached an unmatched