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Rob Mercer Admits Lying About Having Terminal Cancer, Steals $40,000

Rob Mercer has admitted that he does not have terminal cancer after scamming as much as $40,000 from well-wishers in the poker community. The 37-year-old gave an exclusive phone interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal last Tuesday to come clean.

Rob Mercer Admits Lying About Having Terminal Cancer, Steals $40,000

“I did lie about having colon cancer. I don’t have colon cancer. I used that to cover my situation. What I did was wrong. I shouldn’t have told people I have colon cancer. I did that just as a spur-of-the-moment thing when someone asked me what kind of cancer I had. I’m sorry for not being honest about what my situation was. If I would have done that from Day 1, who knows what would have happened.”

Rob Mercer Comes Clean About His $40,000 WSOP Scam

Only a few months ago, Rob Mercer faked terminal cancer to get staked for the WSOP Main Event, telling the poker community how he had no more than 18 months left to live after being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

We’ve known for a few weeks that suspicions had been raised by several people, but now it’s all out in the open after a public apology. But it gets worse…

Even though Mercer has admitted doing wrong, he still feels he does not have to repay any money because he has self-diagnosed himself with male breast cancer. This includes the $2,500 that genuine cancer sufferer Cody Daniels gave him.

Daniels is in and out of hospital as he battles the terrible disease himself and now, he has to deal with the feelings that somebody would do such a thing to him in this condition.

Mercer is now trying to garner sympathy by telling the community that he was too embarrassed to tell people that he had male breast cancer and the lie about colon cancer was just one that got out of control.

GoFundMe said it has been in touch with Rob Mercer over the fraudulent fund raiser. $12,025 was raised on the platform and these donations have now been returned.

“GoFundMe has zero tolerance for the misuse of our platform and takes swift action against those who exploit the generosity of our community.

“We have removed this fundraiser for violating our terms of service, all donors have been fully refunded, and Rob Mercer has been banned from using the platform for any future fundraisers.


“Additionally, GoFundMe cooperates with law enforcement investigations of those formally accused of wrongdoing.”

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