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Limitless vs. Stefan11222 Heads-up Challenge – Stefan Burakov wins $557,070 from Wiktor within one week!

Stefan11222 destroys limitless in the first week of their heads-up challenge

The eagerly awaited heads-up challenge between online legends Wiktor “limitless” Malinowski and Stefan “Stefan11222” Burakov is very single-sided so far as Burakov completely destroyed Malinowski in the first week. He won a whopping $557,070 at NL$50/$100! If Stefan continues at this rate the challenge could be over before it has really started…

Details of the limitless vs. Stefan11222 Heads-Up Challenge

  • Stakes: NL$50/$100
  • Length: 30,000 hands or if one of the players loses over $1,000,000 and decides to opt-out
  • Stacks can be reloaded at will up to a maximum of 150 big blinds
  • The timebank can be restarted twice per session
  • Timeframe: The challenge must be finished before June
  • The loser has to announce publicly on Stefan Burakov’s blog that he is a fish
  • Side Bet: Two times the buy-in amount has to be paid in Bitcoin to the winner
  • Stefan Burakov grants a rematch in case he wins

Stefan Burakov wins 557K from Wiktor Malinowski in one week!

Many had Wiktor “limitless” Malinowski as a big favourite before the start of the challenge as he had been crushing the highest stakes recently and many view him as the new “Isildur1”, but the first week was a complete debacle for Wiktor.

Limitless vs. Stefan11222 Heads-up Challenge – Stefan Burakov wins $557,070 from Wiktor within one week!

After only 6,425 hands Stefan Burakov is already up $557,070! This is huge regarding that they are “only” playing NL$50/$100.

In addition to that, they agreed before the start of the challenge that you can opt-out once you are down $1,000,000.

“I want to show everyone where Stefan is in the poker hierarchy”

Before the start of the challenge, Wiktor Malinowski did a lot of Trash Talk and that might fire back on him now.

Wiktor “Limitless' Malinowski

Limitless stated: 

“I want to show everyone where Stefan is in the poker hierarchy. I think he is avoiding me, while still trash talk on the PS chat, and not only there. Therefore, I challenge him.”


Well so far, it is Stefan, who is schooling Wiktor and not the other way around. However, we all know and also saw in recent heads-up challenges such as Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu or Phil Galfond vs. VeniVidi1993 how huge variance is in heads-up and how quickly things can turn around.

Stefan11222 needles limitless

Burakov couldn’t resist needling Malinowski after one of his winning sessions:


“It was a difficult session because I hardly slept, and my head did not think at all. We can say that I randomly clicked buttons today. But the beauty of playing with Wiktor is that even in this state it’s very difficult to lose to him.”


Limitless wants to play higher and longer

It seemed to have triggered Wiktor as he was quick to respond:

“Well, not everyone lives in Costa Rica’s time. If you’re so good, I offer to add extra 20k hands to our challenge. If you prefer higher stakes than now – I’m in.”

Stefan kept calm and replied that he will think about his offer:

“Why are you writing it here in such a way, as if we didn’t discuss it in PM? Btw you’re talking very politely at PM. Do you want to look like a bad boy in public? Wiktor, we all know you’re a good boy! Ok, I’ll think about your offer, we’re not in a hurry.”

Who is Stefan Burakov aka “Stefan11222”?

For the ones of you, who are not familiar with the names Stefan Burakov aka Stefan11222 yet, we would like to introduce him quickly.

Stefan Burakov poker Stefan11222 poker7478-934x559-1

Many of you might know him under his PokerStars nickname Stefan11222. He first appeared at the high stakes tables in July 2016 and has been crushing it ever since.

Burakov is a regular in the biggest online high stakes cash games in the world. Whenever there is action at the high stakes tables of GGPoker or Stars, you can be sure that he is around.

Stefan11222 enjoys an excellent reputation among online pros and experts and many regard him as one of the best No-Limit Hold’em players in the world.

Stefan Burakov is famous for his unique and very creative style and excels in spots, where others not lay too much focus on.

He is a regular at the infamous GGPoker high stakes tables, where he plays the best players in the world such as Trueteller, LLinusLLove, crazytrader or limitless on a daily basis.

Watch the best hands from Week 1 of the limitless vs. Stefan11222 Challenge:

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