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Doug Polk says “We might not see Tom Dwan too much in the future, owes way too many people”

Doug Polk has revealed in his AMA that Tom Dwan is in a lot of debt and unlikely to be seen around the live poker scene as much as before in the future.

Doug Polk says We might not see Tom Dwan too much in the future, owes way too many people

Doug Polk did an AMA on Reddit to offer everyone the chance to ask a question. Any and all poker questions would be answered, he said.

It was the last day of Polk’s new heads-up NL course launch and even though he was running on only three hours of sleep following a $200k loss, he was still in a good enough mood to do the AMA.

After a few standard questions, a big one hit the screen:

“Do you think tom dwan is a better overall poker player Thank you? And are you still upset that he tanked with sevens full?

Polk’s answer was honest and straight to the point:

“Tom Dwan is a legend. He is not a better poker player than me. I think we might not see him too much in the future but time will tell.”

Is Tom Dwan Going to Disappear from Poker?

Surely Doug Polk wouldn’t make a statement like Tom Dwan is about to disappear from poker and not elaborate. Luckily, he was more than willing to paint the picture for us.

He was asked:

“Care to elaborate on this? Is the issue that you think he’ll be no longer interested in playing some of those big games or that you think he’ll start losing and quit?”

“Owes way too many people money at this point”

Polk responded:

“Owes way too many people money at this point”

That’s a big statement. Everyone knows all about his responsibilities to Dan “Jungleman” Cates following the now infamous “durrrr challenge”, but is he really broke and unable to pay many people?

Tom Dwan is regularly seen at the Triton Super High Roller Series events around the world playing for the biggest stakes found anywhere. Is that really coming to an end?

This is big news if it is true.

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