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Global Poker Ignores Proof Of High Stakes Cheating

Global Poker have been accused of ignoring an “overwhelming mountain of evidence” pointing to proof of highstakes cheating using Real-Time Assistance (RTA).

According to Matt Berkey on the Solve For Why podcast, the player in the spotlight, “projectbaby97”, is estimated to have won between $100,000 and $200,000.

However, that has been the result of using Real-Time Assistance (RTA) according to members of the poker community, who claim “projectbaby97” has risen through the ranks by unfair means.

The suspected cheating is the latest in a flurry of such allegations and cases involving the use of RTA and in particular GTO Wizard, which allows players to search for GTO (Game Theory Optimal) solutions.

However, GTO Wizard’s recent introduction of a Fair Play Check tool has allowed players to check suspicious behaviour by their opponents and it has prompted several allegations already.

The case of “projectbaby97” shows that multiple hands matched searches made on GTO Wizard at exactly the same time, with the same parameters of cards, suits, stacks sizes, position, etc.

False positives were considered a problem in certain cases, but the latest edition of the Fair Play Check tool is “ridiculously accurate” according to Berkey.

“It now includes all these variables including timestamp down to the second, board texture, stack depth, the game format that was looked up, formations, etc.”

Astonishingly, Berkey revealed: “As of today, by all accounts of everybody who plays in the Global pool, zero action has been taken.”

Despite many players being found to have very suspicious playing patterns, it appears that certain operators – Global Poker chief among them – are refusing to suspend the accused accounts until investigations are carried out.

WSOP bracelet and ring winner, Jeremiah Williams, has contacted Global Poker and WSOP.com about potential cheats.

However, he revealed: “These accounts are still actively playing…not locked or frozen or anything. We’ve reached out plenty of times but neither of these sites are interested in locking these accounts.”

It seems for now that technology has given the good guys a way to combat the bad guys, but perhaps it’s time choose your site more carefully.

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