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Ryan Laplante admits to having used the N-Word

Ryan Laplante’s late apology

Ryan ‘Protential’ Laplante has publicly apologized for using ‘the N-word’ in historic forum posts, the popular poker pro himself called out this week after accusing a fellow player of using homophobic language.

One of the few openly gay male poker players, Ryan Laplante has often been described as a ‘Social Justice Warrior’ – the tag SJW given to left-wing opponents of all forms of oppression and bigotry.

This week the poker community ‘policeman’ version of Laplantetook exception to TwitchTV streamer and ACR-sponsored pro Robert ‘pokerguru740’ Kuhn and his use of the word “faggot” during a stream.

As fans of Kuhn leaped to his defense, others were looking for some ammunition to use against Laplante. It didn’t take long to find some – Shaun Deeb digging up a 2plus2 post from 2010 that used incredibly offensive racist language…

Ryan Laplante admits to have used the N-Word

Laplante, at the time 21-years old, claimed it wasn’t aimed at black people, an equally or even more offensive follow-up a supposed explanation…

Ryan Laplante admits to have used the N-Word

Laplante’s official statement

With those posts made public and gathering interesting across the poker community, Laplante released his apology today, the full statement reading:

‘7 years ago, in a fit of rage on 2+2 forums, I called someone the N-word.

My reasons for doing and my intent in it are irrelevant, it is something that should never be used in any context, and it was deeply wrong for me to do so.

I’ve tried my best to make amends for that use, but I know that I will regret my use of that language for the rest of my life.

I’m not posting this to lessen the impact that I used it.

This post is simply an apology to everyone who has ever been discriminated against, especially those who have faced hate due to racism.

I am extremely sorry for how I acted and my use of that word. It is something I am deeply ashamed of doing.’

It came as a huge shock to friends, fans, and followers of a player considered to be ‘squeaky-clean’ by many, and a role model for others in ‘minority’ groups within poker.

Further incidents

…while record-holding WSOP Circuit champion Maurice Hawkins had a high-profile encounter with a racist player at the 2018 WSOP in Vegas. Again the N-word was involved, Italian player Sorin Lovin rightly DQd and frog-marched from the venue.

Daniel Negreanu has also found himself in hot water with regard to racism, his ‘blackface’ routine considered extremely offensive.

Daniel Negreanu poker

The Canadian pro has explained his views several times, though has yet to actually apologize.