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Poker Hand of the Week – Tony G’s Record-Breaking $7.8 Million Pot

We analyse the biggest poker pot in history worth $7,750,653 won by poker legend Tony G vs. “HannibalGetya” from a huge $5,000/$10,000 PLO cash game at CoinPoker.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

The biggest cash game pot of all time  was played in a 3-handed $5,000/$10,000 PLO game at crypto poker site CoinPoker featuring Tony G, “HannibalGetya” and “Chattahoochee”.



The two opponents are very deep with effective stack sizes being 380 big blinds. “HannibalGetya” has Tony G easily covered.

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


Tony G raises from the button with J♦K♠3♠Q♥ to $35,703, “Chattahoochee” in the small blind calls and “HannibalGetya” 3-bets from the big blind with Q4♣A♣3 for to $148,812. Both players call. Pot Size: $451,638


On a flop of Q♣A♥10♣ “HannibalGetya” makes a standard continuation bet of $225,818,  which is exactly half pot. Tony G just calls with the Nuts and “Chattahoochee” gets out of the way. Pot Size: $903,275


The turn is the 8♥ and “HannibalGetya” announces “Pot” for $903,275. Tony G shoves All-In for $3,423,689 and is snap-called by “HannibalGetya” just to be shown the Nuts by Tony.

“HannibalGetya” does have 12 outs though with his nut flush and full house draw. A look at the odds show that he still has a 30% chance of winning the hand on the turn even while being up against the Nuts. Pot Size: $7,750,653



The river is an inconsequential 4♦ and Tony G wins by far the biggest poker pot of all time worth an incredible $7,750,652.62!

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Nice slow play by Tony G. Let’s take an in-depth look at the biggest poker pot in history.

In a 3-handed Pot-Limit Omaha game, you can raise a very wide range from the button, since position is even more important than in Texas Hold’em.

So Tony’s button raise is fine, although he doesn’t have a particular strong hand due to the 3s Dangler. “HannibalGetya” has the much better preflop hand as it is double-suited, connected and has lots of Nuts potential, so his 3-bet out of position is totally standard, while Guoga decides to call and see a flop in position.

Both players then hit the flop very hard with Tony G flopping the Nuts, while “HannibalGetya” has Top Two and the nut flush draw, which is a coinflip in PLO. To be precise “HannibalGetya” is actually a 50.37% favourite, although Tony has the Nuts.

“HannibalGetya” makes a standard 50% pot continuation bet and Guoga decides to get tricky and slow plays his hand by just calling.

The 8h on the turn doesn’t changes much and “HannibalGetya” bets pot. Now Tony G springs the trap and raises All-In for approximately 2x pot and Hannibal snap-calls.

After the turn, Tony is a 70% favourite and needs to dodge 12 outs on the river. The 4d on the river changes nothing and Tony G wins the biggest poker pot of all time.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

A great slow play with the flopped Nuts secures Tony G by far the biggest cash game pot ever played.

Slow playing is risky, but can be very profitable with the Nuts in PLO as it disguises the strength of your hand significantly.

In this case it leads to “HannibalGetya” betting pot on the turn and committing himself, while being a 30% underdog in a staggering $7.8 million pot.

Tony G shows one more time why he is an absolute cash game legend and regular in the biggest games on the planet for almost two decades now.

Watch the biggest poker pot of all time from 9:20:00:

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