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How to host a successful Twitch poker stream

Last week, I introduced Twitch and highlighted the best Twitch Poker Streams on our blog.

Twitch.tv has been around since 2011 as an online streaming platform. It is a major reason behind the explosive growth of eSports like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Poker Pros and players have recognized twitch.tv’s potential and the website has taken off as a medium for Poker content.  Grinders everywhere are attracted by the chance to make extra money streaming and make a name for themselves in the online poker world.

We’ve written this guide to outline the key skills needed so that you can start your own successful twitch poker stream.

Hosting a Successful Twitch Poker Stream: High Technical Quality

Step one of hosting a successful twitch.tv poker is to set up a quality stream. This means everything needs to be clear, well organized and visually appealing.

Have a nice HUD display designed for your stream that organizes your camera, tables, chat, and other information well.

Get a good camera and a good microphone. Set up your background so that you are easily visible and the audience can see your face. Configure your microphone so that your volume is not too loud or too quiet, and so the audience can’t hear you are breathing.

Don’t forget to have a good delay on your stream (5 minutes is usually sufficient) so that your hands cannot be ghosted.

The best Twitch Poker Streams

Tonka’s stream organization is excellent. His tables, webcam, chat and other information are all clearly separated.

Hosting a Successful Twitch Poker Stream: Have Educational Content

One of the primary reasons poker players watch twitch.tv is for the educational content. Good streamers walk their viewers through the thought processes of every major hand in detail.

Let people know why you’ve opened this hand in this position. Tell the audience why a flat is better than a 4bet in this spot. Make sure everyone understands why your 67s fits better into your raising range than your calling range on this flop.

If people are learning AND having fun they will be far more likely to stick around. And a successful twitch.tv poker stream needs viewers who stick around.

VIP Twitch

Our VIP-Grinders twitch.tv streamers include some of our top coaches. You can always expect to learn a thing or two on our stream.

leatherass stream

Legendary Poker Coach Dusty “Leatherass” Schmidt streams for us Wednesdays from 1:00 to 3:00 AM CET.

Hosting a Successful Twitch Poker Stream: Be Entertaining and Interactive

One disadvantage of online poker streams is that unlike other games on twitch, poker players MUST delay their streams 5 minutes or so to prevent ghosting (people at their tables watching their cards). For this reason, it is much tougher to interact with the chat in real time. Poker pros, then, must work a lot harder to maintain a good sense of real-time interaction with their audience.

Use your camera and your microphone to your advantage. Speak to your viewers regularly. Share your thoughts, share things you think are funny. Make your  viewers feel like they are part of your experience in every moment, even if they are experiencing 5 minutes ago.

Look for messages and questions in the chat you can respond to. Viewers are much more likely to stay on your stream if their questions and comments are replied to.

Some streamers really go above and beyond to make their streams interactive. MTT streamers often sell pieces of their action to viewers who can sweat their play live. Others host giveaways or contests to keep the chat engaged. Both are excellent ways to keep people coming back.

In order to host a successful twitch.tv poker stream you must keep people coming back. Returning users are excellent because they create a community for your channel.

best twitch poker streams jcarver

Jason “Jcarver” Somerville streams what his viewers want. He constantly engages his viewers, and this is why he’s the undisputed king of twitch poker streamers.


In order to host a successful Twitch Poker stream you must be educational, interactive and entertaining. If you can incorporate the advice in this article you’ll be well on your way to hosting a quality stream.

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