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The best Spin and Go Poker Sites

Spin and Gos, also called Lottery SNGs, are the largest revolution in the last 5 years of online poker. These are unique because you don’t know what prize pool you’ll be playing for when you enter.

Depending on your luck, a Spin and Go might have a prize pool of 2x your buy-in, or a massive prize pool of 1000x your buy-in.

These are very popular among recreational players as they offer the chance to quickly turn a small investment into a fortune. Naturally, these SNGs should pique the interest of enterprising SNG grinders looking to make a ton of money.

A few months back, we published a guide how to beat Spin and Gos. In this article, we refresh you on the best Spin N Go Poker Sites.

Best Spin and Go Poker Sites: 888poker 

Just two days ago 888 has launched the ultimate Spin & Go experience called BLAST! Before the 4-handed game starts the prize pool is drawn randomly and you can win up to 10,000 times your buy-in!

Blast Spin & Go LobbyThe lobby of the brandnew BLAST Spin & Gos on 888poker.

In contrast to other sites play is 4-handed and the prize pool of each BLAST Spin & Go remains a mystery until the game begins to add to the excitement!

As soon as the game starts the BLAST timer starts the countdown. The bigger the prize pool multiplier, the longer the timer! If the BLAST timer runs out, the action takes over and all players automatically go all-in until the winner is determined.

The biggest difference between BLAST and other Spin & Go types is, that it is not a winner takes it all format, except for the 2x multiplier.

In all other cases the prize pool is distributed very equal: At the two highest multipliers all four places are paid, 10x and 100x multipliers will pay three places, while the 5x multiplier pays the top two players.

Best Spin and Go Poker Sites: Coral Poker 

Now is a great time to get into Twister SNGs on Coral Poker as they have just added rare high limit Spins with buy-ins of €20 and €50, making it definitely one of the best sites for Spin and Gos on the internet.

Twister Spin and Gos

Due to the huge popularity of these games, €20 and €50  buy-in are now available on iPoker. Coral Poker has also doubled it’s Twister Race to €30,000 in prizes each month.

Coral’s Twister SNGs are 3 person games in hyper turbo format that are almost always completed in less than 10 minutes. Prize pools under €1,000 are winner takes all, while prize pools over that amount pay all three players (1st = 80%, 2nd = 10%, 3rd = 10%).

The effective rake in Twister SNGs is 7%. Games run at four limits as outlined below:

Twister SNG Payout

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Best Spin and Go Poker Sites: Partypoker 

Sit & Go Hero is a very exciting and innovative Spin & Go format with an interesting twist as there is a bounty on one of the players. On top of that, you can also win up to to 10,000 times your buy-in!

Hero Spin and Go Partypoker

A random draw will decide the prize pool and which player will have the bounty on his head.

That means the prize pool is split in two parts:

  • The majority goes into the prize pool of the Spin and Go.
  • While the remaining portion is put on the player randomly selected as the bounty.

In most cases the winner of the tournament will win 75% of the prize pool. If the multiplier is between 50 times to 1,000 times second and third place also get paid.

In case the 10,000 multiplier gets drawn all four players get money and the placed positions share 15% of the prize pool.

Best Spin and Go Poker Sites: MPN (Microgaming)

Since 11th of July, Microgaming has offered Spin and Go Format games called Fish Party SNGs. These are 3-handed hyper turbo SNGs.

Fish and Party Spin and Gos

At the start of a game, a slot reel from Microgaming’s popular Fish Party slot machine spins, determining your prize pool for that SNG. Buy-ins range from €1 to €50. Payouts range from 2x to Jackpot, where 2-20x pay winner only, and a 50/30/20 payout scheme is used for 100x payouts and up.

What makes these different is the progressive jackpot. The jackpot starts at 5000x the buy-in level, and increases for every game in which it is not claimed. Thus, the prize pools are theoretically limitless!  What’s more, a very affordable rake of 5% is charged. All games run in Euros, and traffic peaks during European evenings and weekends.

Betsafe has made a video demonstrating one of these games: