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Poker Hand of the Week – Rick Salomon’s Insane All-in Call On High Stakes Poker

In our Poker Hand of the Week we analyze the insane All-In Call by Rick Salomon with middle pair in a $437,100 Pot against Brandon Steven on High Stakes Poker.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This hand was played in High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 12, which featured Rob Yong, Jennifer Tilly, Rob Yong, Rick Salomon and Brandon Steven among others.

Poker Hand of the Week - Rick Salomon's Insane All-in Call On High Stakes Poker

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They are playing 7-max $400/$800 No-Limit Hold’em and Salomon got Steven easily covered at the start of our Poker Hand of the Week.

Poker Hand of the Week Action


There is a re-straddle to 3,200. Brandon Steven limps in with K♦K♣ on the button.

Rick Salomon then squeezes to $15,000 from the small blind with 9♦7♦. It folds around to Brandon Steven, who makes a large 3-bet to $73,000 with only $142K behind. Salomon calls. Pot Size: $152,500


Heads-up to a flop of 8♣7♥3♠, which gives Salomon middle pair, while Steven flops an overpair.

Rick checks, Brandon has less than pot behind, and quickly announces All-in for $142,000. Salomon makes the call! Pot Size: $437,100

Turn and River:

They agree to run it twice and Brandon Steven is a big 77% favourite.

  • First Runout: Brings the A♣ and the 9♣, making Salomon Two Pair to secure half of the pot.
  • Second Runout: The 7♠ on the turn and 5♣ on the river and Rick Salomon sucks out again to take down a huge $437,100 pot.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Sick hand and brutal bad beat. Let’s take a look what happened here.

There is a straddle and restraddle. Brandon Steven sets the trap by limping in from the Hijack with Pocket Kings.

The plan works as Rick Salomon squeezes from the small blind to $15,000 with 9d7d. It folds to Brandon, who now comes back over the top with a large 4-bet to $73,000 with only $142K behind.

Since Salomon is out of position, this is a clear fold and then hand should be over at this point, but he decides to call.

The flop comes 8c7h2s and Rick checks. Brandon only has one move here, as he has less than pot size behind, and that is All-in.

This is what he does. Salomon can only beat Ace-King, and again has a quite easy fold, but he snap-calls just to see that he is way behind.

They then run it twice and even though Rick is a big 22% underdog to win the hand, he manages to suck out twice, which is obviously extremely lucky.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Poker can be a brutal game, as sometimes you do everything right and still end up losing, which is the case for Brandon Steven in this hand.

The opposite applies to Rick Salomon, who misplays his hand making two mistakes in a row, by calling the limp 3-bet out of position pre and the shove on the flop, and still ends up winning.

Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind, that from such mistakes a big part of our profit comes from and that variance is only a factor in the short-term.

In the long-term, the better player, who makes less mistakes, always wins in poker

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here:

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