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High Stakes Poker – Rick Salomon Delivers An Insane Double Bad Beat In $437,100 Pot

Insane double Bad Beat by Rick Salomon in the new High Stakes Poker episode by sucking out twice with middle pair vs. overpair in a huge $437,100 pot against Brandon Steven.

Line-up in High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 12

They play with exactly the same line-up as in High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 11, which is as follows:

They are playing 7-handed $400/$800 No-Limit Hold’em with a $100,000 minimum and no maximum buy-in.

Brutal Double Bad Beat by Rick Salomon: $437,100 Pot

There is a straddle and re-straddle to 3,200. Rob Yong limps from the Hijack and Brandon Steven tries to set a trap by just calling in the cut-off with K♦K♣.

Rick Salomon then squeezes to $15,000 from the small blind with holding 9♦7♦. It folds around to Steven, who comes back over the top with a large 3-bet to $73,000. Salomon makes the call though.Pot Size: $152,500

Heads-up to an interesting flop of 8♣7♥3♠ giving Rick middle pair and Brandon an overpair. Salomon checks, Steven goes All-in for his remaining $142,000 and Rick snap-calls.

A staggering $437,100 are in the middle and Steven is a large 77% favourite. They run it twice:

  • First Runout: The first turn is the A♣, but the river is the 9♣, securing Rick half of the pot with Two Pair.
  • Second Runout: The 7♠ on the turn gives Salomon Trips and with the 5♣ on the river he manages to suck out twice in a huge $437,100 pot.

Jeniffer Tilly rivers Bobo Chann in a $369,100 Pot

But that was not the only bad beat in the latest High Stakes Poker episode…

Jennifer Tilly raises UTG to $1,200 with K♣J♣. JRB calls and Jason Gavri raises from the button to $4,800 holding K♥J♦.

Bobo Chann then picks up K♠K♦ in the small blind and 3-bets to $20,000. Jennifer makes a loose call and the rest folds. Pot Size: $46,900

The flop of J♠5♥Q♦ spells trouble for Tilly as she flops middle pair with a good kicker and can’t fold to a cbet, while being way behind to Chann’s overpair.

Bobo leads for $20,000 and Jen doesn’t call, she raises to $60,000 with only $97,500 behind! Chann asks straight away how much she has, and after she tells him, he decides to just call. Pot Size: $166,900

The 9♠ on the turn does complete K10, which Chann is blocking though. Tilly only has a little bit more than half pot behind and instead of putting her All-in Bobo surprisingly checks. Jen checks behind. Pot Size: $166,900

The J♥ on the river brings Jennifer Trips and she quickly goes All-in for $97.5K total. Chann thinks for a few seconds before flicking in the call, just to see the bad news.

Jennifer Tilly wins a large $369,100 Pot due to a clear misplay by Bobo, who let her get there on the river.

Chann obviously should have put her All-In on both the flop and the turn and gets punished by a nasty river for not doing that.

High Stakes Poker - Rick Salomon Delivers An Insane Double Bad Beat In $437,100 Pot (2)

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