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Pokerstars vs 888Poker: Which one is better for you?

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Are you caught in the dilemma of choosing Pokerstars vs 888poker? Both online poker sites have a fantastic reputation, promotions, and bonuses, so making a choice can be difficult.

That’s why we decided to dive deep and check and compare both sites for you. From their online poker traffic to their unique features, we’ve got you covered.

pokerstars vs 888poker comparison

Pokerstars or 888poker?

Both 888poker are excellent choices if you are looking to play online poker. However, there are multiple significant differences between these two major sites.

Pokerstars used to be the world’s largest poker site, but recently, GGPoker took over the crown. Therefore, it is safe to say that there are multiple appealing Pokerstars alternatives and 888poker is one of them.

We want to deliver you an in-depth comparison of these two sites, focusing on their online poker traffic, rake structure, and promotions.

Pokerstars vs. 888poker Traffic Comparison

In the competitive landscape of online poker, player traffic serves as a critical barometer, indicating not just a platform’s popularity but also shaping game variety, tournament prize pool sizes, and the overall pulse of the poker community.

Average Player VolumeMore than 10,000 playersAround 2,000 players
Peak TimesWeekends & special eventsEuropean evening hours
Global ReachHigh (Worldwide)High in Europe, growing elsewhere
Variety of GamesBroader range due to higher trafficPopular formats always active
Tournament SizesLarger fields & bigger prize poolsSmaller fields, higher chance of cashing in
Table SelectionWider selection at various stakesLess waiting time at popular stakes

Take Pokerstars, for instance. As a globally recognized poker platform, it consistently showcases impressive player traffic. On a regular day, the site averages over 10,000 players online.

pokerstars WCOOP

However, during hallmark events like the ‘Sunday Million’ or the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), these numbers can surge to over 100,000 participants.

Such high traffic during peak hours, especially on weekends and during special promotions like MicroMillions, ensures players have access to a diverse range of tables, stakes, and game formats, from cash games to sit-n-gos and multi-table tournaments.

Moreover, Pokerstars’ international tournaments, such as the European Poker Tour (EPT), attract players from various regions, ensuring the platform buzzes with activity 24/7.

On the flip side, 888poker, while not as densely populated as Pokerstars, maintains a commendable player count. On average, around 2,000 players are online during peak times.

Super XL Series

This number can spike during their flagship events like the 888poker LIVE’ series or the Super XL Series.

This consistent traffic creates a more intimate setting, which can be advantageous for players looking to engage in their ‘Cam Tables’, where players can use webcams to see their opponents.

The platform’s traffic peaks during European evening hours, reflecting its strong European presence and success in events like the 888poker LIVE London.

However, with recent expansions into markets like South America, 888poker is diversifying its player base.

Poker Variants Compared

When drawing a comparison, Pokerstars, with its Spin & Go tournaments, offers a quick-play format that can turn a small buy-in into a large payout, showcasing the platform’s variety.

Zoom Poker Strategy
Pokerstars Zoom Poker Tables

In contrast, 888poker’s Blast Poker serves a similar purpose but with a unique twist, ensuring that popular games like Texas Hold’em remain fresh and engaging.

888poker Android Blast Games
888poker Blast Games

The expansive player base of Pokerstars often translates to larger tournament fields, with events like the SCOOP offering prize pools exceeding $100 million.

Meanwhile, 888poker’s Sunday Challenge might have a smaller field, but with a $100,000 guarantee, it offers players a substantial opportunity to cash in.

In terms of table selection, Pokerstars’ Zoom Poker allows players to face different opponents in every hand, maximizing action, while 888poker’s Snap Poker offers a similar fast-fold format, ensuring minimal wait times.

Essentially, Pokerstars, with its global tournaments and vast player base, presents a bustling poker environment. In contrast, 888poker, with its innovative game formats and regional focus, offers a more tailored poker experience.

The choice between the two might come down to whether a player values a vast, global community or a more regional, innovative approach to the game.

Interim Conclusion

Overall, it is safe to say that the overall quality of games is higher at Pokerstars. You have more tables running throughout the day; however, the competition is also stronger on average.

If you are looking for softer games, you will have a better time at 888poker, even though you will have fewer tables to choose from.

Pokerstars vs 888poker Rake Structure

Pokerstars employs a ‘true percentage’ method for its rake calculation. For stakes ranging from $0.01/$0.02 to $1/$2, the rake percentage varies between 4.125% to 6.25%, with caps depending on the number of players, reaching up to $3.45 for higher stakes.

StakesPokerstars Rake %Pokerstars Cap888poker Rake %888poker Cap (2 Players)888poker Cap (3+ Players)
$0.01/$0.02Varies (up to 6.25%)Up to $3.456.25%$0.5$0.5
$0.02/$0.05Varies (up to 6.25%)Up to $3.455.88%$1$1
$0.05/$0.10Varies (up to 6.25%)Up to $3.455.62%$1$2
$0.10/$0.20 – $0.15/$0.30Varies (up to 6.25%)Up to $3.455.62%$1$4
$0.25/$0.50+Varies (up to 6.25%)Up to $3.456.25%$1$4

On the other hand, 888poker’s rake structure for its NL games ranges from 5%