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GGPoker PVI Rake Explained

Many of our players are wondering how PVI Rake on GGPoker works? That’s why the aim of this article is to provide the most comprehensive and honest explanation of GGPoker PVI Rake.

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GGPoker PVI Rake benefits recreational players

First of all it is important to note that GGPoker has chosen a rake system based on the Player Value Index (PVI) to benefit recreational players and to reduce the edge of poker pros to make the games more fair.

The main idea behind GGPoker PVI Rake is to have recreational players benefit more compared to professionals.

How does PVI Rake work?

But how exactly does PVI Rake work? You are probably asking yourself now, so we will provide an in-depth answer in the following paragraph.

Recreational players have a higher PVI factor than poker pros and therefore earn more rakeback.

GGPoker automatically assigns a certain Player Value Index (PVI) to all players, which ranges from 0 to 2.

How is GGPoker PVI Rake calculated?

The PVI of recreational players and amateurs is closer to 2, while the Player Value Index of poker pros and winning players is less than 1. The exact calculation is only known by the GGNetwork.

All new players start with a PVI of 1 and from that point on it will start to it can fluctuate depending on multiple factors such as CHB Index, Swing Index and Potsize Index.

Each of the above factors is separately calculated not only for every game you play, but also for every blind you post.

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Key PVI determinants are winnings and volume

The smallest possible PVI is 0.36. The key determinants that lower your PVI score are winnings and volume. The higher they are, the smaller is your PVI.

GGPoker views those two factors as the most significant characteristics of professional poker players.

Example:  If your PVI is 1.1 and f you have generated $1,000 in rake, then your GGPoker rakeback calculation will be based on $1,100 PVI rake.

The GGPoker rakeback that you are earning from the Fish Buffet and the first deposit bonus is also determined by your PVI.

More recreationals make up for softer games

Through the Player Value Index, there is a much more healthy balance between recreational players and regulars.

This benefits the whole ecosystem, because the PVI allows recreational players to play more and longer, which at the same time makes up for significantly softer games, which then benefits the regs.

How the PVI is affecting you

First and foremost, the PVI is dynamic and since it is constantly being updated your rakeback changes every month.

Here are further factors that affect your GGPoker PVI Rake:

  • The number of tables that you are playing
  • The size of deposits and withdrawals
  • Where the money for the deposits is coming from (regs or recreationals)
  • The seating, playing and betting behaviour as it reveals if you are a pro or not

Losing players earn more rakeback than winning players

To sum things up, the PVI was introduced by GGPoker to have losing players earn more rakeback than winning players.

The idea behind it is to have a healthier player balance in their online poker room by reducing the massive edge of professional poker players over beginners and recreationals.

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