October 2, 2023 Poker Gossip, Poker News Lars Liedtke

Garrett Adelstein says he has been threatened with lawsuits for a year in an attempt to silence him

One year after the infamous Robbi Jade Lew jack-four scandal Garrett Adelstein has doubled down by saying he was cheated and has been threatened with lawsuits ever since in an attempt to silence him.

“A year ago exactly I was almost certainly cheated in a compromised poker stream,” tweeted Garrett Adelstein, adding: “I’ve been fake threatened with lawsuits endlessly ever since in a weak attempt to silence me. These cheaters fucked with the wrong guy. This will not go away for them, I assure you. Stay tuned.”

It was the biggest poker scandal 2022 and every player and fan had their say after Lew – an amateur player with very limited experience – made the call of a lifetime in a $270,000 pot against Adelstein on the Hustler Casino Live streamed cash game.

It became the poker drama that had it all – a beautiful suspect, a famous victim, a supporting cast of dubious characters, and more twists and turns than a mountain road.

Adelstein was convinced he had somehow been cheated, claiming that Lew – who actually returned him the money she won – was “very likely part of a cheating ring” operating at Hustler Casino Live.

An initial investigation couldn’t find cheating, but did discover that a production staff member, Bryan Sagbigsal, stole $15k of Lew’s chips at the end of the stream. This sparked a whole new line of inquiry and tales of the perp hiding from the police and media.

The HCL investigation and report seemed to assuage most doubts about Lew’s guilt but 6 months on Adelstein was unrepentant in his accusations.

Appearing on the Doug Polk podcast, he stated: “No. No I will not be refunding Robbi any money. Period. Flatout. I am extremely confident I was cheated in this hand.”

Garrett Adelstein then described Lew as “a con artist” whose play since the infamous J-4 hand had been like “night and day”.

Another half year has passed, and this week’s anniversary tweet provoked a storm of replies, including one from the ever-cheeky Lew herself, winning the internet…

A selection of the latest comments

“Aww dude if you have concrete proof just put it out there. If not then we gotta move on. Its been a year…. and no new evidence or proof.” – Jon Pardy

“Sick slowroll. That’ll show em all.” – Christian Zetzsche

“365 days and 0 evidence presented. That’s a lot of negative EV there.” @keanesqueeze

An aborted challenge match with Nik Airball has led to Adelstein playing very little poker since the scandal broke, and he is no longer welcome on the Hustler Casino Live show.

It remains to be seen whether his tweet this week is just ‘anniversary noise’, or if he really has some damning new information to reveal.

“Gotta pay my legal team for something,” he joked, but if he doesn’t produce the goods on Lew this time, the joke will have worn very thin indeed with the poker community.

What do you think? Did Lew cheat? Is Adelstein about to reveal the smoking gun? Let us know your thoughts on our social media.

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