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Poker Hand of the Week – Papo MC Pulls The Bluff Of The Year In The WSOP Main Event

In our Poker Hand of the Year, we analyze the insane 6-Bet Bluff of the year 2022 by Alejandro Lococo aka Papo MC in the WSOP Main Event against Karim Rebei.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This insane hand way played at the end of Day 5 of the 2022 WSOP Main Event with only 128 players left.

Poker Hand of the Week – Papo MC Pulls The Bluff Of The Year In The WSOP Main Event

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Karim Rebei had Alejandro Lococo aka Papo MC covered at the start of our Poker Hand of the Week.

Poker Hand of the Week Action


Papo MC raised it up with {a-Clubs}{j-Diamonds}  from the Hijack and Karim Rebei defended his big blind.


The flop of {9-Spades}{8-Hearts}{7-Hearts} was as wet as it gets. Rebei checked over to Lococo, who decided to no make a continuation bet and to check behind.


The {k-Spades} appeared on the turn and now things went loco! Rebei took over the initiative and led out with a bet of 140,000.

Papo MC quickly made it 485,000 with only Ace-high and a gutshot, just to see Karim come back over the top to 1,135,000.

This is where things got spicy, when Lococo announced a raise, but put in the wrong amount and was forced to make a min-raise to 1,785,000.

Karim Rebei saw this as an opportunity and 5-bet to 4,000,000, sending Papo MC deep into the tank. After six minutes Papo MC announced all-in for 5,710,000.

Now it was Rebei’s time to tank and he eventually laid down his unknown hand just to get shown {a-Clubs}{j-Diamonds} for nothing but Ace-high by Papo MC, who won a 10,000,000 pot, which catapulted him into the Top 5 of the chip count. 

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

What a hand!

Let’s go through it step by step. Preflop AJo from the Hijack is a standard raise and Rebei has to defend his big blind with a very wide range.

The flop is interesting as Papo MC does pick up some equity with a two overcards and a gutshot to the Nuts, but decides to check behind. He does that because the flop is very draw-heavy and hits the big blind defending range pretty hard, so he doesn’t want to get check-raised off his hand.

On the turn things then go completely Lococo, when a raising war emerges. The decisive moment of this hand is, when Lococo accidentally puts the wrong raising amount out and is forced to min-raise.

Rebei reads that as weakness and comes back over the top with a 5-Bet. Papo MC thinks forever and then comes to the right conclusion that Karim only wants to take advantage of his mistake and he shoves All-In.

Rebei only needs to call 1,710,000 to win a pot of 10,000,000 giving him incredible pot odds of 6 to 1. However, he still decides to fold, which means he must have had complete air here as well, otherwise this would have been math wise an automatic call.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Papo MC clearly outsmarted Karim Rebei in this hand. It was pretty obvious that Rebei wanted to take advantage of Lococo’s mistake.

The Argentinian rapstar picked up on that and used it beautifully to his own advantage to pull of the Bluff of the year and win a massive pot deep in the WSOP Main Event.

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here:

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