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Poker Hand of the Week – Wesley Gets Redemption in A $2,200,000 Pot

In our last Poker Hand of the Week Wesley lost the biggest pot in Poker TV History to Tom Dwan. However, he doesn’t quit and gets redemption and rewarded by winning the second largest pot in televised poker history worth a breathtaking $2,200,000 vs. Hank at the Million Dollar Game.

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This spectacular hand was played on Day 3 of the already legendary Million Dollar Game at Hustler Casino Live, which featured poker legends Tony G, Doug Polk and Tom Dwan,  who took on HCL regulars Nik Airball, Wesley and Handz.

Poker Hand of the Week – Wesley Gets Redemption in A $2,200,000 Pot

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They play is 6-max No-Limit Hold’em with Blinds of $500/$1,000 and a huge $5,000 BB Ante, which creates a lot of action.

Effective stacks are super deep with 1,500 big blinds and Hank has Wesley covered.

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


A♥7♣ 3♦8♠

Hank raises UTG with QQ to $3,000 and Wesley 3-bets from the Hijack to $15,000, everybody else folds.

When the action is back on Hank he makes it $50,000 to go. Who thinks Wesley now gives up is very mistaking as he 5-bets to $150,000 and LSG Hank calls. A big pot is brewing, since there is already $267,000 in the pot preflop.


Heads-up to a draw-heavy flop of 6♣7♦10♦. Hank checks and Fei makes a rather small continuation bet of $80,000 (less than 30% pot). LSG Hank check-calls. Pot Size: $427,000


Wesley then binks a 7♠ on the turn to take the lead. Hank checks one more time and Wesley understandably sizes up with a $325,000 second barrel. LSG check-calls again. There is $1,100,000 in the middle and Wes has only half pot size behind. 


The frontdoor flush draw comes in on the 5♦ on the river. However, Fei snap-shoves for $584,000 and Hank goes deep into the tank before he calls.

This causes a scream of salvation from the artist Wesley, who gets redemption for losing the biggest pot in recorded $3,100,000 by winning a $2,200,000 in the same session.

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Very sick hand! Without further ado let’s get straight into the analysis.

Hank’s UTG raise with Pocket Queens is obviously standard as is Fei’s iso raise with a Suited Ace. LSG now has two options call or 4-bet and both of them are fine, so you can go either way here.

Hank goes for the 4-bet and Fei now has a pretty easy fold, instead he 5-bets representing Aces or Kings, while at the same time polarises his hand.

The 6c7d10d is benefiting the preflop raiser as he has Aces, Kings and occasionally AdKd, so LSG Hank should play check-call with his whole range here, which is what he does.

The 7s on the turn is the money card for Fei giving him very well-disguised Trips. Hank checks over again and Wesley significantly sizes up to a large second barrel of 76% pot.

At this point, Hank only beats a bluff as Fei is pot-committed now and the right play would therefore be to check-fold as you are simply behind too often plus you have zero fold equity.

However, the problem is that Wesley lost the biggest pot in Poker TV history not long before and could be steaming or even be on Monkey Tilt. That could be the reason why Hank calls.

On the 5d river, Wesley snap-shoves All-in sending LSG Hank deep into the tank. What is valid on the turn is even more valid on the river and since we would have folded turn, this is a pretty easy fold now.

After four minutes in the tank Hank decides to randomize and is unlucky as Black comes and he loses the coin flip and now has to call just to get shown Trips by Wesley.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

What a comeback from Wesley, who definitely showed the most heart of all players at the Million Dollar Game. It takes a lot to not tilt or quit after losing a record-breaking $3,100,000 and Fei does get rewarded for not giving up.

The real question in this hand is however could Hank have folded? And the answer is yes, he should have folded turn for the reason given in the above analysis, which would have saved him a staggering $909,000!

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here: