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Holdem Manager 3 Review: New Features Explained

Holdem Manager 3 was just released and is the latest version of the highly popular Holdem Manager program. The developers announced the new release back in 2016, and now it is finally here! We have reviewed the software and will present to you its latest features. 

About Holdem Manager 3

The first version of the Holdem Manager was introduced to the market more than 12 years ago. More than one million online poker players have purchased the software over the years, and it took the developers three years to publish the third installment of the Holdem Manager.

This new version is better than ever. The developers did their best to make HM3 as customer-friendly as possible. Not only have they improved the overall software, but they have also added several key features.

Holdem Manager 3 Review New Features

There are several exciting new features integrated into the new HM3.

Holdem Manager 3 Review Situational Views

Holdem Manager 3 is now providing so-called Situational Views. These combine several points of feedback in a single overview. Instead of browsing through multiple reports, you can now head over to the situational reports instead.

Holdem Manager 3 Situational Views
Holdem Manager 3 Situational Views

Holdem Manager 3 Review Graphical HUD & HUD Editor

Ever since the HUD has been one of the essential features of the Holdem Manager, especially players who play multiple tables are heavily relying on it while they are grinding.

Holdem Manager 3 HUD Editor
The new Holdem Manager 3 HUD Editor

Even though it’s that important to have a proper HUD, it used to be frankly said quite annoying to set it up properly in the past. HM3, however, is doing things the right way now.

The whole HUD Editor has been restructured, and it is way more straightforward to set it up according to your needs. Moreover, the formerly intimidating tables of HUD stats are also gone. The most important stats of your opponents are now readable right away.


Holdem Manager 3 Review No Database Software

Holdem Manager has required users to install PostgreSQL since its release. However, Holdem Manager 3 users don’t have to install PostgreSQL anymore.

There were tons of reports of players that something went wrong while setting up PostgreSQL, and the whole system caused plenty of trouble in the past. Therefore it is safe to say that HM3 took a step in the right direction by getting rid of PostgreSQL.

Holdem Manager 3 Review Tournament Detection

The developers have also improved the algorithm, which detects the tournament details and payouts. While the program required you to set up many things manually in the past, HM3 will be finding tables and tournaments way more reliably.

Holdem Manager 3 Review Autocomplete Filters 

Holdem Manager 3 is now providing autocomplete filters. These filters allow you to quickly type in powerful filters directly on any Report or Situation View, and some suggestions will show up for you to choose from.

It is a convenient feature and will save you some time while setting up new filters to review your sessions.

Holdem Manager 3 Autocomplete Filters

Holdem Manager 3 Review Apps

Even though the Holdem Manager has been around before, they have been drastically improved. Holdem Manager 3 allows third-party developers to develop and integrate their features and tools directly into HM 3.

There are several tools, such as hand grabbers or TableNinja, which have been around for a long time. However, due to the improved integration into the program, they will likely get even better shortly.

Holdem Manager 3 Supported Sites

The Holdem Manager supports most of the currently available major poker networks.

Moreover, Holdem Manager is more customer-friendly than before. Instead of using the default English version of the program, you can now choose from one of the following languages:

Chinese, English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, & Japanese.

Holdem Manager 3 Review Price

There are four different prices for the HM3. Firstly, there is the Small Stakes version. This option costs $60 and supports all stakes up to $50 NL, $100 Fixed Limit, and $22 buy-in tournaments.

Holdem Manager Prices

The second option includes the HM3 and the Omaha Manager. This version supports the same stakes as the previously mentioned one, but you can also make use of the Omaha Manager.

The Holdem Manager 3 All Stakes version is the most popular option for NLHE players and costs $100. Despite not supporting Omaha games, you can use it for all cash games and tournaments without limitations.

If you want to get support for the highest stakes in Omaha as well, you need to go for the last option, which comes at the cost of $160.

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