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Henri “Buehlero” Buehler made at least $42,000 from staking a cheating Fedor Kruse

Henri “Buehlero” Buehler’s silence in the Fedor Kruse RTA cheating situation has been called out by Patrick Leonard and Benjamin bencb789 Rolle. Both pros believe Herni Buehler should make a statement of some sort to explain how he made at least $42,000 from staking Fedor Kruse, who has been accused of using Real Time Assistance (RTA) solvers.

As we revealed over the past couple of weeks, Fedor ‘GlitchSystem’ Kruse was first suspected of cheating by fellow German pros, and then his whistleblowing flatmates revealed damning evidence to support that theory.

The revelations cataloged Kruse’s ‘Dream Machine’ RTA computer setup as well as numerous chat messages apparently showing Kruse admitting to using RTA.

Bencb789 questions if Justin Bonomo is using Real Time Assistance due to a very contoversial hand

Henri Buehler made $41,974.42 for staking Fedor Kruse

Another part of that evidence was a spreadsheet showing the staking arrangements for Kruse’s games, with Henri Buehler’s cut showing as $41,974.42, apparently over two weeks in May.

Henri "Buehlero" Buehler made $41,000 from stacking a cheating Fedor Kruse

That spreadsheet also shows the small stake one of his flatmate’s had in his play, although Niklas Lehnert-Rappel and the other flatmate, Manuel, later admitted their involvement and turned whistleblowers.

Fedor Kruse himself had apparently promised Patrick Leonard that he would make a statement about the allegations…

…although that has yet to appear. For some reason, he instead decided to joke about the allegations, despite evidence of previous cheating at a GamesCon emerging.

The new nickname for Buehlero is Scamlero

As for Henri Buehler, the radio silence from the sponsored pro has been deafening, despite apparently being nicknamed “Scamlero” by fellow poker players.

Henri "Buehlero" Buehler made $41,000 from stacking a cheating Fedor Kruse

That nugget of info and Buehler’s involvement was part of an interesting discussion between RaiseYourEdge founder Benjamin ‘bencb789’Rolle and bitB staking founder Patrick ‘pads1161’Leonard, on the RYE podcast.

Henri "Buehlero" Buehler made $41,000 from stacking a cheating Fedor Kruse

The duo discussed the possibility of Buehlero only occasionally staking Kruse, as others frequently did – for example when Kruse played and lost to Kings Casino boss Leon Tsoukernik.

“Some of our closest friends, for one session or two sessions, bought action in these games,” revealed Leonard.

If that were the case with Buehlero it would require little explanation, as Leonard goes on to explain, describing “the longer term Buehlero stuff is kind of complicated.”

Watch the podcast with bencb789 and Patrcik Leonard about the RTA cheating scandal:

You can watch the podcast about the Fedor Kruse RTA cheating scandal and Buehlero’s involvement taking up most of the podcast…

Very unlikely that Buehlero didn’t know about the cheating as he heavily bought Kruse’s high stakes action

Here are a few comments from 2+2 and Social Media regarding Buehlero heavily buying action and heving the biggest piece in Fedor Kruse’s high stakes game as well as his involvement in the cheating scandal: