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Overwhelming Evidence posted in Fedor Kruse RTA cheating scandal

New evidence against Fedor Kruse circulating

Colleagues of the two flatmates who reported highstakes pro Fedor Kruse aka “GlitchSystem” to PokerStars for using Real Time Assistance (RTA) during play have gone public with evidence of his alleged cheating.

Overwhelming Evidence posted in Fedor Kruse RTA cheating scandal

As we exclusively reported last week, Kruse’s name had been put forward as the most likely culprit in what had been described as a potentially huge new poker scandal.

Fedor Kruse has been using a ‘dream machine’ computer set-up to access and use pre-solved cash game situation information, the latest claims assert.

‘dream machine’ computer set-up


This, say his disgruntled flatmates Niklas and Manuel – both fellow poker pros – allowed Kruse to quickly vault from being a ‘breakeven NL200″ player to battling the best of the highstakes cash game players across several sites.

Their suspicions aroused, they claim to have confronted Kruse and told him to stop cheating – something they say he refused to do, and which led them to ask him to leave the apartment.


Here is the report his flatmates have sent to PokerStars

The text of what they are said to have sent to the PokerStars security team was shared on 2+2…

Evidence posted in Fedor Kruse RTA cheating scandal

At the same time, other players had become suspicious of Kruse’s rapid rise from ‘ “spot/shitreg” on only NL200’ to much higher stakes.

Poster ‘QuiaOmnisIustitia’ on 2plus2 wrote in a lengthy expose of Kruse and his methods: ‘The German crew has been railing his games, solved hands that looked suspicious (to mostly find it was played perfectly) and kept building up more and more evidence.

Will Fedor Kruse comment on the accusations?

Patrick Leonard, who had last week hinted at the scandal about to erupt, was quick to share some news on Twitter, claiming that Kruse was planning to reply to the serious accusations.

The evidence shared on 2plus2 includes screenshots of chats in which Fedor Kruse appears to admit to using solvers during his playing sessions.

Chat Log

Each chat comes with an explanation of the German discussions by Fedor Kruse’s flatmates, the 3rd chat for example described as follows:

‘#3 – since we clearly forbid him to use his assistance in our apartment & told him we do not tolerate it anymore and if he keeps using it we’ll have to report him he was afraid and asked Manuel to play on PokerStars 200z stating “yo – will be clicking 200z without machine – for real – just so you know – no tables open and I wanna click”.

It appears that Kruse’s flatmates both initially profited slightly from the cheating, but quickly had a change of heart.

‘At some point Manuel & Niklas had a long talk and realized together how this escalated, how many people are being damaged by Kruse and that this had to come to an immediate end,’ claims the source.

Despite claiming Kruse gave such assurances, apparently that did not happen.

The allegations detail how, ‘After taking a few days off from Poker he slowly returned back to highstakescashgames – starting with NL1/2k to make it not too obvious for his roommates that he is still cheating and quickly moving up to the highest stakes again.’

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