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Daniel Negreanu: “I Am Not Sick and Not on Steroids”

Canadian high stakes star Daniel Negreanu is frustrated with some of the questions he faces while streaming. It’s been a rough year for the once top all-time live tournament winner.

First he blows up during a stream and gets banned from Twitch Poker, then he goes off on one with an expletive-filled rant over a comment about his weight.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu Under Pressure

Daniel Negreanu is one of the old school. He rose to fame during the late nineties when many of the older generation, such as Doyle Brunson, were still active.

By the time the poker boom was well underway he became one of the most recognisable stars of the game. PokerStars certainly thought so and took him on as their figurehead.

With such a career behind him, Negreanu should be aware that he represents the game as a whole. Poor behaviour in public reflects badly on the whole community.

If potential sponsors of poker see these public meltdowns they will be less motivated to invest in the game.

Daniel Negreanu Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut

The last gold bracelet winning opportunity of the WSOP 2020 was yesterday and Negreanu was teasing his Twitter followers about streaming the event.

“Looks like I got one more shot at a bracelet! To stream… or not to stream… that is the question,”

One poster preempted some of the more cheeky questions he might face.

Negreanu took the bait and added a few more, indicating that he isn’t dealing with the trolling as well as he could be.

Most of us are self-conscious about our appearance, but Negreanu has clearly taken comments about his weight loss to heart.

To deny he is sick or using steroids tells us this is a man under pressure.

The hair plug comment is also amusing. Going bald is no joke for a man and the constant teasing looks to have touched a nerve.

“6. No, I don’t think my wife loves me because I have money,”

This is a classic. Man with lots of money punches above his weight in the dating stakes.

There’s no getting away from this one because this will plague Negreanu until the day he dies. Hopefully he learns to live with it.

Maybe the most amusing questions are about how he plays.

Constant ribbing about playing too tight and then reckless in the late game is pure trolling.

No matter what you think of Negreanu he has been there and done it all over the last 20 years.

Negreanu – Polk Heads-Up Match

Now that the World Series of Poker is done and dusted we have the upcoming $200/$400 heads-up match between Negreanu and Doug Polk to look forward to.

Polk has openly said that he is struggling to find his form after such a long time away from the tables. The American retired citing a lack of interest and motivation for poker but couldn’t resist coming back to face his social media rival.

This match could end up breaking records for viewership online. Negreanu has now returned to the Twitch Poker platform alongside his YouTube channel, while Polk can still command a huge army of fans whenever he appears on stream.

We look forward to seeing this happen. Polk should be a huge favourite but it is now clear that he is extremely rusty while Negreanu has just played a full WSOP schedule and is raving about his physical fitness.

Check out our poker news page for the latest on this upcoming duel.

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