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New Evidence in Mike Postle Cheating Scandal and Everything we know so far

The biggest scandal in the history of live poker

The Mike Postle cheating scandal is quickly turning into the biggest live poker scandal ever as Stones Live stuff seems to be involved as well. Check out the most comprehensive update on the Mike Postle cheating including new evidence and everything we know so far below!

New evidence and facts in Mike Postle cheating case

We reported last week about the Mike Postle cheating allegations and since that a lot of new evidence and facts have been brought to light.

Mike Postle Cheating Scandal

We have put together the most comprehensive update on the cheating scandal on the whole World Wide Web and present all new evidence and facts below.

The poker community got together on Twitter to fight for its right

The cheating accusations against Mike Postle were originally brought up by Veronica Brill aka “Angry Polak/Veronica 2.0“ on Twitter:

Veronica Brill is a regular at Stones Gambling Hall and on the Stones Live stream and has been playing a lot with Mike Postle as well as even commentating his plays, while being able to see his hole cards.

Mike Postle‘s strange plays and unrealistic win rate of $253,000 in 277 hours of play made her suspicious:

Furthermore, Mike Postle is good friends with the stuff of Stones Live and is also going to produce a new poker live stream show, so he is an expert on the technology behind the stream and know about its potential flaws.

Veronica Brill and Joe Ingram brought up the cheating accusations

Other big Twitter and YouTube accounts such as Joe Ingram, Doug Polk, Matt Berkey and Haralabos Voulgaris, were quick to pick up on the rumours and launched in-depth investigations of Mike Postle’s hands.

Mike Postle Cheating Scandal

Besides Angry Polak special thanks and credits go to Joe Ingram, who put it more than 80 hours of forensic work analysing hands of Mike Postle played on the Stones Live stream, which has led to clear evidence against him:

Watch all of the shocking Joe Ingram investigation videos below:

Doug Polk also did several great videos on the matter here is one of them:

Watch the most suspicious hands played by Mike Postle and our analysis below:

We have collected and analysed the craziest and most suspicious hands and scenes from the Stones live streams, in which Mike Postle played below:

This hand alone speaks for itself. Mike Postle open-raises with 9h-5d and there is a 3-bet, a 4-bet and an All-In behind him.

Mike not only calls the 4-bet and All-In out of position, but then insta-jams All-In on a Jh-9d-3h board stating: „I can’t lose“.  Once a 7 appears on the turn, he says: „Oh shit“ followed by a „You scared me“ after the 7 River.

Analysis: There is no way in this world you would call a 3-bet, 4-bet and a call All-In out of position with 95 offsuit, if you don’t have help from outside such as access to the hole cards or board cards. After seeing this hand, it was clear for me that there is some form of cheating going on and there are several like this being played by Mike Postle. Could it be his playing style or a coincidence? – Well, maybe if you are a person that believes in Santa Claus?

In the next hand, Mike Postle cold-calls a 4-bet on the button with 6h-3h! The flop brings 9s-8s-3d and although Postle flops bottom pair, he is still a massive 33% underdog against the As-Ks for nut flush draw and two overcards of his opponent, but he still insta-calls the All-In of his op