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Robbery at Doug Polk’s Poker Room the Lodge

Matt Berkey has called into question the state of security at Texas card rooms following a robbery in the Lodge parking lot. Last week, a player was robbed in broad daylight at Doug Polk’s poker club as he made his way back to his car.

Matt Berkey Questions Security at Texas Poker Rooms After Robbery at the Lodge

This type of crime is becoming increasingly more common in Texas where security arrangements do not extend beyond an offer to accompany players back to their vehicles.

There was even a comment on Berkey’s podcast that these tales are similar to what we know about Doyle Brunson’s travels in the dangerous Texas road games back in the day.

A few years ago, Twitch stream 3betpanda was shot in the back as he attempted to flee from a robber outside an Austin card room.

In January this year, a man carrying an AR-15 assault rifle tried to rob Legends Poker Room in Houston but was wrestled to the ground as he sprayed off some shots.

Matt Berkey Says Security Guards Are in on it

Matt Berkey started a discussion about why we are not hearing more about this latest incident at the Lodge.

The consensus was that people don’t want to put off people from travelling to Texas which has a good selection of poker rooms.

It was mentioned that they don’t see it as bad there hasn’t been a statement but also pointed out that regs will all come out to give their opinions when something bad happens online.

Berkey also made a shocking statement by suggesting that security guards could well be in on these robberies as they know who is leaving after a big win.

He added that this has been proven following investigations into previous robberies.

Bart Hanson tweeted that Texas is by far the worst place for feeling unsafe when leaving a poker room with cash.

One poster on YouTube pointed out another issue when cashing out to leave in these rooms.

“I live in Austin & the Lodge is my local room. The only time I ever feel unsafe when walking out is when it’s late & there’s only one manager working.


“If you are cashing out over $3k the cashier needs a verification. Problem is, the cashier always yells ‘I need verification at the cage’ loud enough for the entire room to basically know you’re walking out the door with over $3k in your pocket.”

Doug Polk Responds

Doug Polk saw that it was mentioned that no statement had been made about this latest robbery and clarified what the Lodge does to keep players and their money safe.

Security boxes are available at the venue to store money and chips and a wire transfer service allows players to avoid carrying large amounts of cash.

For players who insist on leaving with their winnings, a private room to cash out in is always available to players.

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