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High Stakes Poker – Nik Airball Mocks Rival Matt Berkey

The new High Stakes Poker episode has a very spicy line-up with rivals Nik Airball and Matt Berkey sitting next to each other and clashing in a huge pot.

Spicy Line-up

There are significant changes in the line-up with rivals Nik Airball and Matt Berkey as well as Doug Polk, Eric Persson and Lynne Ji entering the game.

They are playing 7-handed $400/$800 No-Limit Hold’em with a $100,000 minimum and no maximum buy-in.

Nik Airball cracks Berkey’s Aces: $201,100 Pot

It didn’t take long for the two rivals Nik Airball and Matt Berkey to clash in a big pot.

It folds around to Berkey in the big blind, who just limps with A♠A♦ and Airball checks in the big blind with 8♦4♦. Pot Size: $1,300

Heads-up to an action flop of J♦7♥2♦ giving Airball a flush draw and a decent amount of equity, but Berkey is still a 2 to 1 favourite.

Berkey checks, Airball bets $1,000 and Matt check-raises to $3,500. Nik calls. Pot Size: $8,300

The K♣ on the turn doesn’t changes anything and Berkey leads for $10,000 and Airball makes the call. Pot Size: $28,300

The 5♦ on the river brings Airball the flush.  Berkey bets $15,000 with $71,400 behind and Airball put him All-in.

Matt tanks for one minute before calling it off just to see the bad news accompanied by Airball shouting “Life is good”, while collecting a sizeable $201,100 Pot

High Stakes Poker - Nik Airball Mocks Rival Matt Berkey

Jeniffer Tilly traps Berkey in $206,700 Pot

Lynne Ji raises from UT’G+1 to $1,000 with AQ and Jen setting a trap by just calls right behind her with KKinviting Berkey to come along with J♣3♣ from the big blind. Pot Size: $3,700

3-way to a flop of 524. which gives Berkey an open-ended straight draw. Tilly bets $2,000, Ji folds, but Matt check-raises to $6,000. Tilly then comes back over the top to $17,000 and Berkey calls. Pot Size: $37,700

The K on the turn is the most interesting card in the deck as it gives Jen top set, while Berkey picks up a flush draw. Matt checks and Jennifer sets another trap by checking behind.

This turns out to be a genius move as the 4 on the river gives her a Full House, while Berkey improves to a flush.

The OnlyFriends host goes for value with a $30,000 bet. Tilly then raises All-in for $84,500 total.

Nasty spot for Berkey as he gets too good pot odds to fold and he consequently calls, but again is on the losing end.

Jennifer Tilly wins the largest pot of the episode worh a whopping $206,700.

High Stakes Poker - Nik Airball Mocks Rival Matt Berkey (2)

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