August 4, 2022 Natural8, Poker Promotions, Poker News Kirill

Exclusive $10,000 Natural8 Leaderboard

We are glad to announce a brand-new promotion for all Natural8 players! Our Exclusive $10,000 Natural8 Leaderboard runs on a weekly basis and gives you the chance to win $250 every week.


Starting on August 1st, 2022, our new Natural8 $10,000 rewards cash game and MTT players.

Our $10k leaderboard is split into two separate $5,000 cash game and MTT leaderboards.

Each leaderboard is running weekly and has a total prize pool of $1,250 up for grabs.

Therefore, you will have the chance to win up to $250 in our leaderboards every week.

By signing up at Natural8 through us, you will automatically join the leaderboard promotion.

The prizes will be paid into your player account within 24 hours of completion of a leaderboard.

Exclusive $10,000 Natural8 Leaderboard Facts

  • Both, existing and new Natural8 players are participating automatically
  • The leaderboard is split into 2x $5k Cash & MTT
  • Leaderboards are running weekly from Monday to Sunday
  • Prizes are credited to Natural8 player accounts

Natural8 Cash Game Leaderboard Point Allocation

Cash Game Leaderboard Point Allocation

Went all-in1 point
Hand won1 point
Hand reaches showdown1 point

You can participate in the following games to collect points which will count towards the leaderboard:

  • NLH
  • PLO
  • 6+ (SD)
  • AoF Cash & SNGs
  • Rush & Cash

MTT Leaderboard Point Allocation

MTT Leaderboard Points Allocation

1st PlaceF = 2 Point(s)
Final TableF = 1,5 Point(s)
In the MoneyF = 1 Point(s)
BubbleF = 0,5 Point(s)
Non cashing PlaceF = 0 Point(s)

You can participate in the following MTT games to gather points which will count towards the MTT leaderboard:

  • MTTs
  • Spin & Gold
  • Flip & Go

Further Natural8 Poker Promotions

Besides our new leaderboard, we are also running exclusive Natural8 poker freerolls in August 2022.

VIP-Grinders Poker Freerolls from August 1 - 7

Our exclusive freerolls are an additional incentive for our loyal players as well as new depositing players.

Join the VIP-Grinders Telegram & Discord Channel and get passwords for exclusive high-value freerolls