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Fedor Kruse speaks about the RTA allegations for the first time (Statement from Fedor Kruse inside!)

Fedor Kruse speaking about the RTA cheating allegations for the first time

Fedor Kruse has spoken publicly for the first time about the recent Real Time Assistance (RTA) scandal that saw him outed by his roommates for using Real Time Assistance. Kruse claims that he is only banned from one site and says he shouldn’t have had so much money confiscated, citing Mike Postle getting off scot-free as a comparison.

Update: Fedor Kruse contacted us personally to refute the allegations made by 2+2 user “TreadLightly” and commented them personally.

GGPoker Clearly Distances itself from Fedor Kruse

German online pro Kruse hit the headlines almost two months ago when his flatmates went public with claims that he had used a ‘dream machine’ computer setup to run RTA during play.

Fellow players had already been building a case against Kruse who had quickly gone from being regarded as a ‘shit reg’ to playing the biggest games and highest stakes on several sites.

This week Kruse, known in online poker as ‘GlitchSystem’, spoke about the scandal for the first time, answering questions while streaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

One forumite on 2plus2 shared translated versions of the German-language chat, and it makes for shocking reading. Kruse claims his cheating setup would cost $50-60k to buy.

Fedor Kruse offers to sell his dream machine for $50,000 - $60,000

Among the various incredible admissions on the stream, Fedor Kruse states:

  • He is only banned from GGPoker, who took $250k from him
  • Other sites returned his money and locked his accounts
  • Claims he never cheated on PokerStars
  • He still has “enough money to buy a house”
  • Has made enough money from poker to “chill for a bit”
  • Claims his roommates run a “ghosting” operation
  • Claims “everyone cheats”…even at $ stakes

Fedor Kruse contacted us to comment on the above allegations

Here is what Fedor Kruse told us about the above claims in a personal conversation we had with him this afternoon:

Fedor Kruse speaks about the RTA allegations for the first time (Statement from Fedor Kruse inside!)

edor Kruse speaks about the RTA allegations for the first time (Statement from Fedor Kruse inside!)

In our Skype conversation, Fedor insisted that he never said that using Real Time Assistance (RTA) was not as bad as ghosting.

“My ex-roommates are cheating as well”

Fedor Kruse further explained:

“I just wanted to make clear that my ex-roommates are not unguilty and are cheating as well.”

He refers to his former two roommates, who outed him for Real Time Assistance use, one of them being Niklas Lehnert-Rappel also known as “DerRappler” or “Djabber1” online, while the other roommate is still unknown.

Niklas Lehnert-Rappel Poker Fedor Kruse RTA Cheating Scandal

Kruse also explained that he was not referring to NL5, when he mentioned that everybody was cheating there, but to $5 Sit & Gos.

We asked Fedor Kruse for an interview 

We took the chance to ask Fedor for an interview on the cheating allegations as it would be very interesting to hear his site of the story and we believe that the poker world is waiting for that.

In addition to that, it would be the chance for Kruse to either set things straight or to come clean about the cheating.

Fedor Kruse speaks about the RTA allegations for the first time (Statement from Fedor Kruse inside!)

Fedor replied that he will need some time to think about our interview request and will get back to us, when he has an answer.

So far, Fedor Kruse has remained silent regarding the cheating allegations, but we believe that the poker world is eagerly waiting for his statement and that you should always listen to both sides of the story.

Henri Buehler staking Kruse

He also discussed the involvement of fellow German pro Henri ‘Buehlero’ Buehler, who made at least $42,000 staking Fedor Kruse as we revealed a few weeks ago.