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partypoker Diamond Club Elite: How it works and why it is the best poker VIP program

What is the partypoker Diamond Club Elite?

The partypoker Diamond Club ELITE is the highest tier of partypoker’s VIP program, which was designed to reward loyal players with the biggest rewards in the poker industry.

VIP-Grinders.com player sp0ubledy” breaks all-time rake record becomes first Diamond Club Elite member

The Diamond Club ELITE milestones are set at €100,000 and €200,000 in rake over a 12 month period, applying for any poker real money poker game offered at partypoker.

The more you play, the higher your rewards!

The partypoker Diamond Club Elite makes rakeback grinding and playing high volumes worthwile again, but above all it gives you the chance to make a living from cashback alone!

All players, who SIGN UP HERE FOR THE PROGRAM, receive 25% cashback fixed, which quickly increases to 35% and 42% as soon as the very manageable targets are met.

Furthermore partypoker Diamond Club ELITE members have access to dedicated 24/7 support lines as well as VIP service and free activities at the partypoker MILLIONS events!

The best poker VIP program with the biggest rewards

How do determine the quality of a poker VIP or loyalty program? There is only one way and measure and that is the amount of money it gives back to the players in form of rakeback or cashback.

And that’s why the partypoker Diamond Elite Club is by far the best poker loyalty VIP program out there as it gives more money back than any other loyalty scheme amounting to up to a 100% of your paid rake, when you reach the highest tier.

Earn $120,000 in cash rewards and up to 100% cashback

Those number sound incredible and to be honest they are, however this is no marketing gag and they are 100% real!


If you reach the highest VIP tier, then you will receive an insane $120,000 in cash rewards in return.

Should you even manage to reach $200,000 in rake per year or win one of the Diamond Club Elite Races, as our player “sp0ubledy” did recently, then you will even be rewarded with 100% cashback fixed for one year!

partypoker Diamond Club Elite 100% cashback promotion

  • First Sit & Go Jackpot and first Cash game player to start after 1st February 2019 and reach the Diamond Club ELITE milestone will receive an 100% cashback top-up as well as 100% cashback until 31st January 2020.
  • Sit & Go players that are eligible for this promotion, are players who have 80% or more of their gameplay in Sit & Gos or Jackpot Sit & Gos.
  • Cash game players that are eligible for this promotion are players who have 80% or more of their gameplay in Cash Games or fastforward (Fast-Fold Poker) games.

Diamond Club Elite Milestones and Cash Rewards

Here are the Diamond Club Elite Milestone rewards:

  • $10,000 cash reward when you reach $100,000 in rake within 12 months.
  • $20,000 cash reward as soon as you reach $200,000 in rake plus 100% cashback until until January 31st 2020.
  • $16,000 Millions World Package consisting of buy-in, hotel stay, travel expenses/room credit.

Sign up for the best partypoker rakeback deal!

When signing up through VIP-Grinders.com on partypoker, you can now earn bigger rewards on partypoker as you can access our high-value exclusive VIP-Grinders Promotions and get additional money on top of being a Diamond Club Elite Member!

New Customers Only | 18+ | T&Cs Apply
Upon making your first deposit of £/€/$20, you will receive $30 in SPINS tickets, up to 60% rakeback, our Exclusive Party & Bwin Chase along with other exclusive promotions and races.
$30 Tickets | 60% VIP

Terms & Conditions partypoker Diamond Elite Club

  • The Diamond Club ELITE program is a yearly reward plan, which allows our players to get additional rewards on top of our pre-existing Cashback system.
  • Only the rake accumulated from launch date (1st February 2019) will be calculated towards the Diamond Club ELITE €200,000 milestone.
  • An opt-in is required and a 12 month (365 day) period is established individually from the opt-in date via DiamondClub@partypoker.es
  • Fixed 25% cashback top-ups are issued to player accounts on a weekly basis on Tuesdays before reaching €100,000 milestone.
  • Fixed 35% cashback top-ups are issued to player accounts on a weekly basis on Tuesdays after reaching €100,000 milestone until the individual 365 d