September 16, 2023 Poker Strategy, Poker News Lars Liedtke

How to make the most of GGPoker Games unique features?

In our latest poker strategy article poker coach John Bradley will demonstrate how to use GGPoker Games and their unique cash game features to your advantage.

GGPoker has a wide array of unique features which can aid you at the tables and help you increase your bottom line.


Whether you play poker for a living, or as a side hustle, increasing the amount of money you make per hour is of paramount importance.

GGPoker has recently introduced an Auto-Fold feature which allows you to easily increase your hands/hour and thus increase your $/hour.

Depending on your style of play, you may have automatic folds that you will never even consider playing 50% of the time.

GGPoker Games

The tool will automatically fold hands, determined by you, which means you need not press fold as would be required previously. This makes a very subtle, but powerful, difference.

Everybody’s hourly rate of hands will be different, but when playing four tables of fast-fold poker, I had previously been averaging ~700 hands/hour, and, using this new feature, I now average ~900 hands/hour. A 28% increase in hands, and profits.

Additionally, many players also have a leak where they tend to play a few too many hands preflop. This tool can take away the decision from you in the moment, eliminating the possibility of mistake, and again, increasing your bottom line.

Cash Drops

While playing Rush & Cash (GGPoker’s Fast Fold Poker variant), tables will randomly receive cash drops of anywhere from 10 big blinds to 600 big blinds.

GGPoker Games

When this occurs, your strategy should change dramatically. In a normal cash game pot, the action is generated by the dead blinds in the pot (1.5 big blinds).

Even in a 10 big blind splash pot (the smallest of the splash pots), you are now fighting over 11.5 big blinds. This is a massive difference.

You should of course fight for this ‘dead money’ more often, but it can be difficult to quantify exactly how much more you should fight.

One way of thinking about it, is to consider, that you are essentially more shallow stacked than in a regular pot.

In a regular pot you are 100BB deep. In a 10BB splash pot, you are essentially ~15-20BB deep, in the sense that, you can shove hands profitably which you would usually shove at that stack depth.

Once you end up in the larger splash pots, such as 600BB, you are incentivised to get all-in with every hand in the deck, due to the risk:reward of the situation.

As well as playing looser, you should also use larger sizes, so as to not give your opponents extremely good pot odds.

If you make a standard raise of 2.5BB when there is 11.5BB or more in the pot, you are unlikely to get too many folds. Therefore, you should open to somewhere in the region of 7-10BB.

The optimal strategy is fairly unknown, however, in these pots, and therefore you can afford to be very creative.

The general population does not fight for the pot enough in general, and so I would advise limping a lot, stealing a lot, 3betting a lot, shoving a lot and playing very aggressively postflop.

Make sure that you are winning these pots more often than your opponents because they are extremely valuable pots to win.

Further GGPoker Games Features

GGPoker has so many fantastic features. Auto-folding and Cash Drops are unique to GGPoker, but there are many other features too.

You have the option to Run It Twice, or even three times, and I would advise doing this at every available opportunity. It costs nothing, and is a good way to reduce your variance and tilt.

Straddling is a feature which you should only use if you are forced to by the game. When other players straddle however, you should fight for pots significantly more as you would in cash drop pots.

GGPoker also has some very generous Daily Leaderboards which further incentivise you to play an aggressive strategy, as to do so will gain you more points and larger prizes.

GGPoker Games Conclusion

GGPoker is currently the world’s leading online poker site, due in large part to it’s sensational software and unique GGPoker Games.

If you don’t already have an account, then you can SIGN UP HERE, or via the below widget and enjoy the unique features, and use the tips in this article to get the most out of them.

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