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Phil Hellmuth Rejected Playing Poker Against Michael Jordan

Phil Hellmuth has expressed his regret for turning down the chance to play high stakes  poker against Michael Jordan. On the NESN Chicken Dinner Podcast, the Poker Brat told how Jordan once challenged him but he didn’t have the funds to take up the offer.

Looking back, Hellmuth thinks it was a “stupid” move not to make a call to friends to sort out a stake.

Michael Jordan is now a billionaire and would want to play meaningful stakes which would have had many backers salivating at the prospect of getting some of Hellmuth’s action.

“He challenged me once and I didn’t have a lot of money in town. I was stupid. I should have just called my friends…”


Michael Jordan is also famous for his all-night sessions and hyper-aggressive playing style which isn’t what Phil Hellmuth is generally looking for these days.

“He will grind you down, but I’m a little stronger. I’m not some 23-year-old playing his first session with MJ. I would give him an hour notice of course, which is reasonable and he would accept that. Then I would leave.”


Jordan’s former “Dream Team” teammate Charles Barkley confirmed what we have heard about the former’s gambling habits in the video above.

Phil Hellmuth reckons Michael Jordan is a Billionaire

Phil Hellmuth definitely has a high opinion of his abilities but claiming that he’ll soon be a billionaire is a confident statement.

The Poker Brat also spoke about his wider activities such as investing and ambassadorial roles within companies.

He revealed that his wife is under instructions not to bother him with bills under $10,000 so he can remain focussed on the bigger picture and the big money.

I told her early in our marriage, I don’t want to hear about anything less than $10,000 because I want to keep focused on the big money. And she’s kind of become aligned with that. We’ve been together now for 33 years and I refuse to have her bring me the small money stuff.”

“It’s not the financial swings because money’s a great friend of mine and I have faith that I’ll always have money. She has been stressed about money in a reasonable normal human being way. But me, I’m like ‘Whatever, by the time I’m 76 we’re going to have a billion dollars. It’s coming.’”

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