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Poker Hand of the Week – High Stakes Gambler Mikki destroys Garrett Adelstein with a sick 5-high bluff

Professional high stakes gambler Mikki busted onto the poker scene by destroying live cash game god Garrett Adelstein on the Hustler Casino live stream with a sick 5-high bluff in a $161,000 pot!

Poker Hand of the Week Setup

This hand was played at the massive NL$200/$400 high stakes cash game at Hustler casino featuring poker legends Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Matt Berkey and Garrett Adelstein.

Poker Hand of the Week – High Stakes Gambler Mikki destroys Garrett Adelstein with a sick 5-high bluff

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They are playing 6-max and both players are very deep with effective stack sizes of 770 big blinds. Garrett has Mikki slightly covered at the start of our Poker Hand of the Week.

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Poker Hand of the Week Action


Garrett raises from UTG with A♠K♣ to $1,200 and Mikki makes a very loose 3-bet from the Small Blind with 5♣4♠ to $4,000.

When the action comes back to Garrett he makes it $15,000 to go and Mikki calls surprisingly quickly. Just like that there is $30,800 in the pot and we haven’t even seen a flop yet.


Heads-up to the very wet flop of 10♥9♥K♥. Mikki now leads for $15,000 and Adelstein just calls with top pair top kicker. Pot Size: $60,800


The Q♦ on the turn is a very interesting and yet another potential scare card as it brings the one-card straight to go alongside the present flush draw.

Mikki fires another $20,000 barrel (1/3 pot) and Garrett calls again. Pot Size: $101,000


The 6♦ on the river is a blank. Mikki still has absolutely nothing, but decides to go for the Three Barrel Bluff by betting $60,000 into $101,000.

Garrett goes deep into the tank for more than 2.5 minutes and ultimately folds his hand just to get shown 5-high by Mikki, who wins a $161,000 pot with an insane three barrel bluff!

Poker Hand of the Week Analysis

Very sick hand and one of the boldest bluffs in recent times! Let’s take an in-depth look and analyse it step by step.

Garrett’s UTG raise with AKo is standard, not so is the 3-bet by Mikki with 54o from the small blind! This is a very loose and potentially dangerous play, as you have to play the whole hand out of position against a strong player.  Not surprisingly, Garrett comes back over the top, but Mikki decides to stick around and see a flop.

The flop comes 10h9hKh, which is a very wet board since both straights and flushes are possible. In another surprising move, Mikki now leads for 1/4 pot. His range does include Pocket Tens and Pocket Nines as well as AhQh, the latter Garrett blocks though and is therefore rather unlikely.

Adelstein has top pair top kicker and could certainly raise here in order to protect his hand and gets a better idea, where he stands. However, Adelstein decides in favour of the more conservative route and just calls.

The Queen on the turn is another scare card for Garrett as it puts a one-card straight out there and Mikki certainly does have more Jacks and flushes in his range. Consequently, he continues to represent a big hand, but his second barrel is rather small with 1/3 pot and so Adelstein calls again.

The Six on the river is an absolute blank and Mikki still only has 5-high. He obviously can’t win the hand by checking and so he needs to be bet here. Mikki decides that 60% pot is the right size and it indeed does look like a value bet.

Garrett Adelstein now goes deep into the tank for almost three minutes and ultimately decides on a Fold, just to get shown 5-high by Mikki to rub some salt into his wound.

Poker Hand of the Week Conclusion

Insane Triple Barrel Bluff by Mikki, but the question is was this a bad fold by Garrett?

In my opinion it is, since Mikki is not representing many hands here and the river is an absolute blank, where most draws bust.

Of course Mikki does have Pocket Nines, Pocket Tens and Pocket Jacks in his range, but this is basically it, since Adelstein blocks all Ax-combinations.

So the bottom line here is, if you call bets on the flop and especially on the turn, when all the straight draws arrive, then you shouldn’t fold the river.

Garrett could have folded on the turn, when the one-card straight arrive, but when he decides to call there, then he also has to go with his hand after a blank on the river as this card didn’t change anything and Adelstein on top also put it a significant amount of money into the pot.

Watch the Poker Hand of the Week here: