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Massive brawl breaks out at King’s Casino during Balkan Poker Circuit

Brutal Poker Fight breaks out at Balkan Poker Circuit

All hell broke lose during the Balkan Poker Circuit  at King’s Casino after a player continuously got out of line, which ended up in a massive brawl and one of the biggest and most brutal poker fights we saw in recent times. Watch the video below!

The poker fight happened during the Balkan Poker Circuit, which took place at King’s Casino Rozvadov from July 1-6.

People from Balkan are known for their temperament. An argument between two players erupted so heavily that it resulted in a massive brawl and descended Europe’s biggest poker room into chaos, which ended with one man seriously injured and another arrested:

“I have never seen something like this”

Eye witnesses report that the poker fight was very intense and brutal with the victim being seriously injured:

“I was sitting at the next table one meter away. As if out of nowhere, very suddenly within 2 seconds a player got up and hit his fist on another players head five times or more. I have never seen something like this. Very aggressive. The blood is spattered all over the table. The victim fell over and the offender continued to hit him. The victim had a hole in his head.”

“Don’t let him go get him”

In the video you can see hear other players cheer the bully on shouting:

 “Don’t let him go, get him.”

Massive brawl breaks out at King's Casino during Balkan Poker Circuit

You can also see that the argument leads to a punchfest with four more players joining the brawl and fighting with each other.

What was the reason for the brawl?

According to a player playing at the table, where the fight took place the reason was:

The victim won a hand and made a nasty comment. He had been talking a lot, while trying to put other players on tilt.

Apparently, the words which led to the fight and triggered the puncher were:

“You lost so dirty you better put it on Facebook, so your friends can see it too.”

One man seriously injured, another one arrested

An eye witness reports:

“Furthermore, 4 other players have fought with each other. After that, the security service arrested the offender. The victim is immediately hospitalized with major injuries. I’ve been playing at Kings Casino for 10 years. I was in the casino at that time. This incident is a shame for the casino and a reflection of the poker players there. It is not an isolated case. I’ve seen poker tables smashed and overturned in this casino in the past. Players are also insulted by others and often you experience aggressive behavior.”

We have to say though that we have been at King’s Casino a couple of times ourselves and never experienced the behaviour described above.

As stated above, Balkans are known for their temperament. Another reason for the incident could have been the specific crowd this event attracts, which consists mostly of Serbians, Croatians and Bosnians.

As a consequence of the Yugoslav Wars, there are sadly still occasional tensions between people from those three countries.

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