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“Skillsrocks” banned from Hustler Casino Live for looking at his opponents cards

“Skillsrocks” has been banned for liftetime from Hustler Casino Live after cheating by looking at his opponents cards on several occasions during Wednesday’s live stream.

"Skillrocks" banned from Hustler Casino Live for looking at his opponents cards

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During a high stakes cash game on the Wednesday night stream, “Skillsrocks” repeatedly tried to see what his opponent had been dealt, once making a ridiculously tight laydown that had the commentators wondering.

Hustler Casino Live Bans Player for Cheating

Following the Mike Postle scandal, it’s understandable that hosts are doing everything humanly possible to maintain the integrity of the games.

While it is every player’s own responsibility to protect their cards, deliberately looking at an opponent cards and using that information for illicit gain is highly unethical.

Also factored in was a series of other transgressions that included “Skillrocks” reaching into the muck to check other player’s discards. It’s no surprise that he won’t be invited back.

Controversial Hand – How Could He Fold?

The following hand shows clairvoyance on the level of Mike Postle.

Antonio raises AQ to $1,200 on the button, “Skillsrocks” calls 97s in the small blind and Barry overcalls T8 in the big blind.

The flop comes down A 7 9 and the action checks to Antonio who bets $1,000. “Skillsrocks” and Barry both call.

The turn is a 6 completing Barry’s straight but it shouldn’t really be cause for concern for the two pair of “Skillrocks”.

Antonio bets $2,400 and amazingly “Skillrocks” finds a fold that most players just wouldn’t consider with two pair.

Just how he make such a laydown with seemingly little thought?

Not Welcome

Co-owners Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman published a statement to explain how because of the delay in streaming they were not made aware of accusations until after the game broke.

“Our announcers and production team is not focused on watching if players are looking over at other players cards ( especially if very subtle ) they are producing and commentating.“


“And all players are responsible to protect their cards. With that said considering the review of the game and the accusations and all the other off color antics he will not be invited back to our show.”


“We at Hustler Casino Live think that protecting the integrity of the game is absolutely paramount. We won’t stand for things like what happened last night on HCL,”


The pair said that “Skillsrocks” understood the reasons for no longer being welcome in the Hustler Casino or on Hustler Casino Live and accepted the decision.

When Phil Ivey appeared on the show back in October, Nick Vertucci gave PokerNews a tour of the broadcast booth to show the measures now in place to prevent another cheating scandal on the scale of the Mike Postle fallout.

Even the commentators are forbidden from using cell phones during the broadcast and players must secure theirs in a locker before play starts. It’s great to see organisers going to such lengths now to avoid more scandal.

Judging by the social media reaction, the poker community is pleased with the speedy response at yet another incident tarnishing the image of the game.

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