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Massive PokerStars bug in mobile client sits out players in tournaments unable to return!

The people on the Two Plus Two Forum are mad at PokerStars. So far, that’s nothing new under the Sun.

What could have they done this time? Is it the usual rake increase? Or another new format is introduced to lower the edge of good players?

No, it’s a different issue this time.


PokerStars Bug in Mobile App Irks Poker Players

The thread was posted last week on the Two Plus Two Forum with the title “Insane software error in PokerStars Software”. It quickly gained traction.

Someone with the username “alberthofmann” was the original poster. He complained about a glitch he experienced while multi-tabling four MTT’s on Stars.

He wrote:

“I am playing 4 mtts right now on PS, had to quickly go to the toilet so as many people, when u only have a couple of tables, might do is the following:

open the stars app on tablet / phone, transfer the session and keep playing, go back to the pc transfer back.

I did this, but i couldnt login on the android app, getting the error “internal error 674/1064 PokerStars


The absolutely ridiclious thing is, i contacted stars support but because i am PLAYING RIGHT NOW, they cant terminate the session…. its technically not possible.

So basicaly i am sitting out right now, DEEP in an MTT with 20 players left, and i cant login back. there is no possibilty, not on the phone, tablet or pc.”

Unfortunately, the OP never followed up on how this infuriating PokerStars bug was dealt with by the room.

So far PokerStars hasn’t responded to the issue either on Twitter or on their official blog.

The Long List of PokerStars’ Transgressions Against the Online Poker Community

This PokerStars bug is far from the only issue the online poker giant has received criticism for. In fact, in the past few years PS has been becoming the online poker community’s number 1 enemy.

The increased rake in cash games and increased tournament fees are always an issue with Stars, though understandable from a business standpoint.

However, lately the pros and winning regs have been feeling as though the site is trying to push them away on purpose.

They have been trying to popularize ridiculous new formats in which the strategic edge is smaller, like “Beat the Clock”. Recently, they capped the number of cash tables you can open at once at 4.

And technical issues are nothing new either. Just last week they received this complaint on Twitter:

Also, a few years ago they had to completely cancel multiple SCOOP events due to technical difficulties.

And let’s not forget about Stars’ “original sin” which initially turned poker fans against them – cancelling their Supernova Elite rakeback program without any prior notice to the players…

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